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In defense of pedophilia

14 Mar



So I ended up in this completely retarded conversation on Facebook in reference to this case in Sweden, in which a 27 year old had sex with a very physically mature  13 year old whom he thought was much older. Sweden, believe it or not, is relatively sane about this sort of this thing, and refused to prosecute the man for “child rape”.

Cue the idiots on Facebook.

Before we begin, I want to give you two thought experiments to consider as we try to make our way rationally through a topic that a whole lot of people cannot think clearly on.

Experiment 1:

A 35 year old woman, with the mental capacity of a 35 year old, has a medical condition which renders her body identical to a 10 year old girl. She has no secondary sex characteristics. No pubic hair, no armpit hair, no breasts, no hips. She looks like a child. She sets herself up as a prostitute to appeal to pedophiles: men and women who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.

Is this pedophilia? Are the clients who pay to fuck a body that belongs to a child, with the mind of a fully cognizant, aware adult,  pedophiles?


 Experiment 2:

Heechy-keechy We have the ability to create a robot that looks and mimics the physical characteristics of child, and we have programmed that robot to sexually satisfy pedophiles. There is no way to tell the difference between a real child and the robot. Are people who pay to fuck the robot pedophiles?

If you haven’t read Paolo Bacigalupi’s Wind-Up Girl, I highly recommend it! It deals with a lot of these issues and is just an incredible story.


Just for good measure, make your way through this, too. In Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin sends very young men and women into situations we would consider decidedly adult. Rob Stark is fifteen when he goes into battle as the King of the North. His sister Sansa Stark is betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon when she is eleven years old, but her marriage cannot take place until she has her first period, as she is not considered an adult until that happens. In Martin’s world, girls become women at menarche and only women can marry. Is he writing child porn?


It comes down to this: what is a child? Is it a number arbitrarily assigned by the government? At X years and 364 days, you are a child. The next day – PRESTO – you are an adult!


Or is it a physical state of being? Adult = physically capable of reproduction?


Obviously, there are issues of maturity and preparation and understanding and cognition, but those are not something you can detect visually. Physical, adult characteristics, on the other hand, ARE indeed something you can detect visually.


Here’s the essence of my argument on Facebook: being attracted to secondary sexual characteristics is normal human sexuality regardless of the physical age of the person involved and not only is this not pedophilia, it’s the fucking opposite!!!!


The SJW hysterics that erupted around this seemingly innocuous declaration were truly surprising. SJWs are completely and utterly dedicated to understanding all men who find young men or women under the age of X pedophiles, and they seem incapable of seeing their own irrationality.


Gee, Jane Doe is hot.



Wait 24 hours.


Gee, Jane Doe is hot.



What the fuck???


SJWs and their allies like to throw out “why is it hard to understand you don’t fuck children” as the ultimate in moral authority, because really, who agrees adults should fuck children?  The key issue revolves around whom SJWs are counting as children.

A 13 year old male or female with a sexually mature body still has issues of maturity and understanding that a responsible adult will notice and take into consideration. Some 20 year old males and females are immature as fuck, and that should be taken into consideration as well.


Being attracted to the body of a sexually mature 13 year old male or female is not pedophilia by definition!


Why is this even hard to understand? How fucking stupid do you have to be to get that human beings are sexually attracted to other sexually mature human beings? Obviously there are considerations about experience and maturity and understanding, but guess what? Those considerations do not magically disappear once an individual reaches the magic age of X. Twitter had a meltdown over a 25 year old rapper dating a 17 year old model because that’s a CHILD. Her birthday is in 48 days, and after that date, she will magically be NOT A CHILD.

What pisses me off about this kind of idiocy and pedo-hysteria is that it makes it easy for real pedophiles to hide. Pedophilia is a mental disorder in which normal human sexuality is twisted so that non-reproductive bodies become sexually desirable. It’s completely counter to normal human sexuality, and obviously, when acted upon, it causes enormous harm to victims, both male and female. When everyone stands around shrieking about sexually mature 15 year olds, pedophiles get access to six year olds and no one notices because they are too busy tweeting nonsense about how 48 days is the difference between pedophilia and acceptable desire.


It’s stupid. And stupidly dangerous.


I look forward to all the idiots who will now plaster social media with the message that “Janet Bloomfield defends men’s right to fuck children”, which conveniently ignores female pedophiles and male victims, and of course, is the exact opposite of what I am actually saying. I’ve written on this subject before, and I still think age of consent laws need two caveats:

  1. Age difference
  2. Mistaken identity

Two teenagers exploring their sexuality, consensually, should never end up on a sex offender registry, which is meant to identify sexual predators, simply because they failed to meet an arbitrary age set by the government. There is a world of difference between and 13 year old boy and his 15 year old girlfriend and a 13 year old boy and a 40 year old woman. But of course, that is not the scenario pedo-hysterics envision, is it?

It’s always the men who are older and the women who are younger.


Mistaken age, as in the situation in Sweden, is also a legitimate defense. A 25 year old woman who meets a hot guy at a bar has every reason to believe that guy is of legal age because he’s in a bar. If it turns out he is only 17, she has not willingly had sex with a minor.


But once again, not the scenario SJW warriors are concerned with, is it?


Pedo-hysteria has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” children and everything to do with demonizing male sexuality. It is perfectly natural for adult humans to find other adult humans who have matured to the point that secondary sex characteristics are visible, sexually attractive. Germaine Greer herself had no problem perving out on extremely young men and most of North America continues to turn a blind eye to women who sample very young men sexually.


The hysterics only come out when men are involved, and generally only when those men are heterosexual. Gay men seem to get a pass when it comes to “protecting children” from dangerous male sexuality.

Let’s go back to those thought experiments.


The 35 year old woman with the body of a 10 year old: pedophilia or just a fetish? In my opinion, it’s pedophilia, literally. Her clients are sexually attracted to the fact that she looks like a child. But she is, in fact, an adult, and may therefore do as she pleases.


The robot? Also pedophilia, but a robot is not a human and what the robot’s owners choose to do with the robot is no one’s business, as long as they stick with the robot.


There. I just defended the practice of pedophilia in two different scenarios. Have fun SJW nitwits. Cherry pick to your heart’s content. I have literally described two scenarios in which I find the sexual desire for children’s bodies to be none of my, or anyone else’s, business.



Sexually mature young men and women are not children. And desiring them is not pedophilia. It’s creepy as fuck, and Germaine and her boytoy send shivers down my spine, but I don’t need to approve of whatever happened after that photoshoot.


That’s their business.


They’re adults.


They do not require my, or anyone else’s, approval.


Lots of love,



One man’s fight to see his son – the broken family court system

16 Dec



This is an interesting blog written by a personal friend of mine who has spent the last 11 years paying child support for a son he seen only a handful of times.


Please follow this blog if you want a detailed story about how corrupt family courts can be, and how one rapacious, cruel woman can ruin the lives of everyone she touches.


She has the baby.  Refuses to tell me where and when.  Calls me after the fact, saying I have a son and she wants money.  Being told by her father about the boyfriend, I advise that I’d love to have a son, but considering the circumstances, I wanted a DNA test.    She refused to comply.  I had a good relationship with her attorney at the time.   He stated that HE couldn’t get her to comply either.   This caused us both to wonder if the baby was mine or the boyfriend’s.

My understanding is that, with heavy pressure from the court, she finally participated in a DNA test and the baby (Hunter Lewis Cacioppo) was in fact mine.   I immediately began paying a great deal of child support voluntarily (without court action) directly to the attorney and started negotiating a time for me to come see him.

Trish was totally non compliant every step of the way.   She fought mediation.  She fought and ignored court orders.  She lied to counsel and the court about my parenting ability and core competencies, to the point that during a full fledged trial when I presented my evidence her attorney was so embarrassed by her client that she eventually stopped representing her.   The lawyer told me that no matter what the judgement was (and it was favorable to me) that, “You will never see your son.  She will never let you.”.      How true that was.


It’s a heartbreaking story, and one that countless numbers of men have experienced.


This is a crime against men, and a terrible crime against children. A devastating legacy of feminism that women must answer for. Anyone who supports this must answer.


The sooner, the better.


Thinking of you, Joe.


Lots of love,



Yes, women lie about rape and some of the reasons are awful

10 Dec

rape lies


I will unabashedly confess that doing the research for this piece left me with my mouth hanging open. Genuinely shocked at some of the reasons and how heartless some women are.

The friends she had left behind were angry with her and a brawl broke out among the women, who punched and bit one another. When a friend demanded to know if the men had raped Peguero, she said that they had. The bruises she had sustained in the fight with her friends were accepted as evidence of rape, and one man spent four years in jail on the charge.

#ListenAndBelieve my ass.


More like don’t be naive.





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