Prince Charming, you really are!

21 Dec

A big shout out today to our very good friend, PrinceCharming, who dressed up in his Santa suit and came to visit our gobsmacked children last night!  LitteDude fell over in astonishment that Santa was in his living room.  MissBossyPants hid behind her hands giggling madly, and PinkyPinkyPie knew it was Charming and agreed to be charmed to keep the magic for her little brother and sister.




Charming is single and childless and yet such a family man.  He interacts with our children in such a natural and easy way, and his own eventual children will be well and truly blessed to have him as a father.  One day, Charming, you’re going to meet the woman worthy of you, and she will be blessed as well.


Today I am grateful to have such wonderful friends who are truly members of the family.  And Santa? Thanks for the wine!  It was delicious.


Lots of love,



2 Responses to “Prince Charming, you really are!”

  1. Liz December 22, 2012 at 18:04 #

    He sounds like a great guy and wonderful friend, JB!

    It’s amazing how many great guys there are out there…you usually hear about the opposite, but I have many good friends (we’re military) searching for good women and I have no earthly idea who to point them to. And I’m a registered nurse! You’d think I would have tons of friends to set them up with but they are either married or a big ‘not just no, but hell no’ in my book. Even MOST of the married ones make me wonder what their husbands were thinking. It’s tough out there for guys looking for good prospective life partners.


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