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Days that make you grateful to just be.

2 Aug

Howdy Folks,

Our lovely JB is looking after her daughter who is in hospital today for non-life threatening surgery.

She will be back with her usual sunshine and light on Monday.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are.

Make sure to go and kiss someone you love,

or go find the remote…

all the best.

Princess Pixie Pointless

Did I ever tell you the one about Beyonce and the traktor?

18 Jun

Dear gentle readers,

Looks like a traktor has hit a lori full of beer down a long dusty road in the middle of nowhere,

and the driver was listening to Beyonce and so JB is now stuck without  W-Fi access.

Which on a scale of  zero to Beyonce, is a full on bag of Beyonce.


She may be around later….JB that is…

In the meantime,

Why not check out this oldie but goodie from earlier on in the year…

Guess who’s back

18 Apr


Howdy folks,

guess who is back on youtube?


That’s right, our sweet little pea, JudgyBitch…




enjoy. all the best. PPP



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