This is what sexism looks like. Again.

26 Nov

Here’s Part One for those of you that may need a refresher,

The Maverick surfing competition is coming up again, folks!  Time to get excited.   80 foot waves!  Dangerous reefs!  Churning breakers that can suck you down for minutes at a time!  Surfers have DIED competing in the Maverick, which makes it all the more fun, no?

The Maverick competition has traditionally been a boys-only club, because generally speaking, only boys enjoy the challenge of facing a wall of watery death and coming out the other side triumphant and  high on adrenaline and a sense of sheer physical power.

Oh wait.  No, that’s not true.  Ladies love that shit, too.  They would totally flock from the wedding show at the fairgrounds to the giant waves of the Maverick IF ONLY THEY WERE ALLOWED TO.  Screw the flower arranging class, girls, let’s go try and kill ourselves in the ocean!

Such a darn shame that sexist pig of an event organizer won’t LET the girls play.  He’s so mean.  Asked if the 13-year-old Mavericks Invitational should include a women’s heat, contest director Jeff Clark said, “We’re not there.”

That misogynist!  He hates girls!  He probably beats them up for fun!  There is only one possible way to interpret that statement and it’s BAD and MEAN and AWFUL and WRONG. Right?

Jezebel, which bills itself as website specifically for women, constantly misrepresents issues in popular culture to make men look like stupid, blundering, sexist brutes who hate women and the only thing Jezebel likes better than stupid, blundering brutes is stupid, blundering brutes who are all RAPISTS too!  And you know, Clark did suggest that perhaps lady surfers might want to drum up some sponsorships, because surfing is an incredibly demanding sport done in a bikini and most of surfing ladies look hot in a bikini, and suggesting that women use sex appeal to promote their own personal brand is just one step away from totally being rapey, right?

Well folks, I admit it.  In a moment of weakness, I decided NOT to take Jezebel’s word as the law, and I clicked through to read the actual article.  I was hoping I could SEE this bully, keeping all the girls out of the clubhouse.

What’s that you say?  That Clark actually has no objection to women surfing any waves of any size at all and actually held a women’s heat for a different event and ONLY THREE WOMEN SHOWED UP?   Wait, you mean he isn’t a woman-hating monster jealously guarding his masculine territory and fighting off girly intruders by throwing rocks at them?

If Jezebel consistently painted all black men as murderous thugs lurking in dark alleys waiting to steal shit to sell for drugs, they would quite rightly be called out for gross stereotyping and just point blank racism.  Why is it acceptable for them to CONSTANTLY misrepresent men and portray them using the most negative stereotypes possible?  Misandry. Yes, it’s a word.

The fact is that very few MEN want to surf 80 foot waves and even fewer women. No one is keeping anyone from taking up the challenge of defying nature, gravity, fear and just plain good sense to test the limits of their physical and mental strength.  No one.  It’s just that women are NOT interested.  And really, why should we be?

There’s a Christmas craft fair at the mall!  Crocheted angel ornaments!  Snowflake pot-holders!  Reindeer pate knives!  Squee!  Screw death.  Give me crochet.  Hookers unite!

Lots of love,


3 Responses to “This is what sexism looks like. Again.”

  1. Asad November 27, 2012 at 03:28 #

    Yep. Fucking love this blog. Upset that it took me so long to find you. Best part, you’re a woman, a mother and a wife – with an MBA. You’re literally immune to questioning by the female population. Much love, and please for the love of humanity, keep up the good work.


  2. Thanatos November 28, 2012 at 03:40 #

    ^What he said^

    By the way,no fucking way you’d get me on a surfboard. I’ll stick to jumping out of airplanes and charging machine gun nests,because Jaws wasn’t just a movie, it was a public service announcement.


  3. judgybitch November 28, 2012 at 03:46 #

    AAiiiiiiieeeee. Sharks freak the shit out of me. Snorkelling in two feet of water is pretty much my limit and if a piece of seaweed touches my foot, look out! I’m in a full blown panic attack!

    Also, spiders. Gah! No spiders!


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