Did you wear your clothes more than once? For shame, you slovenly bitch!

4 Dec

So, today the Daily Mail is reporting that a whopping 72% of ladies surveyed admitted they only wore their clothes ONCE for fear of, wait for it, BEING TAGGED ON FACEBOOK IN THE SAME OUTFIT TWICE!  Are you fucking kidding me?


Oh dear. Where to start?  How about that shopping for clothes is pretty much destroying our environment?



Yeah, yeah, consumer capitalism relies on women shopping for useless shit to keep the whole economy turning. Consumer capitalism is NOT THE ONLY OPTION. Consumer capitalism rests on the foundation of maximizing shareholder value, which means sell as much useless shit as you can to idiot consumers who are too busy assuaging feelings of guilt and inadequacy to notice that their scented fucking candles and ugly throw cushions and cheap party frocks are actually destroying the entire goddamn planet!  There ARE alternatives that do not involve swastikas and drab grey uniforms.  We could try Customer Capitalism in which shareholders take a backseat to meeting the needs of the people who actually buy your shit, and that’s just one option.


And ladies, are you hoping to one day marry one of the blokes you’re blowing,  behind the pizzeria?  Well, first of all, stop handing out blowjobs like they’re napkins at McDonalds.  You’re being a slut and sluts lower the value of all women.



And second of all, think for a moment about how much it costs to buy that many clothes!  Who gives a fuck what your Facebook friends think?  If they are going to rag on you for wearing the same clothes twice they are NOT YOUR FRIENDS.  We’ve really forgotten, as a culture, what friendship means.  And that is an especially tragic situation for women, whose base impulses are not always so innocent, and who definitely need friends around to save them from themselves.


No man with any sense in his head wants a wife who will bow to that kind of ridiculous social pressure (a new dress every time you go out!) and he sure as hell doesn’t want to pay for it!  Lots of ladies are probably thinking, well so what?  I’ll pay for it myself!  And that right there is why you are NOT married, and probably never will be.


cat lady

Marriage isn’t about you.  It isn’t about him, either.  It’s about US.  You align your interests with another. You agree to build a family, a community, a society. You agree that your own needs do not dictate the entire course of civilization.  Because your own needs are, quite frankly, fucking stupid.


You need to be tagged in distinct outfits on Facebook?  You need a new dress every time you go out?  You need a wake the fuck up slap, is what you need.  Hope you get one, before it’s too late.

Lots of love,


4 Responses to “Did you wear your clothes more than once? For shame, you slovenly bitch!”

  1. Me December 4, 2012 at 14:09 #

    The funny thing is that most women dress for other women rather than men. I don’t think that most men really care if a woman wears a dress more than once- (the horror!!!) What matters is that she look good in it. Moreover, they couldn’t care less about which brand are her shoes or handbag. Such a waste of resources!


  2. Passerby June 20, 2013 at 18:18 #

    So true. I find the same goes for makeup, at least any make up beyond a quick slap of concealer or lipstick. Men barely even notice, but woe betide the woman in an all-female office who doesn’t dress up. I’ve been that woman. Frustrates me to no end when people are all “oh, you don’t have to lose-weight/buy-new-shoes/spend-35-minutes-every-morning-on-your-makeup just to impress teh boys!” I’m like, “Bitch, please. This is what I do to stay afloat and compete with women


  3. JP September 2, 2013 at 21:12 #

    I think you’ve got your definitions a bit screwed up there. Consumer capitalism (a redundancy) does NOT depend on selling people shit they don’t need. It does depend on maximizing shareholder value, of course, which does not necessarily involve high sales of garbage. It could also involve economizing on the manufacturing process, or more likely diversification.


  4. JP September 2, 2013 at 21:12 #

    The rest of this is good though.


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