Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean you can hit me with a car!

15 Feb

I like a drink. Sometimes I like one or two drinks. Sometimes I like to drink more than five cocktails and dance with my best friends, my hair as big as all the secrets that will spill out that night, lips loosened by gin and cigarette smoke.


Sometimes I’m sensible when I’m drunk and I walk home with a friend or get a taxi. Sometimes I’m stupid and I walk home by myself, stumbling into bushes and trying to kidnap any cat that crosses my path. Luckily nothing has ever happened to me whilst I’ve walked home alone, bar a period where I kept drunk ordering on Amazon and thought I had a secret admirer who was sending me thoughtful (if slightly random) gifts.


Did I mention that I have to cross a busy highway to get home?  Lots of cars.  Kind of scary.  Most drivers are pretty good about not running my drunk ass over, but a certain percentage of drivers just don’t pay as much attention as they should, for whatever reason, and occasionally pedestrians get squashed, with varying degrees of injury.


Oh, I should also add that THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW!  Pedestrians have the right of way here, always.  No one is allowed, by law, to run you over with their car.



I count myself lucky that every time I’ve walked home by myself, I’ve been fine. However, I keep seeing the same tired horrible point made in drink awareness campaigns focused at women – women shouldn’t drink too much and cross busy highways in case they get run over.

The linking of excessive alcohol consumption with getting hit by a car is ridiculous and crosses the dividing line between someone being responsible for the amount of the alcohol they drink and someone getting hit by a car and being partially responsible because they were excessively drunk. If I go out and get drunk and get hit by a car what am I responsible for? Being drunk? Being drunk AND run over?

It doesn’t matter if I walk around wasted and stagger along the unpaved shoulder of a highway at 5 am, it doesn’t give anyone else the right to hit me with their car. The only way to avoid getting run over is to not be in the company of drivers, which is unfortunately entirely impossible when you’re crossing a highway.

Duh.  Highways have cars!  That’s what they’re for!

This drink awareness tactic is often used when talking about precautionary actions to avoid getting hit by cars and links to a dangerous premise – if you take the argument that women ‘should not’ make themselves vulnerable to its logical conclusion what happens? So I go out in a short skirt, get pissed and stagger across a busy highway.


If society says I should not have done that does my less than perfect driver get a lesser sentence to reflect this? Or no sentence? Who would decide what counted as ‘vulnerable’ or  enough alcohol? And in what way should it count against me? I just don’t get it.

‘Women shouldn’t drink too much and cross highways for fear of being hit by cars’ soon turns into “Well if she’d followed this advice she wouldn’t have been hit by a car” which turns into ‘It’s her own fault she got hit by a car.’ The conversation about responsible drinking is necessary and important in today’s society but it shouldn’t involve the correlation of pedestrian/car collisions. Drinking to excess carries many other risks that should be highlighted.

I have crossed many a highway while trashed but I didn’t deserve to get run over for it.  We are all responsible for our own behaviour of course, but no one deserves to get t-boned by a minivan when they are vulnerable. Taking preventive measures and following common sense rules are always important but with regard to car accidents, they can have little bearing on whether you become a victim or not.

But working to change the culture – educating and targeting people about pedestrians and changing driving attitudes DOES work. Women will never be able to win whilst we are told ‘don’t cross highways’ and ‘don’t be completely trashed’ whilst the statistics tell us that the majority of car collisions  do not happen to drunk chicks crossing highways, but rather in broad daylight when everyone is stone cold sober, and that many crashes occur in a place that the woman had previously viewed as a ‘safe place’, like their own street, or the mall parking lot.


What I’m wearing, how drunk I am etc is one thing, but the majority of car accidents happen in situations where vulnerability is the result of trusting other drivers to follow the rules of the road. Adverts that say ‘don’t drink’ are brilliant and advice I should take more often.

I get what people are saying about “everyone should be careful with drinking”, but the thing is that the traffic accident prevention conversation is never couched just in those terms. Not making yourself vulnerable also apparently involves not crossing the highway when you can barely stand, not behaving in a way that could be interpreted as careless about your own safety, not blindly trusting drivers to watch out for you, not crossing highways in the dark etc.

So what is the obvious conclusion? To never walk anywhere a car might be, or to never drive your own vehicle, or to never engage in any activity that involves motorized vehicles? To only spend time with drivers you trust? To never leave the house? Oh shit, many accidents happen in the woman’s own driveway… So what? To move to a desert island with no cars of any kind? Or what? Because I’m seriously running out of options here.


THIS is why telling women and girls not to get drunk and cross the highway isn’t good enough. THIS is why focussing anti-car accident messages on women won’t stop car accidents. What we need is a sea change in how society views and understand women who cross busy highways while trashed. Telling girls to stay sober won’t help the cause.

In fact, by putting the onus on women rather than drivers, it does the opposite. Now where’s that gin?


Now, replace every reference to cars and pedestrians and accidents with RAPE. This is the article the brilliant team at Vagenda Magazine posted to defend women’s right to drink to excess and still be absolved of all personal responsibility in case they get raped.

And by rape, of course, they mean any sexual encounter that happened when a woman was drunk.  Drunk women, by definition, cannot consent to sexual activity, therefore all sexual activity is RAPE.

Drunk men?  Ssh.  Don’t be silly.  Drunk men are always accountable for their behaviour.


What can I say about this kind of nonsense?  Vagenda really wants to live in a world where women have no agency, no responsibility, no obligation to, oh, I don’t know, BEHAVE LIKE FUCKING ADULTS?

Grow up, ladies.  If you want to drink to excess, go right ahead.  But don’t think you can turn around and blame everyone else for the consequences.  Here’s a newsflash:  THE WORLD CONTAINS RAPISTS.  Also, really shitty drivers.

If you don’t want to get raped or hit by a car, take some goddamn precautions to protect yourself.  It’s really not that hard.

Lots of love,


25 Responses to “Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean you can hit me with a car!”

  1. secrettop2013 February 15, 2013 at 14:29 #

    A good post and the point must be repeated to everyone regardless of gender. I never drive car because i don”t have one.When i want to drink,i buy smallest quantity available,usually at the time when shop closes.Then i cook my food and drink alone.I never get hangover,no trouble with neighours. Nothing.I formulated this routine after lot of hits and misses.It is safe and it works.It never gives me feeling of guilt.Personally,i think abstaining from alcohol is best.
    Another example Just few years back ,a women driver killed 2 male cops under intoxication.She was not punished.The case is under review and i think she will be left free.


  2. Rmaxd February 15, 2013 at 15:08 #

    This post isnt about drink driving you half wit …

    Its about women getting drunk to get laid … & feminists denying women dont get drunk to get laid, women get drunk to get raped …

    Trust feminists to turn a night out on the town into yet another rape orgy …

    Women get drunk precisely so they can have sex with as many guys as they want, with maximum plausible deniability …

    To most women, sex while drunk doesnt count … hence they remain virgins as long as they get raped while drunk …

    Never underestimate the retard factor, when discussing womens inability to screw around like a regular human being …


  3. davidkrishan February 15, 2013 at 16:13 #

    OH THANK GOODNESS. I thought you actually wrote that first part, and I was about to write a comment stating “I normally love your posts, but…”

    The analogy breaks down when you look at it (and, indeed, this points out the flaws in the vagenda’s logic). You’re prohibited from walking on a highway on foot (or in an unpowered vehicle i.e. bicycle) because you may get hit. Cars go fast enough that they can’t see and avoid you in time – especially at night. Crossing a highway on foot (in Houston it happens alot) is often a death sentence, and not in ANY way due to the driver.

    I agree with you – these women need to learn a sense of personal responsibility. The way they shift all blame for their actions away pisses me off. You know who has no personal responsibility? A child. Who else? An object. By writing tripe like this, they’re OBJECTIFYING themselves. Do they even realize the irony?


  4. judgybitch February 15, 2013 at 16:16 #

    I figured there would be some confusion about highway/freeway.

    Around here, highway means two lanes, moving pretty fast. You can cross, but I would definitely recommend being sober.

    Freeway means multilane high speed traffic. There is no way you could possible cross.


  5. TMG February 15, 2013 at 16:24 #

    What it comes down to is that many (not all) women want all the “choices” of being an adult with no consequences. They want life to be a nonstop roller-coaster ride, with thrills and excitement and the near-certainty that they will be perfectly safe. And the government, seeing this desire as an excellent way to bring about totalitarianism, is indulging them.


  6. M3 February 15, 2013 at 16:57 #

    I said it before and ill say it again.

    The law recognizes a pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way and no pedestrian deserves being run over. But it happens every day anyways. We have anti drunk driving campaigns, we have awareness drives for drivers to be cautious in school zones and safe spacing on highways.

    And every day people continue getting killed anyways because they relinquished their own personal responsibility towards their own safety and placed blind faith in ‘the right’ do do something.

    How many people would prefer to be walking instead of a wheelchair if only they looked both ways to make sure all cars came to stop at the crosswalk before stepping onto the road? Just because a majority of cars follow the rules, doesn’t mean the odd occasion theres a drunk on the road who will fail to yield.

    How many people want to blindly step out into traffic without looking both ways and risk getting killed just to make a point. The law says i have the right to cross the street without being run over by a garbage truck. If i do, it’s the garbage trucks fault. That right is cold comfort to my lifeless corpse being scraped out from under the garbage trucks wheel well. The garbage truck still killed me despite my rights. The garbage truck didn’t care about my rights.

    Just because you have a right, doesn’t mean it comes without responsibility nonetheless. Women should have the right to drink and enjoy a night out without being assaulted. Getting blackout drunk or drunk to the point where you are no longer lucid is in effect waiving all your rights to your own personal safety. And this is what feminism teaches every day. You have a right to relinquish your agency and put your fate in the hands of a roll of the dice.

    Snake eyes sucks.


  7. Kai February 15, 2013 at 18:54 #

    “being hit by a car isn’t the same as being raped’. ‘are you saying men are out of control like trucks and can’t stop themselves? then maybe we should lock up en instead of women’ ‘how dare you compare rape to another crime?! it’s the worst thing that can happen!’
    I’ve used many analogies. Women seem to be completely incapable of processing analogies. Something in the wiring makes them completely impervious to logic.


  8. judgybitch February 15, 2013 at 19:00 #


    …trucks aren’t out of control.

    They’re controlled by drivers.

    Okay, SOME trucks are out of control -mechanical failure, asshole drivers, someone has a heart attack…

    Wait a second.

    Hey, maybe because a small percentage of trucks actually ARE out of control, we should pay attention to all traffic and be prepared to take evasive action in case we run into one of those out of control trucks.

    Nah. Screw that.

    Let’s teach drivers NOT TO LOSE CONTROL OF THEIR TRUCKS.

    Problem solved.

    Think I’ll go wander in traffic now. What can go wrong?


  9. Kai February 15, 2013 at 20:27 #

    I know. I’m fully with you. But in my experience, analogies go right through the empty logic centre in the woman’s head, and hits the angry centre which causes random responses that don’t make any real sense like the examples I mentioned. It’s infinitely clear to anyone with any grasp of reason, but when the rape word comes up, any ability to think, compare with other issues, or anything else is gone, and there is no reasoning to be done.


  10. Liz February 15, 2013 at 23:16 #

    Good analogy, JB…but overgenerous in some respects.

    Another analogy…drunk woman doesn’t actually cross the road, but runs to the side of it, flagging down traffic. Guy pulls over and she says, “Hey, dude I am sooooo fucked up. Can you give me lift to my house?” Guy opens the door and lets her in. Next day he’s slapped with a kidnapping charge. “I don’t understand officer she said she wanted a lift, I was just driving and she flagged me over.” Officer: “she was too inebriated to informly consent to the transportation! You took advantage you poor excuse for a human being how could you put the girl into your car and drive her anywhere when she was in that condition?”


  11. realityforever February 16, 2013 at 01:31 #


    That’s HUGE. As big as trust. I mean how can you possibly trust someone who is never accountable 100% of the time? And nightmarishly, that is your average American female. How am I, as a man, supposed to have a relationship on ANY level with someone like that?

    Or should I say some THING like that, because accountability and responsibility is a
    huge part of simply being human.But the vast majority of women I meet every day are not only completely unaccountable for anything ever (and never even held accountable) but will attempt to redirect the blame and actually try to accuse YOU of something they just make up- in other words, an act of fraud. Not only do I NOT want to marry someone like that, I don’t even want to have anything to do with someone like that at ALL- ever.

    I don’t want to talk to them, work with them, and friendship? Ha, the profile of the
    average American female in 2013 is the very opposite of a friend. That’s why I’ve cut
    women mostly out of my life completely. I know 2 women who are decent human beings, but outside of that, the rest of them are complete nightmares that crawled out of Hell. Then you have the false accusation culture now where women falsely accuse men of rape or violence just for fun and profit. I feel very, very unsafe in the company of women any more and quite frankly, the 21st century female creeps me out and makes me want to vomit anyway. VD ridden and tatted up like a prostitute and has had 2500 cocks in her by the time she’s 25 – ugggh- it gives me the chills just thinking about it. They’re public property- bragging about having sex with an American female nowadays is akin to bragging that you pick up dirty needles in the park.

    Not only is a relationship impossible with someone (thing) like that, but let me ask
    you, what would we even have in common? I’m an ethical person & accountable for my
    actions, that’s how I’ve grown as a human being. Women in the U.S. see accepting blame as a weakness- it’s really mentally ill – in fact most of the women I meet everyday are mentally ill.

    What am I supposed to have in common with a status obsessed, shallow, cruel, sadistic, materialistic, unaccountable, amoral mental case that can’t even be reasoned with and actually has the nerve to do nothing but try to find fault with everything I do and say all day? Which is hysterical because someone who is never accountable has about all the moral authority of a cockroach. I don’t even give a shit what their opinion is anyway.

    Oh, and let’s not forget that they all see everything backwards- I’m male, so in their
    minds I’m wrong before I even open my mouth. This culture instills complete disrespect
    for men from women before you even meet- so already you’re screwed- how can you have any kind of relationship with anyone who has zero respect for you?

    Look, I’m actually a good looking guy and it’s still a nightmare. I’m tall and handsome
    with an athletic build and kind of look like McGyver (told that by a zillion women) and
    have a lot of charm and a good job and it’s still really, really horrible. It’s grim.
    That’s because there’s nothing wrong with me, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for ugly, short, and/or fat guys. One overweight guy told me that women constantly tell him to commit suicide. Jesus Christ- that tells me just about all I want to know about the average American female. And then when they do show their so-called ’empathy’ it’s really condescension – “oh you poor thing” Translated: “I’m never having sex with you, you pathetic loser.” I see it everyday. Most people are simply not perceptive enough to pick up on the shittiness of women’s attitudes.

    I’ve been married twice, have had so many gf’s I don’t even remember them all – I even
    have a daughter in her 20s – and I’m still holding up pretty well – so no one can point
    a finger at me telling me I’m ignorant or ‘all women aren’t like that’ – yea, you’re
    right, 98% of them are.

    When women see a beautiful woman, they think, “oh, she’s so pretty.” Want to know what I see? A black widow spider. Someone who can and will fuck me over and extort me LEGALLY – in fact our whole culture and legal system is set up to enable women to fuck me over and stab me in the back. So the issue of character is irrelevant – I’m not going to just ‘trust’ someone who has god like power over me. YOU do it, then get back to me and let me know how that goes.

    And then you throw on top of that the horribleness of your average American female, and the message is loud and clear: STAY THE FUCK AWAY. Got it. Then people wonder why men (50% and growing) are just dropping out of society altogether. I mean it’s a real simple question for women – ‘How would YOU feel in that situation???’ We’re told that women are so much more compassionate and empathic, yet they can’t even understand extremely simple and obvious things such as why men wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them with this horrendous minefield in front of them guaranteed to fuck them over. Fuck, that is SO fucking stupid.

    Which would you rather have? Be alone, or share your company with a black widow? The ‘alone’ part starts looking pretty good. Starting to catch my drift? At least I’m SAFE


  12. Kai February 16, 2013 at 02:44 #

    I don’t think responsibility and accountability are a basic part of being human. I think they are a basic part of being an adult. I wish we had some way to give people [women] the clear opportunity to choose whether they wanted to be treated like a child for life, or grow up. Only give out adult privileges to people taking on adult responsibilities and accountability.
    Unfortunately, there’s no societal system to set that up, so we’re forced to do it on an individual basis. I deal with my mother the same way one would a child, because she acts like one. I’ve come to simply expect it, and realize I can only change my own behaviour in response.

    But yes, that makes it brutal to exist in society. I am frequently thankful to not be a straight man, as I’d surely be forever single. (I too agree that there are a few decent women, but they are such a small portion of the population that I can’t feel confident I’d score one.)
    But then, it’s also hard being female in this world. I find it difficult to make friends with people when a majority of women act like children, and not so many men will ever be genuine friends with a female.
    Thank god for my husband.


  13. realityforever February 16, 2013 at 12:44 #

    It’s obvious that is what I meant- an adult human. Childhood is an extremely short phase and nothing more, or at least it’s supposed to be.

    If you don’t think accountability is part of being human, then you can expect that husband of yours to be nothing more than a short phase as well.

    Women in this culture today are nothing more than black widow spiders- they mate with the man and then kill and then eat him. Human women use divorce court to extract all of his resources- to pay a female to take away his children. It’s SICK. Perverse. Evil.

    There needs to be some kind of legal recourse for men, but there is none. As a man in this society, you’re just fucked. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible for me to have any respect for any man stupid enough to actually marry a woman in the U.S. in 2013.

    She is going to take you straight to Hell and devastate your life guaranteed. Because women are evil? No, it’s far worse than that. Women today actually think they’re in the right to stab you in the back – our entire society, culture and legal system is set up to do exactly THAT all day every day. As a man you’re nothing more than a target.

    Women control 3/4 of all of the wealth in this country and represent 85% of all of the consumer spending. And we’re supposed to believe that they acquired all that wealth from working as secretaries? No 1 profession for women since 1950. If you can’t see what’s going on here, you would have to be the shittiest detective in the world. It’s obvious that the whole set up is women fucking over men.

    Feminism revealed some cold hard facts- that human women have every thing in common with black widow spiders – if you free women up to do whatever they want to do, well, that’s exactly what they go for. Fuck the man and then fuck him over and rip him off by any means necessary- fraud, lies, backstabbing- no low is too low to go to for women. Women didn’t take their newly found freedom and immediately go out to the garage and invent something or did anything that actually benefited the world- no, they are 100,000% narcissistic and see people as nothing more than resources to be exploited and spend the entire day backstabbing anyone that is stupid enough to get in front of them. It really just makes me throw up.

    This idea that men are the predator is a LIE. There are men out there that may in fact want to fuck you with out your approval- maybe one or two- and he was prob twisted mentally by his mother (don’t forget that) who wants rape you, but EVERY female wants to rape a man’s entire LIFE.


  14. realityforever February 16, 2013 at 21:46 #

    I live in a huge university town and I have been to parties where the girls there have been younger than my own daughter who were so trashed they started making out with me wanting to have sex within the first 60 seconds of meeting- very attractive girls. Of course this is extremely dangerous for any guy.

    The difference back when I was in high school and college is that in the 70s & 80s most females simply didn’t drink excessively. That’s because they knew what would happen of course. Now it’s an absolute free for all- the setup is like this: Young girls in their early 20s will act snarky and shitty to you & just about every guy. Guy just thinks “what a horrible person” and just wants to get away. THEN later at the bar or a party she gets completely drunk and just grabs the first guy she sees to have sex with.

    The whole thing is just INSANE. There is no ‘dating’ anymore, just this. oh btw, something you might find interesting: http://firstmanhattan-thenberlin.tumblr.com/image/43208496847


  15. realityforever February 16, 2013 at 21:50 #

    oh and this too – http://imgur.com/icCktxq


  16. realityforever February 16, 2013 at 21:59 #

    oh, and how could I have forgotten this? http://americanfemaleposters.blogspot.com/


  17. judgybitch February 16, 2013 at 22:01 #


    Is that a joke????


  18. realityforever February 17, 2013 at 00:12 #

    No! It’s REAL. I’ve heard about this – women thinking anytime they have sex it’s rape if they break up with a guy or god knows what. If she goes to the police and tells them all of that, they prob WILL bring in the guy for questioning and who knows what will happen after that?

    Women now call even a ‘look’ a rape – I’ve heard about it. It’s gotten to the point to where women are just too dangerous to even interact with- there is no telling what is going to happen. And this false accusation epidemic is just insane.

    And instead of the legal system trying to stop the false accusations, they just try to expand the definition. I guess false accusations are ’empowering’ – notice how the other woman so casually told her to rip up her clothes like it was nothing.


  19. Kai February 17, 2013 at 02:26 #

    I did not find it obvious that you defined ‘being human’ as ‘being an adult human’. If you did, then we are in agreement.
    There are many other things we define as part of ‘being human’ which children are a part of, so I see a difference between ‘being human’ and ‘being an adult’.
    I don’t think accountability is something that is a basic part of being human, since it is something we have to teach to children.
    But for children to grow up, we do have to teach them, and they should have to learn that before they are accepted into adult society.
    Therefore, I think accountability and personal responsibility are necessary conditions for being an *adult* human.

    (and yes, I think those are important qualities to have learned as a child, and keep hold of as an adult for a relationship with a husband, friends, or even functioning in the general world.)

    As for
    “EVERY female wants to rape a man’s entire LIFE.”
    what about the previously mentioned 2 decent women you know? Or have you become angry at them since the last post?
    I think we are all in agreement that a majority of women refuse to be accountable, and keep open their option to ruin a man’s life, which many of them exercise.
    But as soon as you pull out ‘all x do y’ statements, it degrades them by making them extremely easy to falsify.


  20. princesspixiepointless February 17, 2013 at 14:02 #

    Wow. That is some serious woman hating bullshit.


  21. realityforever February 18, 2013 at 21:11 #

    “I did not find it obvious that you defined ‘being human’ as ‘being an adult human’. If you did, then we are in agreement.
    There are many other things we define as part of ‘being human’ which children are a part of, so I see a difference between ‘being human’ and ‘being an adult’.
    I don’t think accountability is something that is a basic part of being human, since it is something we have to teach to children.
    But for children to grow up, we do have to teach them, and they should have to learn that before they are accepted into adult society.
    Therefore, I think accountability and personal responsibility are necessary conditions for being an *adult* human.

    (and yes, I think those are important qualities to have learned as a child, and keep hold of as an adult for a relationship with a husband, friends, or even functioning in the general world.)

    As for
    “EVERY female wants to rape a man’s entire LIFE.”
    what about the previously mentioned 2 decent women you know? Or have you become angry at them since the last post?
    I think we are all in agreement that a majority of women refuse to be accountable, and keep open their option to ruin a man’s life, which many of them exercise.
    But as soon as you pull out ‘all x do y’ statements, it degrades them by making them extremely easy to falsify.”

    How ridiculously petty & pointless your arguments are. I think we can pretty much all agree that accountability is something that is learned while growing up and is part of our humanity. You seem very uncomfortable with the concept of accountability & I think there’s a 99% chance you’ve never been accountable once in your entire life. Why do you even bother replying? Let me guess- you’ll me yet more ridiculous & petty answers. Sheesh.


  22. Dan February 15, 2014 at 17:32 #

    Tmg So do men, so why can’t I go out get smashed have intercourse then say she raped me? Some argue oh your dick was hard so you wanted it, can’t be rape. Same applies for a woman, if her pussy is wet she wants it but those bitchs never tell the truth.



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