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David Futrelle redefines the words “sick motherfucker”

27 Mar


Futrelle has a long, sad history of advocating for some truly sick shit, including the rape and torture of children “for art”, and skinning men to be used as glue, but he has outdone himself with his recent shitposting about how Paul Elam at A Voice for Men, and people in general who are concerned about the well-being of men and boys caused the tragic Germanwings plane crash.

Yes, that’s right – caring about the well-being of men and boys led to the depressed co-pilot slamming the Airbus A320 into the side of a mountain, killing everyone on board.

Futrelle writes, “[a]ll this would be a little more believable as a “warning” if Elam and other MRAs didn’t devote most of their energy to cultivating exactly this kind of male anger — and in some cases lionizing those who have acted out this rage.”

If MRAs didn’t devote most of their energy to cultivating exactly this kind of male anger. Show me where, show me one single line out of the millions of lines that have been written across the manosphere where anyone, ever, suggested flying a fucking plane into a mountain.

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant and collect funds, the one-time MRA and “lapsed feminist” Futrelle exploits the brutal murder of 151 innocent people, including two infants and numerous children, bringing his “sick motherfucker” quotient up to the full 9000 points allowed on the “sick motherfucker” scale.

Hell, I think Futrelle might have broken the “sick motherfucker” scale on this one.

Futrelle references the tragedy of Tom Ball who killed himself in protest at the wickedly cruel and unfair family court system that awards support and custody to mothers and relegates men to nothing more than cash dispensers, but rather than address the actual issue of unfair courts, Futrelle cherry picks a dying man’s agonized cry for help to promote the disgusting idea that women and men who think parenting should be shared equally are actually advocating for mass murder of entirely innocent men, women and children.

It’s so disgusting, I can barely find words.

It’s one thing to hate equality, as those who oppose rights for men do. Irony: feminists throw the dictionary around when challenged on their beliefs, citing equality as their only interest, but then literally oppose  equality when it comes to sharing their rights and privileges with men.

You know what, fine. We’ll carry on, bringing the message that feminism is not about equality and advocating for real, genuine equality regardless of how much feminists and their “allies” cry and scream about it.

It’s quite another thing to openly write that caring about equality for all human beings is tantamount to calling for mass murder of innocent people. Male anger did not cause the Germanwings crash. Male anger at being treated as disposable, obsolete, stupid, uncaring and unworthy of any assistance is justified. Any group being treated so unjustly is right to be angry. What Futrelle is doing is saying that any expression of male anger is advocating mass murder.  As far as Futrelle is concerned, male anger is not an acceptable emotion and men should just….what, David?


Go fuck yourself Futrelle. But before you do, take a look at these images first. Notice anything?


men 6

men 5

men 4

men 3

APTOPIX France Plane Crash

They’re all men. Those men you despise so much? They’re up on that cold mountain picking up pieces of human beings. They are grieving, mourning, suffering and still getting the job done. How much do you want to bet that every single man up on the mountain, scraping baby parts into body bags is angry? Would you be angry, Futrelle?

Nevermind, we already know the answer to that. You gleefully watched a film in which adolescent boys were tortured, raped, forced to eat excrement and insisted dumb police officers were too dumb to know art when they saw it. Because torturing children as a form of art totally belongs in a porn shop. Yeah, people were doing art.

It seems you have forgotten, Futrelle, what it is like to be a child. Let me remind you:

David Futrelle - 028

Exploiting the deaths of innocent babies, school children, men, women – all of them innocent – as a way of insisting men are toxic, bad and worthless unless they subscribe to the one true ideology is beyond sick. It’s fine if Futrelle and his ilk hate men. Go right ahead.

Using a dead baby to make that seem rational and reasonable makes you not just hateful, it makes you a sick motherfucker. Here is one of the dead babies you are standing on to libel the men and women who care about boys and men as much as they care about girls and women:


Take a good look, you sick motherfucker.

Rest in peace, little one. I’m so sorry for what happened to you.

We all are.

Lots of love,


In defense of pedophilia

14 Mar



So I ended up in this completely retarded conversation on Facebook in reference to this case in Sweden, in which a 27 year old had sex with a very physically mature  13 year old whom he thought was much older. Sweden, believe it or not, is relatively sane about this sort of this thing, and refused to prosecute the man for “child rape”.

Cue the idiots on Facebook.

Before we begin, I want to give you two thought experiments to consider as we try to make our way rationally through a topic that a whole lot of people cannot think clearly on.

Experiment 1:

A 35 year old woman, with the mental capacity of a 35 year old, has a medical condition which renders her body identical to a 10 year old girl. She has no secondary sex characteristics. No pubic hair, no armpit hair, no breasts, no hips. She looks like a child. She sets herself up as a prostitute to appeal to pedophiles: men and women who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.

Is this pedophilia? Are the clients who pay to fuck a body that belongs to a child, with the mind of a fully cognizant, aware adult,  pedophiles?


 Experiment 2:

Heechy-keechy We have the ability to create a robot that looks and mimics the physical characteristics of child, and we have programmed that robot to sexually satisfy pedophiles. There is no way to tell the difference between a real child and the robot. Are people who pay to fuck the robot pedophiles?

If you haven’t read Paolo Bacigalupi’s Wind-Up Girl, I highly recommend it! It deals with a lot of these issues and is just an incredible story.


Just for good measure, make your way through this, too. In Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin sends very young men and women into situations we would consider decidedly adult. Rob Stark is fifteen when he goes into battle as the King of the North. His sister Sansa Stark is betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon when she is eleven years old, but her marriage cannot take place until she has her first period, as she is not considered an adult until that happens. In Martin’s world, girls become women at menarche and only women can marry. Is he writing child porn?


It comes down to this: what is a child? Is it a number arbitrarily assigned by the government? At X years and 364 days, you are a child. The next day – PRESTO – you are an adult!


Or is it a physical state of being? Adult = physically capable of reproduction?


Obviously, there are issues of maturity and preparation and understanding and cognition, but those are not something you can detect visually. Physical, adult characteristics, on the other hand, ARE indeed something you can detect visually.


Here’s the essence of my argument on Facebook: being attracted to secondary sexual characteristics is normal human sexuality regardless of the physical age of the person involved and not only is this not pedophilia, it’s the fucking opposite!!!!


The SJW hysterics that erupted around this seemingly innocuous declaration were truly surprising. SJWs are completely and utterly dedicated to understanding all men who find young men or women under the age of X pedophiles, and they seem incapable of seeing their own irrationality.


Gee, Jane Doe is hot.



Wait 24 hours.


Gee, Jane Doe is hot.



What the fuck???


SJWs and their allies like to throw out “why is it hard to understand you don’t fuck children” as the ultimate in moral authority, because really, who agrees adults should fuck children?  The key issue revolves around whom SJWs are counting as children.

A 13 year old male or female with a sexually mature body still has issues of maturity and understanding that a responsible adult will notice and take into consideration. Some 20 year old males and females are immature as fuck, and that should be taken into consideration as well.


Being attracted to the body of a sexually mature 13 year old male or female is not pedophilia by definition!


Why is this even hard to understand? How fucking stupid do you have to be to get that human beings are sexually attracted to other sexually mature human beings? Obviously there are considerations about experience and maturity and understanding, but guess what? Those considerations do not magically disappear once an individual reaches the magic age of X. Twitter had a meltdown over a 25 year old rapper dating a 17 year old model because that’s a CHILD. Her birthday is in 48 days, and after that date, she will magically be NOT A CHILD.

What pisses me off about this kind of idiocy and pedo-hysteria is that it makes it easy for real pedophiles to hide. Pedophilia is a mental disorder in which normal human sexuality is twisted so that non-reproductive bodies become sexually desirable. It’s completely counter to normal human sexuality, and obviously, when acted upon, it causes enormous harm to victims, both male and female. When everyone stands around shrieking about sexually mature 15 year olds, pedophiles get access to six year olds and no one notices because they are too busy tweeting nonsense about how 48 days is the difference between pedophilia and acceptable desire.


It’s stupid. And stupidly dangerous.


I look forward to all the idiots who will now plaster social media with the message that “Janet Bloomfield defends men’s right to fuck children”, which conveniently ignores female pedophiles and male victims, and of course, is the exact opposite of what I am actually saying. I’ve written on this subject before, and I still think age of consent laws need two caveats:

  1. Age difference
  2. Mistaken identity

Two teenagers exploring their sexuality, consensually, should never end up on a sex offender registry, which is meant to identify sexual predators, simply because they failed to meet an arbitrary age set by the government. There is a world of difference between and 13 year old boy and his 15 year old girlfriend and a 13 year old boy and a 40 year old woman. But of course, that is not the scenario pedo-hysterics envision, is it?

It’s always the men who are older and the women who are younger.


Mistaken age, as in the situation in Sweden, is also a legitimate defense. A 25 year old woman who meets a hot guy at a bar has every reason to believe that guy is of legal age because he’s in a bar. If it turns out he is only 17, she has not willingly had sex with a minor.


But once again, not the scenario SJW warriors are concerned with, is it?


Pedo-hysteria has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” children and everything to do with demonizing male sexuality. It is perfectly natural for adult humans to find other adult humans who have matured to the point that secondary sex characteristics are visible, sexually attractive. Germaine Greer herself had no problem perving out on extremely young men and most of North America continues to turn a blind eye to women who sample very young men sexually.


The hysterics only come out when men are involved, and generally only when those men are heterosexual. Gay men seem to get a pass when it comes to “protecting children” from dangerous male sexuality.

Let’s go back to those thought experiments.


The 35 year old woman with the body of a 10 year old: pedophilia or just a fetish? In my opinion, it’s pedophilia, literally. Her clients are sexually attracted to the fact that she looks like a child. But she is, in fact, an adult, and may therefore do as she pleases.


The robot? Also pedophilia, but a robot is not a human and what the robot’s owners choose to do with the robot is no one’s business, as long as they stick with the robot.


There. I just defended the practice of pedophilia in two different scenarios. Have fun SJW nitwits. Cherry pick to your heart’s content. I have literally described two scenarios in which I find the sexual desire for children’s bodies to be none of my, or anyone else’s, business.



Sexually mature young men and women are not children. And desiring them is not pedophilia. It’s creepy as fuck, and Germaine and her boytoy send shivers down my spine, but I don’t need to approve of whatever happened after that photoshoot.


That’s their business.


They’re adults.


They do not require my, or anyone else’s, approval.


Lots of love,



Officer JudgyBitch hunts down a potentially dangerous woman

21 Jan



[Updated to add: have received the picture taken 2013. Thank you.]


Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen is a man I consider both a personal friend and a colleague. He is the Director for Collegiate Activism at A Voice for Men and he initiated a men’s group and a men’s issues conference at his home school, Kennesaw State University. Sage is witty, a master of deadpan delivery, an outstanding student and a determined and steady advocate for the rights of men on college campuses.

This pisses the Women’s Studies crowd off enormously. Which is fine. Be pissed off. That is your right. What kinds of outrageous demands is Sage making? Well, for one, he would like the Women’s Resource and Interpersonal Violence Center changed into simply the Interpersonal Violence Center to reflect the fact that interpersonal violence is dynamic with men and women equally likely to be both victims are perpetrators.

Yes, Sage has made a despicable request that school services, paid for in part by student’s tuition fees, reflect the practice of equality. Sage would like to see both men and women acknowledged as equally worthy of care and consideration.

Obviously, Sage is a misogynist.

This is the stance taken by the Co-ordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies program at KSU. Her name is Stacy Keltner. Were Stacy simply satisfied with calling Sage a misogynist and denouncing him, there would be no issue.

She is not satisfied with that.

Stacy, a professor with real power over students, even students not her own, has decided she will make Sage pay for his difference of opinion. You can read the longer version of the story here, but essentially Stacy called the cops on Sage,  claiming she feared for her safety. This is based on, and I kid you not, her belief that Sage fantasizes about hurting women. How in the hell she figures she knows what Sage fantasizes about is beyond me. Who wants to bet this chick has multiple copies of 50 Shades of Grey stashed around her house. What do you fantasize about Stacy?

Even this, as ridiculous as it is, is not what prompted this post. Stacy requested a police escort from her office, damseling and weeping all over the place about her two year old daughter, and she got the escort. The police report was dismissed as utter garbage, which it was.


Sage’s professor caught wind of the story and asked Sage if it was true that a professor needed a bodyguard owing to Sage’s threats against her. This is not at all funny and can have a serious, serious impact on Sage’s future studies and career. Sage’s supervisor knows him personally and cared enough to ask for details. Most people won’t. They will assume where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Here is the big kicker. Sage has never met this woman, and has no idea what she looks like. He has never even seen a photograph of her. Her next logical step is to accuse Sage of assaulting her, and without knowing what she looks like, Sage will have no idea when he is potentially interacting or in the same vicinity as her. The police report describes her as 39 yrs old, 5’1, 105 lbs and blonde. Thin, short and blonde. That describes a fair number of people.


This is where I come in. I think it is vital that Sage at least know what she looks like. Using publicly available information, I set out to find a picture of Stacy Keltner. I have not hacked into any source, I have not used private information, I have not gone behind any paywalls to obtain this information. This is Google and putting the puzzles pieces together, and that is all.

A simple text search reveals something very interesting. Stacy was at graduate school the same time as Hillary Johnson, a woman who was brutally murdered in a random attack by a deranged psychopath who received the death sentence for her murder. Stacy and Hillary were friends. Further investigation reveals that Hillary had fought with a friend before she was murdered, and the relationship was never repaired. The friend was left to grieve and to live with the knowledge that her last words to her friend were unkind. Stacy is quoted in the newspaper article, but she is not the friend who testified at the trial. The entire faculty is described as being traumatized and in shock at the murder.

Is Stacy the friend who was mean to Hillary before she died?

I know there are several psychologists and a psychiatrist who read this blog, and I invite you to comment on this traumatic event in Stacy’s life. Could it explain her hysteria over the perceived threat from Sage? And more importantly, where is this likely to lead? Any speculations would be most welcome.

I came across a funeral notice in which Stacy was mentioned. She even commented, giving me the names of her husband, her parents, her children and much of her extended family. I searched down each one, and all of her colleagues to see if anyone of them had an image of Stacy on their social media. I saw many children, lots of wedding parties and newborn babies, picnics and trips abroad, but none had an image that matched the description of Stacy and none were tagged with her name. I searched through all of their followers to see if Stacy had social media accounts under a different name. I found her son’s Instagram account and searched his followers to see if Mom was keeping tabs on his activities.

She is not.

A curious oversight for a woman who seems deeply paranoid at best.

I then went into her academic career and I found this editor’s introduction written in 2011 about a new society formed by feminist philosophers called PhiloSOPHIA. Stacy appears to have gone on a mountain getaway in Monteagle, Tennessee to help create this society, which led to a journal of the same name. Using only Google and select keywords, I came across this image, taken in 2009.


The woman in the coral shirt caught my attention immediately. I decided to try and identify the other women and see if I could place them as colleagues of Stacy. I am extremely confident the woman in the plaid flannel shirt standing beside Stacy is this woman:

Her name is Kelly Oliver, and she is Women’s Studies professor at Vanderbilt University and on the Executive Committee of PhiloSOPHIA.


The editor’s introduction mentions her as the person extending the invitation, along with Stacy to discuss the project. The other blonde woman right in front of Stacy is likely this woman, although I am not as confident. Opinions most welcome.

Katherine Loevy

Her name is Katherine Loevy, and she is also from Vanderbilt University. Also on the Executive Committee for PhiloSOPHIA. The woman with short dark hair appears to be this woman.

sarah hansen

Again, I’m not 100% confident and I welcome your comments. Her name is Sarah Hansen. Here is another image of her for comparison.


Her CV is available on line and she was a teaching assistant at Vanderbilt from 2008-2010. Exactly the right time frame.

The woman most likely taking the picture is either Emily Miller or Emily Zakin. I was not able to identify the two younger women down front, but for me, the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

The woman in the coral shirt is Stacy Keltner.

I have forwarded this image to Sage, but I am still concerned because one of her Rate My Professor comments describes her as looking like “Kristen Bell.”

kristen rmf

Kristen Bell looks like this:


Stacy’s hair could be significantly longer or styled very differently at this point. Sage needs to know what she looks like now. I am asking readers to see if they can dig deeper into the legal internet and find an image – just an image – of Stacy, which I will forward to Sage.

To address those who would accuse me of “doxxing” Stacy, I will reply right now. Nonsense. Everything I have discovered is in the public domain. I did not reveal her children’s names or her entire extended family. She did that. I merely found it. Her colleagues and friends and family who have public Facebook and social media pages chose their own privacy settings. I did not sneak behind anyone’s settings.

This is about Sage and his personal safety. Given Stacy’s traumatic past, and her focus on amplified, exaggerated and dangerous masculinity, I am worried for Sage’s safety. If she truly suffers from the delusion that Sage is a danger, she herself could end up very dangerous. Sage needs, at the very least, the ability to identify Stacy Keltner in a crowd of people.

Finding this one image, which I only think is Stacy, on the balance of probability, is a start. We can do more.

Anyone who discovers a more recent image of Stacy Keltner, please email it to me at and I will forward it to Sage.

Lots of love,


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