18 Reasons Why Women Are The Best! We smell nice! And have pretty hair! So there!

31 Aug

It still surprises me that these kinds of lists show up in supposedly lighthearted media like Buzzfeed. I mean really?  Would Buzzfeed ever publish 18 Reasons Why Black People Are The Best18 Reasons Why Christians Are The Best? 18 Reasons Why Liberal Arts Majors are the Best? 18 Reasons Why Libertarians Are The Best?

Each of these things implies an inverse.  Black people are the best compared to whom? Christians are the best compared to whom? Liberal Arts majors are the best compared to whom? Libertarians are the best compared to whom? Try White instead of Black.  18 Reasons Why White People Are The Best.

Yeah, not so much.

But these stupid lists about how women are the best, women are better, women rule …. I see them over and over again.


This list at Buzzfeed is interesting because so many of the things women are “the best” at come down to accidents of birth and biology that apply equally to men and women, and the list inadvertently demonstrates that many of those accidental relationships are railroaded by a culture that really does seem to believe, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that women are the best.

Let’s take a closer look. Here’s the original feed, word for word, with my commentary.


 18 Reasons Why Women Are The Best

Seriously, they are the absolute best thing in the universe.

1. These things somehow pop out of them


Of course it’s a girl, and of course, she’s white. Big surprise there, right?  And ladies, can we try and remember for one or two seconds that those “things” cannot be made without the assistance of Mr. LadyCaveLongDistanceSwimmerExtraordinaire?


Yes, ladies, CaptainHalfOfHumanGenes is required, a fact you don’t seem to forget when it comes to claiming child support. Or when it comes to sabotaging birth control so you can have one of those “things”.


Score: 0

Both men and women required.

2. They invent awesome shit, like Kevlar


And not much else.  Absolutely, there are a handful of incredibly accomplished, brilliant women who work in STEM fields.


Most don’t.


And as of today, there is not ONE woman who has ever accomplished extraordinary feats in mathematics, sufficient to earn the Fields Medal.  Not one woman awarded the prize.  Not one.  And as we have already discussed, Trinity College in the UK beats all women everywhere in the world when it comes to winning Nobel Prizes.


Score: -10

Men kick women’s asses at inventing shit

3. They kick ass and take names with the best of them.


Ha!  Both videos feature women beating up other women.  You can’t claim to be “the best” if you are limiting your competition to only the weakest fighters.  Men are bigger and stronger than women, on average.

Middle aged tennis player takes on hot-shot girl player and SHE WINS YAY WOMEN ARE THE BEST!


Oh, oops.  He threw the match. Well, so what, right?  That doesn’t mean anything, la la la I can’t hear you.

The fact that the very best male bodies in the world can be pushed to further feats of strength than the very best female bodies in the world is an important fact only to people who directly profit from professional athletics.


Well, if that’s true, then why did King play Riggs in the first place?

Jesus, the scent of bullshit is a bit overpowering.

Score: -20

Men kick women’s asses when it comes to physical feats

4. They make for awesome sisters.

Okay.  Men are siblings, too.  They make for awesome brothers.

Score: 0

5. They are spectacular as wives

Bracing for the sound of a million screens being chucked across the room. Men are spouses, too.  They are spectacular as husbands.  When they don’t get tossed to the curb like garbage when wifey gets bored and decides to trade in, that is.


Score: 0

6. They are funny as hell

Aaaand the two jokes featured are about losing weight to fit in a dress and then eating pie.



Women are funny as long as we remember that women, and only women, decide what constitutes funny.


Score: -10

Most comedians are men, who tend to embrace universal humor.


7. They make for really great moms

And men make for really great Dads.

Score: 0


8. They are stronger than they are given credit for

Stronger in what sense?  Given credit by whom?  What does this even mean?

Score: 0

Incoherence gets a neutral score

9. They’re intense sports fans


A few of them are, but the demographics for the MLB, MLS, NASCAR, the NFL, NHL and NBA all show far more men as fans than women. The best women can do is 41% for basketball and hockey.  Pretty much all professional sports come in around 40% lady fans in the audience, measured in terms of tickets purchased.


I wonder how many of them are there on dates?

I suppose we could focus on the word “intense”, but really?  Women are better at being hysterical, irrational, over-the-top enthusiasts?  Is that really an argument we want to make to show women are the best? I’d think that one through.

Score: – 10

Men attend sporting events in greater numbers than women

10. They smell incredible, like roses and hope

Well, I smell like Chanel No. 5 and Ivory soap, but okay.  The market share for male grooming products is one of the hottest sectors in cosmetics, with 45% of men using moisturizers at least some of the time, compared to 68% of women.  Men use cologne regularly 34% of the time, compared to women who use it 40% of the time.


What’s the number one grooming regime for men?



75% of men shave every day.


80% of women wear make-up every day.


Assuming that all the products used are scented (it can be really difficult to find unscented products), it looks like women have the edge when it comes to smelling pretty.

Score: +1

Women smell nicer than men

11. They’re great at dancing

Yep.  So are men.  Pick any dance form, and you will find men at the very highest levels of achievement and accomplishment.


And men and women are equally clumsy and absurd at dancing, too.

Score: 0

Men and women both dance, equally bad or great

12. They are fantastic daughters

And men are fantastic sons.

Score: 0

13. They know when you need encouraging

So do men.  And one of the greatest tragedies of modern, feminist, liberal democracies is that so many young men and boys are growing up without positive male role models to mentor them and show them the path to adulthood.

boy alone

Steve Logan is proud of his job as a forklift truck driver and enthusiastically describes how good it feels to be achieving something. But before he signed up for a mentoring programme for disaffected young men three years ago, the 22-year-old was directionless and falling in and out of trouble. “I used to get into trouble a lot,” he recalls. “I had no good male role models growing up. I drifted.”


Divorce, the cult of single motherhood and the mobility of the labor market all add up to millions of children growing up without adult men present in their lives in meaningful ways.  It’s gotten so bad in the UK, some areas of the country are described as “man deserts”.

I am in Ladywood, Birmingham, one of several UK districts where 70 per cent of children are now raised in households without fathers – areas which have become known, rather depressingly, as ‘men deserts’.

An astonishing one million children are growing up in these blighted circumstances, living without a father and rarely even meeting an adult man, according to a recent troubling study of family breakdown by the Centre for Social Justice.


And it’s not just men and boys who suffer, young girls growing up without positive, affirmational and more importantly boundary-setting men in their lives are at risk of seeking male attention in some pretty harmful ways.


Men are not just skilled at providing encouragement, it is utterly vital that they are permitted to do so.  Being raised without a loving father is a crime against humanity, in my opinion.

Score: -20

Men are prevented from offering the encouragement only they can give

14. They are gorgeous

Women are getting prettier in evolutionary terms, because beauty is what men value.  The things we consider “beauty” signal health and fertility and those are the things evolution selects for.


It’s interesting that the article can claim women are better at being beautiful, and yet most feminists will rail heartily against the idea that women should strive for beauty.  Fat is beautiful!  Ugly is the new gorgeous!  Lena Dunham believes people are lucky that they get to look at her!



You go girl.

Score:  +20

Women are better at being beautiful

15. They get better with age

Oooh.  Yikes.  Nope.  They don’t.  A lovely, lovely myth, but women are valued for youth and beauty (see above), and men are valued for status and protection.  Men tend to collect more resources and therefore become more valuable over time, while women lose their resources and become less valuable.

It’s lovely to think that a genius cancer researcher only gets better with age and more experience, and that is true, but it completely ignores the fact that most women aren’t doing anything that even approaches the contributions a cancer researcher is making to society.

All is not lost, though.  Tend to your looks, your weight, your hair and you can significantly extend your value.  Be a consistently loving and thoughtful and available partner, and you should be formidable competition for any pretty young thing.



Score: -10

Women do not get better with age

16. They have phenomenal hair

Agreed!  Women win this one hands down.

Take away message:  don’t cut your hair, ladies!  Men love long, beautiful, well-groomed hair on women.  I don’t think that will ever change.


What is the first thing Bradley Manning did when he decided to become Chelsea instead?  Put on a long blonde wig.  Nothing signifies feminine quite like long hair.


I find it somewhat amusing that feminist writers at Slate can champion Chelsea, and at the same time mock men with long hair who style it in “girly” ways.

…when men adopt overtly feminine hairdos, the results seem ridiculous. The eight amateur male models featured here are living right at the edge of acceptably masculine hair styling just by growing their hair past their chins. A ringlet, though, is a bridge too far, even if it’s paired with a lumberjack beard and a baggy tee. There’s just no masculine signifier that can dilute such girliness.



Okay, so a man braiding his hair for fun is ridiculous, but a man who thinks he is a woman donning a terrible blonde wig should be given the utmost respect?

Okay then.

Score: + 20

Women have better hair

17. They put up with male stupidity

Oh fuck off.

And how are we measuring “stupidity”?

Artistic achievements?


Ten most famous paintings of all time.  All men.


Scientific achievements?


Of the ten most important inventions in human history, six were unequivocally created by men.  The wheel and the plow?  Most likely men.  You might be able to find one or two women to credit with computers and the internet, but the computer sciences are utterly dominated by men.


This whole “men are stupid” trope in media is one that really, really irritates me.  Why does the simple acknowledgement that men are actually rather clever little things who get shit done in increasingly ingenious ways cause such crippling anxiety in women?

So what?  So they made flush toilets?  So they made iPhones?  So they made rovers that are crawling around on Mars?

Those are not the only things that make life worth living.


Women create and nurture and maintain the webs of relationships that allow communities to thrive and bring out the best in all their members.  Women take a house and make it a home, take a city and make it a community, take a nation and make it a culture.

I’ve often said women have abandoned their most important mission, but I would now like to add a caveat to that.  Women are still crafting the communities and webs and cultures we live in.

They’re crafting them to hate men and children and provide women, and only women with the comforts we all deserve to have a shot at acquiring.  Captain Capitalism says “enjoy the decline”.  He’s right in a way I am only beginning to comprehend.


Score: -20

Women are not smarter than men

18. And most importantly, they’re there when you need them most

And that is exactly what most white, feminist women are NOT.  Women who actually ARE present are chumps. Dupes of the patriarchy.  Silly women who don’t understand their value can only be measured in cash terms.


And all of this bullshit “women are better” chanting comes to a screeching halt when the world wobbles and we suddenly need someone, anyone, to put their lives on the line and actually BE the best.

Boston Marathon Explosions

boston 2



Those people are by and large MEN.

Score: -20

Men are the ones most likely to be there when it really counts

You know, if we go back to the beginning and consider a “18 Ways White People Are The Best” list, we could put things on it like:

We’re better at staying out of jail

We’re better at being rich

We’re better at graduating from college

We’re better at not having diabetes

We’re better at having children within marriage

All of those things are objectively, demonstrably TRUE, and a list like that might compel us to consider WHY those things are true and what we can do about it.

But this “18 Ways Women Are Better List” contains only three things that are true, and not even objectively true.

We smell better and have nicer hair?  We’re prettier? Really?  That’s our big claim to fame?

I won’t tally the final score because it’s just some bullshit metric I made up and it doesn’t matter.  No matter how you score it, this list is total and utter garbage.

If we gleefully posted a list about how white people are better, the rationale behind that wouldn’t be all that confusing or controversial, would it?


So why are we so blind as a culture to what lists like “women are better” are really telling us?


It’s not a thing.


If you ignore it, it will probably go away.



Lots of love,


28 Responses to “18 Reasons Why Women Are The Best! We smell nice! And have pretty hair! So there!”

  1. Feminism Is A Lie August 31, 2013 at 16:27 #

    I honestly don’t know what to think of lists like this anymore. Why? Why do you need such shallow, juvenile affirmation of what an incredibly special snowflake you are? Men have basically created the comfortable world we live in today and don’t need silly articles telling them how awesome they are. This is so fucking embarrassing.

    Also, what do TV show or celebrity examples have to do with the majority of women? Most women don’t kick ass like Buffy. Most don’t become pro-wrestlers. Most don’t have millions of dollars worth of disposable income that they can spend on the best diets, personal trainers, skin-care regimes, cosmetic surgery, etc, to help them “get better with age”. Did I mention this article is really fucking embarrassing?


  2. Athan Nyx August 31, 2013 at 17:20 #

    I have to disagree on the women are prettier then men part. Generally that is true yes… But there are some very pretty men. Andrej Pejic the androgynous model who does both male and female clothing lines… He identifies as “call me whatever” for his gender but I am fairly certain is biologically male.

    Plus transwoman… Though I know it is slightly nitpicking since you are saying it from how they see it.


  3. Dude Where's My Freedom? August 31, 2013 at 18:03 #

    The sports one is just ridiculous and is a prime example of society trying to bully people into ignoring what common sense would make completely obvious.

    Ticket sales are an *awful* way to account for sports fandom. I’m guessing WELL over 50% of women in attendance at any given sporting event are there accompanied by men who are FAR more interested in the sport than they are. Men bring women to sporting events in order to show off to other men that they’ve snagged a woman whom they can convince to spend an entire day pursuing an interest that is his and not hers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t any women who are into sports. Of course there are. But being a sports fan is, by and large, a male obsession. Anyone with common sense and a functioning brain could realize this intuitively. You have to go to college to be indoctrinated into believing this isn’t the case.

    All that said, why is “being a sports fan” categorized as a good thing? I’m a sports fan myself, but intellectually, I can admit that for the most part, they’re a giant waste of resources that could be put towards more productive ends.


  4. Xayadvara August 31, 2013 at 18:36 #

    So this is supposed to be funny? Frankly, I think your takedown was much more funnier, informative and entertaining at the same time.

    “They are fantastic daughters”

    So are men low-grade daughters? 😉

    “They put up with male stupidity”

    Well, thank you very much, but I have a question in turn. Do women put up well with “female stupidity” ? Considering from where relational aggression comes in as well as who shames “sluts” the most …… I am guessing the answer is negative


  5. judgybitch August 31, 2013 at 18:38 #

    Buzzfeed uses “they” to mean women.

    The original list is about women.


  6. thehumanscorch August 31, 2013 at 18:50 #

    This list is only a sign of the growing mass insecurity present in today’s women.

    The more ’empowered’ they become, the more insecure they become, because secure people don’t have to stand on a table and say ‘hey look at me I’m better.’


  7. Itchy August 31, 2013 at 19:17 #

    “They invent awesome shit, like Kevlar”

    That is just fucking insane. They invent virtually jack shit and men have invented and still invent almost EVERYTHING

    “They kick ass and take names with the best of them.”

    No they don`t women are chance less as fighters. Even the very best struggle with male fighters of a very low level. Just as in almost all sports. And normal women are utterly useless as fighters. They have negative fighting ability.

    “They are spectacular as wives”

    Not these days.

    . “They are funny as hell”

    Not all. There are very, very few good female comedians compared to men and regular women are no where near as funny as regular men. Humor is a masculine trait.

    “They’re intense sports fans”

    WTF. Men totaly dominate as sportsfans.

    I find it mind boggling that they now have the nerve to try to make things that men obviously outcompete women on into things that make women better.


  8. Marlo Rocci August 31, 2013 at 19:28 #

    The minute you mention the importance of the relationship between fathers and daughters, you’ll get fed back numbers on men molesting their children from the feminists. You can’t win this, you know. Any mention of the word “father” and you get back “child molester”.


  9. Deferred Asset August 31, 2013 at 22:34 #

    Who is the target audience for the referenced article, men or women? You don’t have to sell me as a man the notion that women are fantastic, because where would any of us be without our other half? However, it is too often the case that shoring up women’s self esteem is accompanied, implicitly if not explicitly, with tearing down men. Love and respect seem always in short supply, and women who grant both to men are dwindling in number. Thankfully, yet sadly, you are a rare jewel, JB.


  10. B August 31, 2013 at 23:41 #

    this list is reason number 8,429,384,920,342 why I cannot take anything posted on buzzfeed seriously. >_< my head hurts.

    ❤ you JB. Your blog is a breath of fresh air.


  11. Southern Man September 1, 2013 at 00:44 #

    You had altogether too much fun writing this post, and it showed. Thanks!


  12. Anthony September 1, 2013 at 05:40 #

    Dancing: leading is harder than following. Most of the time, the man leads.


  13. Spaniard September 1, 2013 at 08:58 #

    Women are a shallow who looks like depth…

    F. Nietzsche

    Women are so stupid, delightfully stupid creatures, but it is true that they smell great and they are the most beautiful thing on Creation. And they are funny as fuck if you can catch them.
    They are a dangerous game. But men we love danger and game… Nietzsche, again. We, men , we have to know how to play that game, without burning.

    And white women rocks. I deeply believe that the beauty of the white woman is beyond words. Especially Slavic white women. Eta pravda!
    I am not American so I am not slave of the political correctness. I do not want Europe to become a mulato continent, like USA is becoming. Africa for Arabs and blacks, Europe for whites and Near East for the Semitic people, both Arabs and Jews.
    NATO hands off Syria!!!!! Respect for the Holy Land!!!!


  14. Spaniard September 1, 2013 at 09:03 #

    It seems American women are afraid of the sociological effect of Manosphere. The Queen is naked.


  15. Alex September 1, 2013 at 18:51 #

    why can’t women just tell themselves “I’m a woman!” and go with that? i do that every so often (with man instead of woman), and it’s wonderful. boosts my confidence with knowing that men can get shit done, and since i am a man, i can do so as well. it also has the benefit of reminding me that i am just a man, and shit happens, so best to brush myself off and do what i can


  16. Cid September 2, 2013 at 06:31 #

    Well, buzzfeed and the gawker network are basically full of garbage like this to get clicks (and thus money). You can find lists of basically anything on there; although they can only really get away with “women are better” and not “whites are better” or similar.

    Crap like this is really useful to underline to point out how internet culture has shallowed. Nobody really discusses things anymore, everything has become a meme or an image macro. Just some pithy thing to dump on your Facebook to show you care about “issues.”

    And yeah, being a “feminist” is the most current meme circulating about. Many parts of the internet are already tiring of this BS; I doubt we’ll be seeing quite as many of these lists when people stop clicking them…


  17. Cid September 2, 2013 at 06:35 #

    I guess it’s decades of feminism telling people that femininity is shit and all women need to be men. I’m sure there are loads of women out there that want to say “I’m a man” so badly but cannot.

    Totally a random guess, I have no problem with being a woman. I have no need to prove myself that I can do anything a man can because I can’t.. and there’s shit men can’t do that I can, such is life lol.


  18. Exfernal September 2, 2013 at 10:22 #

    A biological father is the least likely to be a molester. Again, biology at work.


  19. Ed September 2, 2013 at 12:31 #

    JB, I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this article: http://nplusonemag.com/raise-the-crime-rate

    “The Justice Department now seems to be saying that prison rape accounted for the majority of all rapes committed in the US in 2008, likely making the United States the first country in the history of the world to count more rapes for men than for women.”

    “Although we now know the “crack baby” is a mythical creature—children of crack addicts do not exhibit developmental problems above and beyond those normally experienced by children whose fathers are dead or in prison—the image set off a moral panic in the 1980s, leading the country to begin the unusual practice of incarcerating large numbers of women.”

    (Discussing if there would be any upside to decreasing the size of prison populations)
    “Over time, though, things will settle. There will be more fathers around, and more state money for things like education and health care.”


  20. Kitsunegari September 2, 2013 at 19:50 #

    Buzzfeed should stick to posting lists of baby animals hugging each other.


  21. equality begins when the gender bashing stops September 3, 2013 at 14:45 #

    “I have to disagree on the women are prettier then men part. Generally that is true yes…” How is that true? The reason why you THINK one gender is prettier than the other, is because one gender uses make-up to improve their appearance. Without make-up, most women look a lot different. Men don’t enhance their appearance with fakery, all most men do is groom. Which is something women also do.


  22. Goober September 4, 2013 at 01:43 #

    The whole “men are stupid” trope is simply an offshoot of the idea that men’s way of doing things is wrong and women’s way of doing things is right.

    Men don’t feel the way women feel. They don’t communicate the way that women communicate. They don’t value the same things women value.

    By the training we’re all given from the second we set foot in public school, the way boys do things isn’t just presented as different; it’s presented as wrong.

    Running, jumping, playing, taking things apart, getting dirty, catching frogs…

    All presented as incorrect behavior that needs to be drugged to stop it. Boys should do things like girls; they should sit quietly with their hands in their lap, work together, find consensus, express their feelings, and if they don’t they are stupid; wrong, broken. Something that needs to be fixed or repaired.

    So of course we default to seeing the male way as wrong or stupid. That’s how we’ve been taught since we were little.


  23. splooge September 17, 2013 at 00:07 #

    We’re better at having children within marriage

    well compared to american blacks an latinos. other nations nope


  24. JBfan October 21, 2013 at 20:20 #

    Actually, number 17 would have some validity to it if it were referring to Hugo Schwyzer amirite? 😉


  25. JBfan October 21, 2013 at 21:15 #

    But seriously, this list is enough to make your IQ disappear. 1 to 18

    1. There is no “somehow” (other than evolution being mean to women by making babies’ heads far too big), there is no magic, this is reproduction, pure and simple. And there is still a male requirement here.

    2. Doesn’t happen that often because women don’t take risks.

    3. Whose this ‘best’ you talk about? Besides, judging by men putting up with things that’d make most women have a fit, I have my doubts.

    4. The only sisters – this is stupid.

    5. Yeah like Karla Homolka. Seriosly though, the only wives and not all of them are as good as that, certainly not the cat aides in Jezebel etc.

    6. Not really. Some are (especially the sarcastic ones among my friends and family) but apart from 1 or 2, the comediennes I’ve heard make my want to stab myself in the eyes with carving forks :p

    7. I have a great mom (and I would guess that PPP and JB are great moms), but there aren’t other non-woman moms, and not all of them are great, some are like Baby Peter’s mother, or a recent story of a woman who was banged up in the UK for starving her son to death. Some of then can make HORRIBLE mothers.

    8. Which is why they never do heavy lifting. Seriously, I went on an awesome 3 week camping road trip with some girls, and there was only 1 other guy, the 2 of us did all the heavy lifting. Not that I mind, but it makes claims like this a bit more specious. (You know, put you money where your mouth is, work down a coal mine or on an oil rig or something.)

    9. So are a lot d people. Bite me. I’m a guy and I think national or regional self-worth depending on where a small piece of leather goes is both pointless, and less entertaining than a black & decker drill through the kneecaps, but maybe that’s just me. :/

    10. Except 1 or 2 I met who stink of cigarettes.

    11. 2 words. Michael. Jackson. There are some cracking female dancers but this statement is meaningless.

    12. One, only daughters. Two, not all of them. Three, what’s with these retarded reasons?

    13. Not if they’re the narciccists at Jezebel. My uni flatmates were wonderful but not all if em are. My previous female flatmates had terrible trouble getting on with each other.

    14. Not all of em. Sorry.

    15. Nope. A minority do, but young women are at the peak older men are at (not necessarily much older, but girls in their 20s and guys in their 30s and sometimes beyond) for evolutionary purposes.

    16. Only if they take care of it – especially if it’s long. Miley Cyrus looked so much better with long hair.

    17. Two counter points to this one. One: men invented virtually everything and took the risks that make the society we live in now, stupid? Really? Granted, you get your competitive eaters scoffing a box of crayons on youtube, but men don’t have a monopoly on stupidity, and women don’t have a monopoly on intelligence, rather that the ones who say as such think that they do, which is even worse.

    Two: when female stupidity can be horrendously bad when it crops up (not that women are natural idiots, but capable of stupidity). Take Sandra Bernhardt, feminist who wants Sarah Palin raped (the irony is lost in her).

    Or Lauren Booth who took up religious fundamentalism, brainwashed her daughters into joining her religion, claiming to speak up on behalf of Muslims before somehow (considering her body is like a large round pudding) seducing away a Muslim woman’s husband to marry, wrecking the poor lass’s life.

    Or the flocks of women who shamefully want JB raped or any woman they take a dislike to.

    18. Not the Jezebel writers or slutwalk idiots. Or the bloggers like littleleaf who whine “what would be wrong with women embracing themselves for a change?” What would be wrong, dearie, is that it would bugger up society if 50% of the world population started making their desires the only point worth addressing.

    It’s bad enough with the two unnamed Middle East religious groups (you know who you are) refusing to share the same piece of land and getting people to argue on either side; you idiots are derailing our chance at worldwide peace and prosperity because we’re expected to cater to your own respective selfishness and greed, while genocide happens unnoticed elsewhere.

    Now imagine that problem multiplied to half of the population of the world, and we’re in very serious trouble.

    I rest my case.

    Thanks JB! 🙂 x


  26. Mike from the Pioneer Valley January 16, 2014 at 18:45 #

    Lena Dunham IS gorgeous.

    So there.


  27. Mike from the Pioneer Valley January 16, 2014 at 18:48 #

    Dude, it was Spaniards who made much of the New World a “mulatto continent” in the first place!


  28. brucey February 16, 2014 at 20:14 #

    “And as of today, there is not ONE woman who has ever accomplished extraordinary feats in mathematics, sufficient to earn the Fields Medal. Not one woman awarded the prize. Not one. And as we have already discussed, Trinity College in the UK beats all women everywhere in the world when it comes to winning Nobel Prizes.”

    IMHO, Emmy Noether would have won a Fields medal, if it existed in her time (and especially if she didn’t have to deal with the restrictions on women in German academia).


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