The End Game of Feminism

29 Jan



I found this post at and if 2014 has shown us anything, it’s that feminism is definitely moving towards never holding women responsible for anything, ever.


Lied about rape? The facts don’t matter. There, there poor dear.


It truly boggles my mind that people cannot see how feminism treats women as children, incapable of making intelligent choices and facing the consequences of those choices. Yeah, no thanks.


Without further ado, here is The End Game of Feminism, reprinted with permission, from Roosh.


The end game of feminism is to make it impossible for a female to do any wrong, absolving her from all responsibility for her actions, no matter how reprehensible. The fact that a human being has a vagina will soon mean that she can not make a bad decision about anything. Punishing or criticizing a woman for her life choices will be abolished.

Name one thing right now that a feminist would criticize their gender for doing. I’ll save you the mental effort: there’s nothing. There is absolutely nothing that a girl can do that would get hate from feminists. For example:

  • Girl has no willpower and is 50 pounds overweight? Not her fault. She’s beautiful. Social constructs need to be changed.
  • Girl sluts around with 100 guys without condoms? Not her fault. She’s empowered and strong.
  • Girl is irresponsible with sex and has five abortions in her 20s? It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants. A fetus inside her is not a living entity.
  • Girl is making less money than men? The patriarchy is holding her down.
  • Girl gets drunk in a guy’s house and has sex with him? He took advantage of her. She was raped.
  • Girl studies stupid major in college and can’t get a job? The 1% owes her a marketing manager position.
  • Girl sleeps with her college professor in exchange for a better grade? She was a victim. The professor took advantage of her.
  • Girl likes dating guys much younger than her? You go girl! Rob that cradle!
  • Girl experiences an uncomfortable moment of any kind? She’s being harassed.Men are creeps.
  • Girl travels to Italy or Spain to bang hot European men? She’s romantic.
  • Wife gets slapped by husband after she pushed him first? Call the police and send him to jail.
  • Wife cheated on her faithful husband? He wasn’t attending to her needs. She wasn’t happy. Give her the kids and half his money.
  • Mother runs over her own kid in an accident? The SUV wasn’t safe. It’s the auto industry’s fault.
  • Mother kills all of her kids? She was mentally sick. We must give her love instead of severe punishment.

On the flip side, almost anything a man does is wrong:

  • Guy is nice to girl in hopes of getting sex one day? He’s dishonest. He’s the polar opposite of nice.
  • Guy approaches girls in the bar in hopes of getting sex? He’s a rando creep loser.
  • Guy on OK Cupid says he wants a girl who doesn’t play games? Let’s publicly mock him on Tumblr.
  • Guy graduates from college in field that uses math? He’s privileged. We must create expensive programs to push girls into math while excluding boys.
  • Guy makes a joke about fat girls? Hate speech.
  • Guys says he doesn’t date black girls with ghetto attitude? Racist.
  • Guy likes working out to have strong muscles? Narcissist.
  • Guy spends his money on a fast sports car? He’s overcompensating for a small penis.
  • Guy doesn’t want to date girls because he’s tired of flakes? He needs to stop being a boy and man up.
  • Guy says he wants his wife to stay at home and raise the kids? Slaver.
  • Guy believes in limited government without welfare? Right wing whacko.
  • Guy believes hard work is eventually rewarded? Wants poor people in Africa to suffer and starve.
  • Guy calls girls on the internet ugly? Whole internet comes pounding on his door.
  • Guy hits on a girl on the street? Street harassment. Disturbing the peace.
  • Guy travels to Ukraine to get laid? Sex tourist.
  • Guy likes dating girls much younger than him? Sexual predator.
  • Guy likes dating girls just a little bit younger than him? Immature and irresponsible.
  • Hairy man says he likes to raw dog? Disgusting and foul.
  • Promiscuous gay man spreads HIV through raw dogging? It’s okay since he’s gay. Give more taxpayer money to fund HIV research.

The most mundane male behavior is quickly attacked, while the most egregious female behavior is rewarded or ignored.

As a man, I can clearly see right and wrong behaviors within my own gender. For example, mixing Coca Cola with Johnnie Walker Black (or better) is wrong. Not lifting weights is wrong. But when it comes to feminism, and young American women in general, a man can’t criticize a single thing they are doing without experiencing insults of sexism and misogynism.  How can you possibly have a reasonable argument with a feminist if the leading organization of women is not willing to concede that even a crazy mother murdering her own kids is wrong?

I feel sorry for the man who attempts to engage feminists in intellectual debate with the hope of making them see the light or to understand reality. As you can see, that was never their goal at any point in time. They don’t care about your arguments because you are a MAN. They won’t accept your judgement of them because you are a MAN. Unless you are willing to admit that there is nothing wrong a woman can do, and that most male behavior needs to be corrected with help from the state, your efforts will be in vain. You’re better off calling them ugly instead.

22 Responses to “The End Game of Feminism”

  1. Spaniard January 29, 2015 at 18:32 #

    Funny this:

    *”Girl goes to Itay or Spain to have sex with hot European men?…”
    Spanish women they go to Senegal to have sex.

    *”Girl has abortions?…”
    An embryo it is not a human being. It is a living form, yes, but not a human being.


  2. that1susan January 29, 2015 at 19:44 #

    Okay, I can agree up to a point. Our feminist-skewed society, and feminism in general, is definitely into holding men accountable for every wrong or every imagined wrong, while finding excuses for women. By imagined wrongs, I would include areas like preferring to date CONSENTING ADULTS who are much younger than you — this is okay for men as well as women, and I agree that society in general comes down hard on men while exhibiting a “You go, girl!” mentality towards women. If everyone’s an adult, an age difference is the business of no one but the two people directly involved.

    But I kind of see the current older/younger dating slant as an over-correction for the previous slant, in which a man dating a woman several years younger than him wasn’t even worthy of comment (think of the Humphrey Bogart/Audrey Hepburn pairing in at least a couple of movies), but a woman doing the same was just seen as desperate, not really living in reality, and on her way to being dumped — as an example, I’m thinking of an old movie I saw that I can’t find the name of (maybe someone can help me) about a middle-aged couple from Kansas who takes off on a European vacation and the wife takes up with a much younger man. It culminates with her young lover abandoning her after she’s broken up with her husband, and her trying to get back with her husband only to be rebuffed because he’s moved on.

    He gets together with a sad but wise divorcee who previously tried to advise the wife to appreciate what she had and not to destroy it — a woman who lives in the “real world” and realizes that a divorced woman will most likely spend her life alone — and of course the side message is that women need to be very, very careful in their decisions while men can patch their lives back together and bounce back at any age.

    Also, traditionally, people will comment on an age difference as small as 5-10 years when it’s the woman who’s older, but only pay attention to older man/younger woman pairings when the age difference is much greater.

    But, yeah, rather than over-correcting, we should just mind our own business and accept that adults can date other adults of any age.

    About men commenting on fat or ugly women — why does anyone need to trash anyone else because they don’t like how they look? If I disagreed with something a male columnist or celebrity said, I’d respond to the content of what he said — not pick apart his appearance. Of course, I understand that the desire to “hate on” women who don’t meet a specific beauty standard is just over-correction for the stupid attack on men who don’t want to date fat or unattractive women.

    Men who have standards regarding weight and appearance are seen as superficial — women who have standards regarding weight and appearance are seen as very smart for wanting a mate who is likely to live longer because he takes good care of himself. I’ve had to analyze my own reactions in this area, because I’ve noticed that I have a subconscious double-standard when it comes to people who want to micromanage their spouses’ eating and exercise habits.

    I’ve encountered or heard accounts of both men and women who are micromanagers in this area, and though I’ve never felt like it was okay for ANY human being to try to exercise control and nag at another human being, I’ve realized that when it’s the wife who’s micromanaging — even though I find women like that annoying, I tend to see their nagging as well-meaning concern about health, whereas when it’s the husband, I tend to see it more as an obsession with wanting his woman to meet a certain beauty standard…

    This could be at least partly due to the fact that when I hear about men doing this, their nagging usually goes hand-in-hand with commenting about what they don’t like about their wife’s figure, whereas women’s nagging is more focused on their husband’s unhealthy habits. But I’m sure there are some women who just want their husbands to develop healthy habits so they’ll look “hawt” and some men who only want their wives to have slimmer bodies so that they’ll live longer. It’s not fair for me to make the assumption that women are always more concerned about health, while men are always more concerned about surface appearance.


  3. blairnaso January 29, 2015 at 21:10 #

    Funny, I touched on this just today in my article “Strong is another word for adult,” meaning that being a strong man (or woman) is about acting like an adult. We live in a society of children, though.


  4. insanitybytes22 January 29, 2015 at 21:21 #

    Hmm, it’s not quite true you know. Feminism is actually an unbelievably hostile ideology towards women. They will hold you accountable, for liking men, for being too feminine, for thinking for yourself, for not wanting to have an abortion, or just about anything that conflicts with their ideology and dystopian dreams for the world. Feminist talk a lot about how they all about women and choices and yet make the “wrong” choice and they will attack you rather viciously, in a myriad of ways.


  5. Jason Wexler January 29, 2015 at 22:41 #

    Perhaps the most glaring example, try telling a feminist you aren’t one.

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  6. slacker January 29, 2015 at 22:47 #

    I hear you, I’ve seen interviews where people were snide, dismissive and downright horrible to C.H Sommers for having the audacity to care about how boys are falling behind in the education system. They act like she’s betraying women just because she’s concerned about children that happen to have a y chromosome.

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  7. napocapo69 January 30, 2015 at 06:31 #

    Reblogged this on IL REIETTO.


  8. Magnus January 30, 2015 at 08:29 #

    “They will hold you accountable […]for being too feminine”

    Oh the irony then of the word “feminism” 😛


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  9. Magnus January 30, 2015 at 08:31 #

    I think there was this one feminist that asked GWW:
    “Why do you call C.H Sommers a feminist, she isn’t she is a rape apologist!”
    GWW: “Well she call herself a feminist…”


  10. Master Beta January 30, 2015 at 09:36 #

    Wasn’t that Naomi Wolf rather than C.H Sommers?


  11. Magnus January 30, 2015 at 11:19 #

    Oh, it might have been.
    I do think I have heard Sommers gotten the title as well, she does have a lot of critique on the topic after all.


  12. Spaniard January 30, 2015 at 13:15 #

    What annoys most to feminists if to tell them you are a regular client of working girls. I do it every day in my working environment (crowded of feminazis) so they hate me deeply for that. They want to denounce me to my professional college but I do not give a damn.
    I tell to my girfriend too, but she is not a feminist so she encourages me to keep on my hobby. I let her to have fun around, too, cuz she is a bad girl and she cannot help it. So everybody is happy.


  13. Spaniard January 30, 2015 at 13:16 #

    “IS to tell them…”


  14. Spaniard January 30, 2015 at 14:54 #

    Something good about Spanish feminists, anyway… they always keep on saying how retarded and pathetic is soccer and how retardeds are soccer players and how retarded is the people who goes to the stadiums to watch that shit.

    Cannot agree more.
    I think soccer play a good rol in society, afetrwords. What we´d do with all the oligophrenics, zombies, retardeds, bunch of sheep and vocational slaves in this country every sunday? Better to keep all of them in stadiums for a few hours.


  15. Jack Strawb January 30, 2015 at 19:43 #

    “I feel sorry for the man who attempts to engage feminists in intellectual debate with the hope of making them see the light or to understand reality. As you can see, that was never their goal at any point in time.”

    Well, many feminists are simply incapable of intellectual debate. One doesn’t become a feminist (or stay one for long) is one is capable of sustained reasoning.

    In any case, it’s a favor we can do for new MRAs, to remind them of their experience, which almost inevitably will have been that feminists cannot and do not debate fairly, or logically. Whatever we can do to limit the time they waste and point out that we only ‘debate’ feminists in order to reach lurkers, which on some websites outnumber registered commenters 100 to 1, is to the good.


  16. Paul Murray January 31, 2015 at 01:18 #

    Personally, I take the biblical view: it’s not a person until it inhales its first breath.


  17. Mark January 31, 2015 at 02:00 #

    I think feminists actually define intellectual debate as unacceptable. To be a feminist is to believe that issues such as “should women get special privileges in this or that domain” or “is society this or that way” are utterly decided. It’s not one of multiple debatable positions, like whether to raise or lower commercial taxes or how to best reform patent law. It’s more akin to ‘murder is wrong’ in their view. To oppose a feminist policy, no matter how justifiable the reason, is to be, by definition, immoral.

    So I think you’re right that the debate is mainly about the lurkers. But I think it is also relevant to the feminists too. They have to be reminded, as often as possible, that they’re not the only side anymore. Though they’ll rarely concede in the open, but instead save face, vigorous debate may force some of them to make compromises in their own mind, make them realize what the limits are to how far they’ll go, what they can get away with saying or believing.


  18. Jack Strawb February 1, 2015 at 12:05 #

    Good points well stated. I agree. Thanks.


  19. Jack Strawb February 1, 2015 at 12:19 #

    Lied about rape? The facts don’t matter. There, there poor dear.

    It truly boggles my mind that people cannot see how feminism treats women as children, incapable of making intelligent choices and facing the consequences of those choices. Yeah, no thanks.

    While that’s often the case, here feminism is very much concerned with granting women control over sex. What are the new rape laws about, other than controlling the sex act and, critically, its aftermath? Women increasingly have the right to retroactively determine whether consent was given. That’s enormous power, and it is specifically power over men.


  20. Greg Allan February 2, 2015 at 01:34 #

    Sex AND reproduction.



  1. The End Game of Feminism | - January 29, 2015

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