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The Peter Lloyd interview in which Peter Lloyd actually appears!

18 Jan

For some reason we still do not understand, Peter Lloyd was unable to call in to the Hangout yesterday, so I interviewed Peter without Peter being there.


Yeah, it was awkward.


Here is the real Peter Lloyd, talking to me about his terrific book Stand By Your Manhood.


5 Ways Feminists Are Literally Like Nazis

14 Jan




So this post went up at Thought Catalog yesterday, and the most interesting thing about it is how Femitheist reacted on Twitter. Femitheist, if you recall, is the woman who wants to reduce the male population by 90%.


Charming woman.


She now claims that she was just trolling, lol – she didn’t really mean it. Is that true, or is she finding out just how little people appreciate psychopaths in their midst?




Either way, RadFems celebrated her video and ideas, and even if Femitheist really was trolling, her followers more certainly were not. Hence the comparison to Nazis.


1. Feminists have killed millions of people
Ha ha. Okay, not really, but there is this chick. She calls herself Femitheist.

She wants to reduce the male population by 90%, keeping a few prime specimens around for sperm farming. She claims to understand the precise mathematics required to maintain human genetic diversity, even after 90% of men have been …. eliminated. The elimination phase will presumably be slightly more environmentally friendly than dousing men with Zyklon B and burning the corpses, but who knows? It might have been crass, but gassing and burning did work for the Nazis.

Read the other four reasons feminists are literally like Nazis here. The comments section is a riot!



Why didn’t the Hilton report death threats? I have no idea.

3 Jun

Update:  due to a clause in our contract, we removed the letter.  More information will be coming. 

Both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News have front page stories about the International Conference on Men’s Issues that contain some troubling information.  When reporters contacted the police department, they learned two things, one of which came as news to those of us working to organize the conference.

From the Free Press:

A spokesman with the Detroit Police Department said he could not find any police reports of death threats and said it’s “very unusual” that police wouldn’t be contacted for a death threat.

“We’re definitely going to look into it,” said Officer Adam Madera.

He said officials with the DoubleTree contacted its the department’s secondary employment unit — which allows for businesses and other organizations to request police officers at events — but they did not specify why.


Of course we knew that the DoubleTree had contacted the DPD for police officers to provide extra security – we were stuck with the bill for that request.  We raised the $25 000 in less than 24 hours, as it happens, but we had no idea the Hilton had not officially reported the threats.


Joel Reinstein, who is hosting the protest march planned for this Saturday, left a comment at the Detroit News indicating that he believes the entire thing to be a hoax, based on the fact that the staff at the DoubleTree would not provide him with information on demand.


Joel Reinstein ·  Top Commenter · Michigan State University

“‘We have received numerous calls and threats and are concerned for the safety and well-being of our employees, our guests and your attendees,’ hotel officials wrote in a letter dated Thursday to Paul Elam, A Voice for Men’s founder and publisher.”

This is what “Voice for Men” say, a group that has been willing to harass and threaten feminists, hunt down and publicize personal information of its enemies, clog rape crisis hotlines, and promotes violent ideology.

This is NOT what the hotel says. This is wildly irresponsible journalism, reprinting a hate group’s press release as fact.

In fact, when first contacted, a Doubletree manager stated clearly that she had heard NOTHING of threats. She also stated that they have a specific protocol to follow in the case of any threats, and she **would have heard about it.** So “Voice for Men” are lying, again, and the Detroit News lazily made their lies fact. Disgraceful and demanding of a correction.


Here is the link to the letter again, with the manager’s name redacted to prevent that individual from being harassed.


We have no idea at the moment if the Hilton intends to pursue a formal complaint with police although I personally would like to see that happen because surely the phone records from the hotel will reveal the source of the calls?  I don’t know, but based on my extensive experience watching Law & Order, I would think that could happen.  I would be very interested to see just who made those calls.


I wonder if Joel Reinstein’s number would show up?


Here are the facts:  the Hilton did indeed send a letter indicating threats were made sufficient to request 24 hr police presence for the entire duration of the conference.  There is no record of the Hilton making a formal complaint to the police.  Those are the two things we know for certain.


Everything else is speculation, but I will personally be keeping readers up to date on what is happening.


And for those who donated to the remarkable campaign to pay those officers – THANK YOU!


thank you

Lots of love,



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