The Fitness Test – Chapter Nine

27 Feb

Tree shelter


Even as children, my brothers and I could build these shelters pretty easily. And they do warm up quickly, although it’s always nice to have a big dog with you.


Chapter nine is live.

3 Responses to “The Fitness Test – Chapter Nine”

  1. that1susan February 28, 2015 at 01:57 #

    Lowin is amazing. One part of me’s thinking I should be appalled by how blasé she is about killing Hiyori; the other part of me totally understands because I felt a surge of adrenaline, too — and of course, Hiyori was probably trying to kill her anyway, since that’s kind of the whole object of the test — only one person’s allowed to be alive at the end.

    And like Lowin says, even though she could try to just hide out somewhere and hope the others would kill each other off or die of accidents, the viewers would never tolerate that and a random event would be introduced. So it makes more sense to just get it over with — or decide you couldn’t live with yourself if you did that and sit down somewhere and wait to die, I guess.

    Again, I still just can’t hate Lowin or blame her. Kids who’ve spent their childhoods doing “strangulation simulations” and getting awards for growing increasingly “deadly” didn’t bring all that on themselves. And I can’t help being impressed by how resourceful she is — which is really just evidence of the resourcefulness of the human spirit.

    And again, I realize she’s had all the advantages of a more intensive training than the others. I’m reminded of the piddly extra points all the blacks were given in some sort of attempt to give them a “handicap” — and this puts me in mind of all the people who point to affirmative action and say that blacks have been given every advantage so it’s their own fault if they don’t have equality, and it’s time to take away the “advantages” and just let the fittest survive. There’s a lot in this future society that mirrors the current one.

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  2. JudgyBitch February 28, 2015 at 02:28 #

    Susan, I really appreciate your comments. I know you are not uncritically accepting of everything I say, and more than willing to challenge me and others. You’re very genuine, which makes your comments all the more valuable.

    Thank you.

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