Hoax or not, the Boston Serial Rapist has some important lessons to impart

3 Oct


The Facebook page is down, but the story is this:  Boston College runs a “confessions” page wherin people can “confess” to their various transgressions and sins and get some feedback.  A few days ago, confession number 7122 (jeez, those Boston kids must be up to a whack of no good) went up.


The tl;dr summary is #7122 fucked two passed out drunk girls and forced another who was very drunk but not quite passed out.

And he liked it.

#7122: I’ve never told anyone this, but I can no longer hold it in. Being that I am not a very social guy, nor am I particularly good looking, girls don’t tend to flock my way, which can be very discouraging, especially at a time in my life when a lot of self worth is judged based on success with the opposite gender. I always think a girl likes me, but it always turns out that she is just infatuated with my best friend and roommate. I never told him this, but I thought that 3 out of the last 4 girls that he has dated were into me first. Two of them told me that they liked me, and one even kissed me; both of them were just playing with me though, just to get to him. I don’t blame him because it’s not his fault; I just wish that I didn’t have to get hurt by the girls he attracts. Anyway, as you can imagine, this left me rather depressed and lonely. I’ve never had a relationship, and up until college, the only girl I had kissed was the one who was toying with me. During the first few weeks at school, my friend kept telling me about all the girls that he was either hooking up with at parties or hanging out with during the week. Who had I gotten with? No one. By the end of the first semester, all I wanted was a real experience with a girl. Obviously, I wanted something sexual, actually I was craving something sexual, but when I would dream about girls at night, I only had visions of taking a girl on a date, and forming a real relationship. But who could love me? I’ve determined that I am not worth a girl’s time. And you can’t force a girl to love you. Or if you can, I haven’t figured it out yet. But regardless, my story isn’t about love. My story is about sex. My roommate, during the first week of the second semester, brought back two girls to the room. The three of them were really drunk. Being that I had to get up early the next day for a meeting, I decided not to drink that Friday night. Anyway, so at some point in time, my roommate and one of the girls went to her room, upstairs, and the other girl stayed in my room. I tried to entertain her, but she was very drunk and wasn’t being responsive. I told her just to lie in my roommate’s bed and get some rest. When I tried to lay her down, she pulled me closer, and I mistook her motion as an attempt to kiss me, so I kissed her. At first she resisted, but between her fatigue and disarray, she gave in to it. We had sex that night. I used one of my roommate’s condoms, but to my horror, when I finished, I came to the disturbing realization that she had passed out at some point during the experience. Did I just do what I think I did? The thought horrified me. I needed to talk to the girl about it in the morning when she woke up, just to clarify that it was never my intent to do that to her. I just got caught up in the moment. No girl has ever given me attention, so in this situation, I finally was able to get what I wanted. I put her clothes back on her (which was more difficult than you’d think) and tucked her into my roommate’s bed. When she woke up the next morning, she asked me who I was and why she was in my room. She had no recollection of the prior night. I was thankful, because this meant that I didn’t have to apologize. I told her that she came in with my roommate and passed out in his bed around 1 am. She thanked me for being a gentleman, which I chuckled at under my breath. For the next couple of weeks, all I could think about was what I did, and more importantly, how I got away with it. I see this girl all over campus, and she always says hi. She will never know what I did to her. At first this troubled me, but eventually, I became obsessed and almost proud of it. The thought clouded me head… could I get away with it again? Sure enough another opportunity came my way by the end of last semester. At a mod party, I was with a group of friends when one of my friends and his girlfriend both started to feel sick. My roommate was there and was able to get the guy back to his dorm, and I, being the only other competent person in the group, walked back my friend’s girlfriend to her room in 66. When I got her to her room, she puked in her trash can a bit and eventually passed out on her bed. Being that I was slightly drunk at this point, my judgment was compromised, and I did something that I am still ashamed of. I took advantage of her, and what troubles me is that I enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t until the moment that I finished, that I suddenly was struck with intense feelings of shame and remorse. But yet again, I had gotten away with it. I left an hour later when her roommate came in. I told her that I was just taking care of her and that was that. Hurriedly, I ran out of the building, but I didn’t go back to my room. I wondered to the reservoir, and in the thickets of a few trees, I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t believe what I had become. I woke up in the morning to the sound of joggers. Embarrassed and hungover, I trudged back to my room. Over the summer, I sought out counseling, but when I told my parents that I needed someone to talk to, I could never tell them why, so I never got the help that I needed. When I came back here, I hoped that my desires would remain dormant, but we’ve been back at school for a month and I’ve already had another experience, and what trouble me is that this time, she wasn’t asleep. She was very drunk and I don’t know how much she remembers, but I forced her this time. I know I did. I’m scared for myself, and I worry about the girl. I don’t know what I should do. On the one hand, I know that I need to get help, but on the other hand, I can’t help but be driven to do it again. I have these self-consuming thoughts that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to control. What should I do?

drunk girl

Cue the ensuing shitstorm with thousands of ladies realizing “Holy shit that could be me! I have been that drunk and trusted a man to simply watch over me!  I’ve woken up feeling grateful I had a man to ensure my safety!  I’ve counted on men to protect me, even when they had no particular reason to do so! I’ve expected the Knight in Shining Armor to do his sworn duty and stand guard over my drunk, vulnerable body!”


This story interests me for two reasons in particular:

Women’s sense of entitlement to men’s protection

Rapists tend to be serial

The fallout is that a student admitted to writing the post, and he claims it was all a hoax.  Okay, whatever.  Hoax or not, it reveals some interesting things about #rapeculture, no?

Let’s start with this observation: women seem to genuinely believe they are entitled to the protection of men. I’m going to pull some comments out of the Jezebel post on this to illustrate what I mean.



It’s important to allow young men to act like utter dipshits without consequence, or else the status quo would change. And we can’t have that happening…                Yesterday 12:05pm

Right.  So women can act like utter dipshits without consequence, but men are always liable for their actions no matter what their state of intoxication.  Pass out in a room full of people you don’t know, wake up with your iPhone and your wallet missing, and get called, quite rightly, an IDIOT.

There are thieves among us.  And rapists, too.  Avoiding the thieves requires a modicum of common sense that every adult is expected to display.  So why isn’t avoiding rapists?


But it just seems too convenient that this schmuck had so many opportunities to rape unconscious or semi-conscious women. I don’t think I encountered three passed-out-dead to the world people in my whole college/law school career. Drunk, sure. Unconscious, no. That sounds more like bullshit to me than “opportunity.”

However, there is no question at all that this dude is a total douchebro.                Yesterday 12:11pm


You really never encountered three women in your years at college who were black-out drunk? Because you don’t need to be unconscious or falling over to be blacked out.

There’s also the possibility that they did remember pieces of what happened but didn’t report it, because unfortunately our society gives women a lot of mixed signals about whether it’s our fault if they were drinking when they were assaulted. Yesterday 12:30pm

These two commenters are debating just how often women are passed out drunk, or inebriated to the point they might as well be.  They both just assume that women in that state OUGHT to be perfectly fine.  They have a RIGHT to be smashed out of their gourds and still be safe.  How does that work?


Oh hello White Knight.


Actually, this is the kind of thing that happens, as the author of the article points out, with alarming regularity on college campuses. I was black out drunk a few times in college. Once, I ended up going home with this dude who was friends with the boyfriend of one of my friends. Next thing I knew I woke up naked with semen in my hair. I booked it the hell out of there before the dude could wake up because I did NOT want to see him. I was later told by my friend that the guy’s story was that while we were walking to his place, I told him that I want to have sex and “what was he going to do, say no?” but then I changed my mind so just went down on him and then threw up which was why the stuff was in my hair. I had nothing but the word of this douchebag I barely knew to tell me what really happened that night but I definitely felt dirty and violated and a huge amount of shame. Because at the time, in my mind, the whole thing was mostly my own fault for getting so sloppy drunk. And that’s the message that a lot of young college girls get: don’t get drunk and let your guard down because of course your male peers cannot be expected to control themselves if you do. Yesterday 3:17pm

What’s the inverse here?  Callmemaebe is being snarky and sarcastic when she says “of course your male peers cannot be expected to control themselves if you do”, meaning that she feels she should be free to offer sex to a guy probably just as drunk as she was, decide a blowjob is a better option and then vomit the consequences into her own hair (fucking gross!), and it is the GUY in this situation who is expected to exhibit control.

Control over what?  Why over her, of course.  But only in one direction.  He must never, ever forget his primary duty to protect and guard her, even from her own worst impulses.  He should assume that she is virginal and innocent and WOULD NEVER, ever offer to blow a guy she barely knows.

Stereotypes.  Acceptable when useful. Assume she is a delicate flower in need of protection when it comes to opening doors and you are a sexist bastard trying to keep her down.  Assume she is delicate flower in need of protection when she decides to go full bore slut on you, and you MUST treat her like the delicate flower she is.


I nearly fell over dead when I read this comment, and poor Valerie came in for a ton of abuse for speaking too much truth, but I think she nails it.

Valerie Rose Carey

There’s been a swing in the pendulum in feminist discourse about the issue of rape, and I understand why. It’s a much-needed correction to the age-old, pervasive victim-blaming that we suffered for so long.

But as a consequence, there also is a refusal to acknowledge the obvious. We DO live in a rape culture. We are surrounded by rapists. So maybe, as a basic, common-sense preventative measure, we should, if we insist on turning ourselves into passive rag dolls, do so only when we are in a safe environment.

This is so fucking obvious. When you drink yourself into a coma, you relinquish all power to defend yourself against a predator. If you lock your door at night, and refuse to leave your purse unattended, why would you insist on your dubious right to dump your unconscious body in a hallway or a stranger’s bedroom? Is your body—your physical safety—less important to you than your money or belongings?

I repeat—we are surrounded by them, everywhere we go. This is fucked up. But it’s REAL. Why is it that so many young women persist in transforming themselves into convenient jism receptacles for any sick sack of shit who walks by?         Yesterday 2:45pm

This leads me to my second point.  Valerie is correct to point out the obvious fact that rapists exists.  So do thieves, liars, con artists and murderers.


We are far from “surrounded” by them, though.  But we don’t have to be surrounded for a few determined “sick sacks of shit” to have the desired effect.

Boston College runs a “Street Smarts” self-defence class focused on teaching women how to avoid and deter the “Model Mugger”, and there doesn’t seem to be any outcry against “victim-blaming” when people get mugged.

Don’t look like a victim

Avoid dark, unlit areas

Travel in groups when possible

Know some basic self-defence


Turn the Model Mugger into the Model Rapist and all of sudden women have zero obligation to protect themselves and should instead just rely on the shielding instincts of men?

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.  Women will scream from the mountaintops that they are EQUAL and demand to be treated thus, but they still want all the traditional advantages of having the stronger sex at their beck and call.

The 80-20 rule in policing, also called the Pareto Effect.  80% of the problems are caused by 20% of the population. Repeat offenders.  Not a stunning new insight into criminal behavior.  And rape is no different.

Pooling data from four samples in which 1,882 men were assessed for acts of interpersonal violence, we report on 120 men whose self-reported acts met legal definitions of rape or attempted rape, but who were never prosecuted by criminal justice authorities. A majority of these undetected rapists were repeat rapists, and a majority also committed other acts of interpersonal violence. The repeat rapists averaged 5.8 rapes each. The 120 rapists were responsible for 1,225 separate acts of interpersonal violence, including rape, battery, and child physical and sexual abuse. These findings mirror those from studies of incarcerated sex offenders (Abel, Becker, Mittelman, Cunningham-Rathner, Rouleau, & Murphy, 1987; Weinrott and Saylor, 1991), indicating high rates of both repeat rape and multiple types of offending.


This is exactly why “teach men not to rape” campaigns are so fucking insulting.  The vast majority of men are never going to rape anyone.  Despite being shit on left right and center for their benevolent sexism, most men continue to shield women from harm.  Even harm that comes from women’s own stupidity.  It doesn’t seem to matter.


The instinct to protect women is innate in the vast majority of men, and painting all men as potential rapists is so dehumanizing.  Part of what makes men different from women is their overwhelming desire to protect us, and women in general have that same instinct towards very small children.  It’s a very clever set of interdependent psychologies.  Men protect women, women protect children, and we all survive the cave lion.

It’s called mate guarding.


None of which changes the fact that some men do not give a rat’s ass about mate guarding or protecting women and will express that through rape.


They are the minority, and they tend to be repeat offenders.

Women are not surrounded by rapists, but it is foolish to expect that there aren’t a few around.  Boston Rapist may very well be telling the truth, and he is on the hunt for the next victim.

So don’t be the victim.  Why is that so hard to understand?  You don’t go through your life thinking every poor person you meet is likely to mug you, but at the same time, you don’t walk through the council estates at two in the morning trashed out of your mind with your wallet stuffed with cash.

No one will have a whole lot of sympathy for you if you do, and end up mugged.

Rape is no different.  Stop assuming every man is a rapist, but at the same time, stop assuming all men are REQUIRED to protect you. Most will. Some won’t.

Make better choices.  And be grateful for all those men who WILL come to your rescue.

knight 2

But don’t count on them.

You’re not that special.

Lots of love,


29 Responses to “Hoax or not, the Boston Serial Rapist has some important lessons to impart”

  1. Marlo Rocci October 3, 2013 at 16:38 #

    The treatment of self defense as a gendered issue amuses me. Even though I am a man, I carry a small (legal) knife with me at all times. My Jeep has added armor in case of accident, my house as security cameras, the exterior lights have motion detection switches, and I have a loaded S&W ready.

    And I stopped drinking to excess back in college. Only did it a few times before I realized how vulnerable it made me.

    And above all, I’m not resorting to name calling or complaining to protect me. I am expecting nothing from anyone, including the police (took them 30 minutes to arrive the one and only time I ever called them).

    Having a penis does not in any way exempt me from taking basic measures to prevent becoming a victim.

    As for the instinct to protect females, if women keep calling all men rapists enough times, that instinct can be fought. Jezebel seems intent on creating a generation of men so angry at women as to completely disregard their safety.


  2. Alex October 3, 2013 at 18:02 #

    if “rapists are everywhere”, i’m surprised that women still get drunk. honestly, you can’t tell a women to take basic precautions for their own safety without being labeled a victim blamer these days. i wonder what will happen when people stop presenting tips and tricks to help the “poor wittle wymyn” not get attacked or raped, not to mention what happens when men stop protecting them


  3. Izanpo October 3, 2013 at 18:04 #

    Classic Orwellian double-think:
    All men are rapists, but women have every right to expect male strangers to protect them from being raped.


  4. earl October 3, 2013 at 18:15 #

    There is a reason drunkeness is a sin.


  5. Marlo Rocci October 3, 2013 at 18:26 #

    I’ve often pondered that the reason marriage is dying in america is that this generation of men were raised with the idea of female equality pounded into our heads. But if someone is equal, then they sure as hell don’t need you around to take care of them. If someone is equal, they can take care of themselves.

    So why should you expect a man to react to a drunk and unconscious woman any differently than they would a man?


  6. LostSailor October 3, 2013 at 18:29 #

    All this is just a marketing campaign designed to support one of the core pillars of feminism: feminism mean never having to acknowledge the consequences of a woman’s actions or ever having to take responsibility for them.

    It should probably be a trademarked tag line on the campaign: We DO live in a rape culture. We are surrounded by rapists.SM

    The incidence of rape in the U.S. has be declining for decades (source data is currently “shutdown”), which doesn’t help you in getting more funding for your rape-crisis center or women’s support groups. And the fact, as JB points out, that the perpetrators of these vastly reduced cases of rape tend to be a small percentage of men who are serial rapists only serves to make the issues worse. It greatly diminishes, if not removes, the early radical feminist tenet that “all men are rapists” and “all sex is rape.” Most women weren’t buying that, but the line that “all men are potential rapists” worked for a while. Now, it’s harder to sell “okay most men aren’t rapists, but some few are, and you can’t tell them apart.” ‘Cause that might lead women to start to acknowledge first that all men aren’t rapists and that maybe the other things feminists have been saying about men might be wrong, too, like maybe women shouldn’t get black-out drunk and go home with strange men, because, you know, it’s just not a very good idea and a girl has to be responsible for her own safety…

    And once you start down that road, my friends, first thing you know women are starting to think rationally again and maybe feminism doesn’t look so good anymore. Can’t have that.

    The only thing to do is to ramp up the marketing campaign.

    Rape Culture, You’re Soaking in It!TM

    You Are Surrounded by Rapists, So Anything That Happens to You Is Not Your Fault!”R

    Hey, Guys, We Know You’re Not Likely Rapists, But Please Stop Raping Anyway, Even If You Weren’t Doing It in the First Place!

    Nah, just kidding with that last one…


  7. Tunga October 3, 2013 at 18:33 #

    I think most people forget, it isn’t the job of the police (or anyone else for that matter) to protect them from all harm. When they can, most of them will help out sure but their job is to maintain the rule of law and apprehend individuals who breach the law after the fact. They are a deterrent by threatening an unpleasant consequence. If we don’t want to be the victim of a crime, it’s incumbent upon all of us to take reasonable precautions. Seriously how hard is that?


  8. Mina October 3, 2013 at 19:11 #

    I have been recently reminded, in an intimate and terrible way (loss of a much loved pet on my rural property) that the wolves are Out There, every day and in every way they are waiting for you to make a mistake that they can use to their advantage. I don’t care if they are animal wolves waiting to eat your favorite kitten or human wolves waiting to steal your 5 year old daughter and do unspeakable things to her in a nearby field … they are out there. Always be watching, always be ready, always supervise those you love who are unable to defend themselves and always, always be ARMED. Live it yourself and teach your children old enough to understand as well. Every minute, every day.


  9. roe October 3, 2013 at 19:23 #

    On the other side of the coin, the description of deep sexual shame and sense of failure and low self-worth, followed by the slippery-slope descent into the moral abyss, was pretty chilling…


  10. Tytalus October 3, 2013 at 19:47 #

    Absolutely. The total sense of failure and the only way to gain power of his sexuality by exploiting powerless women.


  11. Wilson October 3, 2013 at 20:03 #

    Drinking until you black out can lead to other effects, like death. Not as bad as rape, for sure, but it could threaten the diversity of the student body


  12. eddiejc1 October 3, 2013 at 21:08 #

    I’m glad that JB posted this article, but there is another lesson to be learned from this that I don’t think people are getting. Assuming that post #7122 was genuine and not a hoax—can anyone honestly believe the malarkey that rape has everything to do with power and nothing to do with lust? This person was a young man in the throes of hormones who couldn’t get laid like his roommate. Finally, an opportunity came from him to finally have sex without consent, and he took advantage of it. Now it seems he’s become a serial rapist because he doesn’t see an alternative to getting sex and this easy way is too alluring.

    What if this guy either masturbated more or hired a prostitute? Might it have been easier for him to do the right thing when his Don Juan roommate brought a boatload of drunk girls to their apartment?

    This is outrageous! There are many men who don’t have sex until they are in their 30’s and 40’s, and they don’t have to resort to either paying a hooker or raping a drunk girl!

    Absolutely true. But those guys who do are almost certainly masturbating to some type of porn. Maybe it’s not a Hustler magazine or sleazy DVD. It could be something as tame as a comic book or a Victoria Secret’s catalog—but it’s something. And yet, a great number of women would rather believe that it is nothing. They live in a fantasy world where no man would ever consider having sex—even with himself—until they have proved themselves worthy of a woman’s love, and then years afterward if that woman no longer desires sex, will happily relinquish his libido and thus man and woman will live happily together in platonic love till the end of their days.

    This is not only a fantasy, it is a dangerous fantasy. Studies have shown that whenever the availability of either pornography or prostitution have become more readily available, rapes go down. Most men are not rapists, and most men don’t want to be rapists, but any man who does not have an outlet for sexual release is a potential rapist. If feminists truly understood this and cared about women’s safety, they would want these safety valves as wide open as possible. However, they don’t and want both sealed shut to avoid offending their prudish sensibilities. If they were to ever succeed, it would only be a matter of time before this pressure cooker were to explode.


  13. Goober October 3, 2013 at 21:12 #

    I always love the comments on articles like this one. Them fellers over at Jezebel is stupid.

    I especially love the cognitive dissonance of all of the comments lamenting that none of the young men showed any responsibility at all when faced with the specter of a girl…

    …acting with zero responsibility at all.

    But she doesn’t have to, you know, because “PATRIARCHY” or something, but he has to, except for when she doesn’t want him to, because if he tries to take responsibility for her when she doesn’t want him to, PATRIARCHY! And if he doesn’t take responsibility for her when she WANTS him to, JERK/DOUCHEBAG/RAPIST! And she isn’t going to communicate which situation is which, either. Nope, he gets to guess. He’d better not get it wrong, either.

    I never did figure out how they’ve convinced themselves that when a woman drinks alcohol she is 100% NOT responsible for her actions and that when a man drinks alcohol he is 100% responsible for NOT ONLY HIS actions, BUT HERS ALSO.

    Like hair-puke/jizz lady. You are seriously saying that this guy is a douche jerk-off because he didn’t stop you from blowing him? Maybe even a rapist?

    You told him that you wanted to have sex with him, blew him off, and now…

    …wait for it…

    HE’S the jerk (who might even be a rapist) because he is somehow responsible for your actions and supposed to, what? Stop you from doing what you said you wanted to do? Treat you like you have no agency or free will, and save you from yourself?

    Are you really listening to yourself? THIS is the liberated, strong women who we were all promised that feminism would bring us? An agency-less, helpless moron who wants men to stop her from doing something that she specifically said she wanted to do whenever she wants men to stop her, but on the other hand wants men to NOT stop her whenever she doesn’t want them to, because “PATRIARCHY”? And we’re supposed to know which is which exactly how?

    I’m starting to realize the depths of the solipsism in the feminist thought process. I thought I knew it before, but the more I read stuff over at Jezzie (thanks a lot, JB) the more I’ve come to realize that these women really, truly do think that they are the only person on Earth and that everyone else is just an automaton put here to give her special life experience more meaning.

    And yes, women really do feel like they are owed protection from men. And they’ll get it from me, every time. That’s the hell of it. As much as I’d like to let them sleep in the bed that they made, I still have to look at myself in the mirror, and so I protect them as I’m evolutionarily molded to do. Even when they do everything that they can to take away my ability to protect them (women make up a huge part of the anti-gun movement), and despite the fact that they will likely resent me for it if I do. I don’t do it for them. I do it for me, because it is who I am. But hair-puke/jizz chick above? I wouldn’t have even known to protect her. She was functioning, talking, consenting… How the fuck am I supposed to know that I’m supposed to protect her from that?


  14. Goober October 3, 2013 at 21:16 #


    Due to several scary-as-fuck life experiences, I carry my S&W with me nearly everywhere I go whenever I’m not on work-related business. You’d never even know I have it.

    But that’s one of the things that irritates me the most about feminism and this idea that women are owed the protection of men – feminists (and women, as a rule) are rank-and-file members of the anti-gun movement. They want to take away my ability to protect them (and really, that’s why I carry the gun) but still want me to protect them, when they want it. But not when they don’t. And I’m supposed to know. And when the time comes, I’m supposed to do it without a gun, putting myself at increased risk of bodily injury and death for their benefit. I guess they want me to get into a knife fight to save them, or something. But only when they want me to…

    It is very tiresome.


  15. Goober October 3, 2013 at 21:21 #

    A man, who they will fuck with to no end, if they’re anything like the guys I knew in college. You’ll wake up with tattoos (the permanent kind), shaved eyebrows, half-shaved head of hair, marker drawings, and the distinct feeling that you’ve been teabagged (because you probably were, with pictures taken of the event) if you pass out in front of a bunch of frat dicks.

    It’s why I didn’t get drunk to passing out unless I was at home, or at the home of a trusted friend, because you can’t trust strangers to not abuse you if given the chance. And only then a couple of times, ever. I did this to prevent having a penis drawn on my forehead in sharpie marker, and I didn’t think anything of it. Why are we asking too much of young women to do the same thing in order to avoid being raped?


  16. gwallan October 3, 2013 at 21:29 #

    With regard to CallMeMaebe she doesn’t remember anything about what actually happened. She has no idea if what SHE did was consented to by the other person involved.


  17. judgybitch October 3, 2013 at 21:30 #


    Good point.

    Who’s the rapist now?


  18. Goober October 3, 2013 at 22:02 #

    This is the same logic that has pedestrians walking out into the street without looking first.

    Sure, you have the right of way. Absolutely, if you get run over, in the eyes of the law, it won’t be your fault.

    You can feel all superior and not-at-fault from the ICU if you’re lucky, and you won’t feel it all if you’re not, because you’ll be dead. But at least you won’t be at fault. GO YOU!


  19. Marlo Rocci October 3, 2013 at 23:30 #

    You’re forgetting the “only men can be rapists” rule. The man is responsible for how SHE feels, No one could give fuck one about HE feels. He’s just an object to carry all the responsibility.


  20. Marlo Rocci October 3, 2013 at 23:44 #

    Well, if you get fat enough, I’m sure you’ll make a fine bullet stopper. They just need someone to hide behind. It’s not like you have to survive or anything.


  21. Craig Spector October 4, 2013 at 02:53 #

    Having argued with some of the girls in this article’s very thread, yeah, gotta say: they can not and will not ever say that personal responsibility, i.e., not letting your bad girl self get so blindingly shit-faced drunk that you cannot take care of yourself, is anything other than an utterly fabulous idea. It’s offensive to even suggest as much. Its victim-blaming… because personal responsibility is anathema.

    One commentor actually suggested that the solution is, curfews for men… and to encourage them to avoid drunk (empowered) women. The latter, I’m having to agree. Young men should absolutely be encouraged to avoid drunken young women…. they bear no responsibility for their actions and can absolutely destroy your life.

    Message to young men: avoid young drunk women as you would the plague. Even if you’re equally drunk at the time: you bear all responsibility and they bear NONE. This is just how it is, and you, young man, will pay for it, should things go sideways.


  22. Master Beta October 4, 2013 at 08:58 #

    What?! I have right of way? And all this time I’ve been looking both ways like a chump.


  23. Master Beta October 4, 2013 at 09:02 #

    Nothing is worse than rape…. Apparently


  24. Master Beta October 4, 2013 at 09:14 #

    Feminists, and even plenty of female non-feminists, don’t like porno and prostitution because they get an awful lot of power from being able to withhold/dispense sex. If men can get sex from professionals or, even worse, satisfy themselves, then women will lose a very powerful means they have of getting their way.
    If Virtual reality porn were ever to become a…reality. Or, even better, a drug that represses the male libido (without actually castrating themselves) were to become available, then women would be in for a rude awakening.


  25. Wilson October 4, 2013 at 14:15 #

    Sure, but that’s basically a recipe for celibacy. Being a “good feminist man” or a “cautious red pill aware man” is meager consolation when you’re dry, and your friend is banging two drunk sluts at the same time. He could rape a woman at knife-point and she’d blame herself and hope he comes back for more, while your look of desperation will get you expelled for harassment for saying “Hello”.


  26. patriarchal landmine October 5, 2013 at 08:38 #

    rape is officially the most overrated issue in america.

    also, and I’ve never had this explained in any way that makes sense; how does anyone get so drunk that they can’t remain conscious or be awakened during surprise penetration? if I had a few beers and went to bed, you can be certain that I would wake up if someone jammed a rod up my ass. these women are bullshitting the entire world.


  27. SK October 5, 2013 at 16:52 #

    What feminists don’t understand about this situation:


    They’re not the same thing. And people, especially women, have to be aware of their meaning to avoid getting in these kind of situations.

    Ladies, if you get drunk and a man rapes you, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, as feminists very well put it.



    If I go walking drunk down the poorly lit streets of the ghetto counting the money in my wallet in a showy way, it’s my responsibility if I get mugged.

    However, if the police catches the mugger, he’s the one who will be found guilty and thrown in a cell. Not me. Counting my money in front of the poor is not a crime, nor does it justify a crime to be commited against me, it’s just a very stupid thing to do, and a way to make sure I’ll get mugged.

    Oh, and for the love of Eru, can some legal body establish the responsibility in case of being drunk to be the same for both genders? Because the current situation (drunk girl is never responsible, drunk guy is responsible both for himself and the girl) does not fit any definition of “equality” I’m familiar with (not even the ones feminists say to uphold -on paper-).


  28. Aphrodite October 5, 2013 at 17:41 #

    I think you’re able to outrage a lot of people….and that amuses me.
    Really, you’re blog is so though-evoking and witty…Just have to love it.
    Probably you know this saying: ‘You have ennemies….? Good, that means you’ve stood up for something.’
    Although I must admit being agree with most of your posts I’ve read uptil now 😉



  1. Lightning Round – 2013/10/09 | Free Northerner - October 9, 2013

    […] Important lessons on rape for females. […]


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