Only 23% of awesome sports photos feature women in the CNN gallery, which clearly makes CNN sexist and mean!

30 Nov



So CNN has a photo gallery up of 75 awesome sports moments you might have missed!  Let’s break it down, shall we:


1 horse

1 dog

17 women

54 men




Those sexist, misogynist fuckers!  How dare they?  The Joyless Feminist Brigade is on it!  And it’s actually worse than it looks. The above breakdown is just a quick and dirty description of the main subjects in each photo.  There are TWO dogs (in one photo) and a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of men, working together in teams or something.  I don’t know.  I’m not much of a sports fan.


Let’s break down what the ladies are doing:


2 crashed skiers (oops!)

2 gymnasts

2 footballers

3 ladies running

1 each of ladies playing badminton, boxing, rolling in the mud, wrestling, playing cricket, sprinting, playing lingerie football and a synchronized swim team


Out of 23 shots of female athletes, 4 of them involve sports that call for sequins, makeup and pretty hairstyles.  Out of the 53 photos of male athletes, none of the sports call for sequins, make-up or pretty hairstyles.




Well then.  They could have included at least one figure skater!  CNN is clearly not just sexist, they’re probably homophobic, too.  What’s wrong with men wearing make-up and sequins?  Actually, nothing at all.  But most men don’t.  And that’s fine too.


I find it interesting that most of the women’s sports featured in the gallery don’t involve teamwork, while most of the men’s sports do.  Women run or compete one on one with each other or ski (not very well, apparently) or wrestle, but few of them participate in big team sports like baseball, basketball, football (soccer) or football (unless they’re half naked with sexy big hair and tons of make-up).  Which is fine.  There’s nothing wrong with that.


I think women are spinning sports out to be just what they want sports to be, and that is very different from what men want sports to be.  For men, sports are mock battles.  Sport taps into a primal part of their brain that wants to work closely with other men to defeat an opposing army and emerge triumphant from some great struggle.  Sport also allows men to confront defeat, practice resilience, get knocked down and get back up again.  Men seem to really care about sport, in a way that most women just don’t.


Cue the screechy lady sports fans! I’ve loved the Red Sox since I was in utero!  I’ve never miss a Manchester United game!  I spend every weekend at the ski hill (hope you can stay on your feet for at least SOME of that time).  Yeah, yeah.  Some women love sports, but most women don’t. Nope.  Not interested.  When asked if their partners were “perfect”, not one man surveyed by Remington agreed, with a large number of them saying their girlfriends/wives just do not understand or care about sports.


Not even ones that feature sparkles, awesome fake eyelashes and glittery lip gloss?  Ho hum.  Yeah the costumes are nice and the music is lovely and when is this going to be over?  According to the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, only 20% of women are getting the kind of physical activity they need, and those numbers are going down.  Their response is to try and shove sports down little girl’s throats even harder.  Let’s MAKE them like it!


Works when girls are little, with nearly 50% of them playing some kind of sport, but how much you wanna bet that is enforced by mommy with a political ideology that requires her little lovely to be as much like a boy as she can be?  As soon as the little girl reaches adolescence, the sports participation rates drops right back down to around 20% again.


And the really fucked up aspect of this is that adolescence is just when young women are becoming aware of their sexual powers, and their physical appearances become absolutely vital to their sense of self and accomplishment.  Screechy feminists HATE that, but you can’t defeat several millennia of evolution no matter how hard you shriek.


There is a very obvious solution to the dilemma of women stopping physical activity at the exact moment they care so deeply about their physical appearance:  stop trying to force women to like men’s sports and give them what they DO like!  What do you imagine the participation rate would be if girl’s sport focused on calorie burning?  Zumba, aerobics, spinning, hot yoga, pilates, WHY NOT?



For men, sport is about acquiring skills.  It’s about how you FEEL.  For women, sport is about burning calories. It’s about how you LOOK.  And there is nothing wrong with that! Why should we shame young women for wanting to look beautiful? Why should we excoriate their very natural desire to be fit and strong and healthy ON THEIR OWN TERMS?


Women who like traditional sport, who like the look of a muscled, defined torso, who enjoy competing and the thrill of victory should be celebrated.  That doesn’t mean we should be forcing every young girl to emulate Jessica Ennis.  Most girls DON’T want her six pack.  They want to look like an Angel.




And why shouldn’t they?  Even if you MAKE women play men’s sports, they’re going to do it wearing lingerie.  And why not?  You look great, ladies!  Now go play ball.




Lots of love,









5 Responses to “Only 23% of awesome sports photos feature women in the CNN gallery, which clearly makes CNN sexist and mean!”

  1. Sexual Marxism December 1, 2012 at 01:24 #

    “Well then. They could have included at least one figure skater! CNN is clearly not just sexist, they’re probably homophobic, too. What’s wrong with men wearing make-up and sequins? Actually, nothing at all. But most men don’t. And that’s fine too.”

    The odd thing is that its not “fine too” if the female atheletes don’t wear makeup and sequins in the sports that require it. Beach volley ball actually requires women to wear shorts that are really short while it doesn’t require it of the men. When questioned about this they made up something about sand getting stuck in the long baggy shorts but didn’t address the issue that such sand would also get stuck in the long baggy shorts of male beach volley ball atheletes and yet there’s no “requirment” for them to wear tight short short.

    ” Even if you MAKE women play men’s sports, they’re going to do it wearing lingerie.”

    Not by choice. Again, do some research into the womens’ beach volley ball requirements. They are MADE to wear that. If they opt out of the “uniform”, they are made to opt out of the game.


  2. nightskyradio December 1, 2012 at 11:35 #

    The injustice and oppression of sports inequality will not be resolved until Title XI, or Title XII, or Title X-Y, whatever the #$&%# it is ensures that women are receiving the same number of bruises, cuts, broken bones, and jeers of “Can’t anyone here play this game?” as their privileged male counterparts.


  3. ramram December 1, 2012 at 17:06 #

    Women’s beach volleyball wouldn’t be interesting in other uniforms – it is a business and if some women don’t like it they can create their own league and no one can stop them. But they know pretty well they’ll have a very hard time to compete with the existing “interesting” league for publicity. It’s not sexist – it is reality


  4. Anonymous December 1, 2012 at 17:28 #

    @Sexual Marxism

    So what you are saying is that as long as there is a pay check involved women are more than willing to objectify themselves? Because no woman in her right mind who has a figure like these gals would EVER expose their body on a beach, let alone play volley ball in that sexist state of undress.

    Do you really think that if the players were that opposed to their uniforms and refused to play until until they had more “appropriate” uniforms that they would be playing in Burkas in no time.

    So either women are far too stupid to consider negotiating contracts with “more appropriate” uniforms and are the perpetual helpless damsels in distress, constantly oppressed by the evil sexist patriarchy…or…they are acting on their own free will. Which is it?

    And let’s not forget…men are not very interested in female sports so their main audience is women. Did you ever think this is their way to draw a more male audience since that is what men are attracted to? The NFL does the same thing in October with all the pink. It has far less to do with Breast Cancer Awareness than it does to do with trying to attract more women viewers.


  5. Generation Confused December 1, 2012 at 18:43 #

    So basically you are saying its not the women that make the rules of the game, its the men? This flies in the face of what our judgy bitch here is writing. And she also encourages the women to conform and wear that makeup, sequins and “lingerie” like sports gear, while on another blog she bemoans women from ruining the environment by buying “useless shit” like makeup and er, stuff.

    Generation CONFUSED.


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