Relinquishing Your Rights and Accepting Victimhood

15 Jul

An introduction will follow shortly.


[UPDATE: MRA EDMONTON’s campaign is starting to go viral and mainstream due to their ‘Don’t be that girl’ campaign. Follow along here, and make your voice heard in the mainstream. Viva la Common Sense and Sanity! ]

This post may piss some people off and enrage some. Oh well, i aim to misbehave. There’s something i should be putting up here.. can’t quite remember.. i’m sure it will come to me eventually.


New Years Eve, 1993.

I’m at a house party. The taste of Southern Comfort is permeating my mucus membranes. The women whom I have been pining for (and who would be my future wife) is there too. Everyone knows i have a thing for her, including her. She unclasps her bra from under her shirt and pulls it out through the sleeve of her shirt. It’s a black bra. Some of my friends wave it around…

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One Response to “Relinquishing Your Rights and Accepting Victimhood”

  1. The_Other_Steve July 16, 2013 at 16:08 #

    Reading this brings to mind those women who will go to the extreme of having “preventive” mastectomies because they fear they might get cancer, because it either “runs in the family” or they are told (and believe) they have some genetic trigger for it. It’s a choice that boggles my mind, to be quite frank. For the record, I’m a cancer survivor, and I fought like hell to avoid surgery. In my book, what you aren’t willing to fight for you don’t deserve to keep.

    If rape, or sexual assault, is indeed “the worst thing that can happen to a woman,” then what prevents one from doing everything possible to resist?


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