Jezebel celebrates NOT enforcing gender norms by hilariously enforcing gender norms

28 Nov

So apparently a big Swedish toy company cleverly reversed all the genders in its annual toy catalogue and accomplished a bold strike against the concept of gender in all permutations!  Boys with irons!  Girls with guns! So revolutionary!

Heard of a bachelor before?

Ever seen this lady (and by the way, I fucking LOVE Sarah Palin!)?  Why are people such idiots?

What’s really adorably, cluelessly clever about Jezebel is how they think they can tell a child’s gender by the length of the child’s hair.  This is a girl:

This boy disagrees:

So does this one:

And him too:

And this little guy has a giant fuck you for Jezebel:

How ridiculous is it that in one sweep, Jezebel can decide that all children with long hair are girls and all children with short hair are boys, deny the fact that most men are perfectly fucking capable of taking on domestic skills and that most women can pick up a gun if they choose to do so and then proclaim it some kind of victory in the war against gender?

Hey, I have an idea:  let’s allow children to decide which toys they want to play with and stop trying to force little kids into carrying out some kind of ideological agenda in service to a pack of witches who really don’t give a shit about children in the first place! Here is a useful chart to help you determine whether a toy is appropriate for a boy or a girl:

The reality is that most boys will pick up a gun and most girls will head for the play kitchen and those preferences begin in INFANCY.  Stop trying to force children to swallow your bullshit theories about gender being socially constructed, Jezebel!  IT’S NOT SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED!

And fuck you Sweden, too.  I personally predict that Sweden will be the place the backlash against feminism will begin. There’s a whole generation of men who have been taught to hate themselves, their values, their preferences, their proclivities, their desires, their bodies and their very selves.  They have been turned into slaves, working to make the state a place where only women and those who act like women are valued and acknowledged.

That ain’t gonna work in the long run.  Slaves revolt.  It may take time, but it WILL happen.  And Sweden will be ground zero with its enforced paternity leave and mandatory daycare and fucking toy catalogues.

Here’s a toy buying hint from JudgyBitch:  Ask the kid what they like.  Buy that.  Unless it’s a pony or a real spaceship.  In that case, tell them their mom said it was a secret, but that’s what they’re getting for their birthday!

Lots of love,


3 Responses to “Jezebel celebrates NOT enforcing gender norms by hilariously enforcing gender norms”

  1. Thanatos November 29, 2012 at 09:45 #

    “Stop trying to force children to swallow your bullshit theories about gender being socially constructed, Jezebel! IT’S NOT SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED!”

    The funny part? The same people who say gender is socially constructed say it’s bigoted for christians to try to convert gays to heterosexuality, because the gays were “born this way”.

    I’m not a christian, but if gender is socially constructed, as feminists say it is, then sexual orientation is a choice-consciously or subconsciously.


  2. Erik Norén October 20, 2013 at 22:55 #

    I’m from sweden and while i don’t approve of this stunt i do approve of social secutity nets as long as the reason for needing them isn’t stupid such as divorcing because he didn’t buy flowers often enough.


  3. JoWrites August 22, 2014 at 20:31 #

    I thought they did a study in Sweden and that despite all of this, they are way more traditional than America in their family roles and jobs? Maybe I’m thinking of a different country. Or maybe it was just jobs and not family roles as well. I’d have to find it again.


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