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My car was stolen last night – #ListenAndBelieve

13 Dec

[Edited to add: as many readers have pointed out, it’s not 6.1/100 but 6.1/1000 – 0.61% is the correct number]

[Edited to add: I realize there may be some factual discrepancies in my account of the car theft. These discrepancies are not important, because the goal here is to launch an important conversation about the fact that car theft happens and it is devastating to victims :P]



So my car was stolen last night. It’s a 2015 BMW GLK 250 BlueTEC Avantgarde SUV worth $50K. Luckily I have insurance which will pay out most of the value of that car. Annoying to lose such a nice vehicle, but oh well. That’s what insurance is for, right?



I reported the incident to police and was rather distressed and surprised by their response. Callous does not even begin to describe their reaction. They demanded the following information from me:


  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • My driver’s license


Well that’s bullshit!


My car was stolen! $50K just driven away in the night! I have been robbed and these cold, indifferent, so-called “law enforcement” people basically just laughed in my face and treated me like a liar when I could provide none of the above requested proofs. Why is it my job to prove this happened? It’s their JOB to catch car thieves! And don’t tell me car theft doesn’t happen. We know it happens! It happens all the time.


Let’s pause for a moment here and consider the two basic forms of reasoning we as humans have at our disposal: deductive and inductive.




Deductive reasoning is the process of reasoning from one premise to another to reach a logically certain conclusion. It’s Sherlock Holmes standing over a dead body, collecting clues (premises) and reasoning through them to find the culprit. Holmes need not question whether a crime occurred – he’s standing over a man with a knife in his back, so obviously it did*. It’s just a matter of sorting through the premises, finding the valid ones and reaching the inescapable conclusion.


Inductive reasoning is the other way around. You make a broad generalization about something and then look for premises that support that generalization. The conclusion may or may not be logically certain, but relies instead on the preponderance of evidence. If almost all premises support the generalization, the generalization is thought to be true until additional information or evidence surfaces. One of the most common forms of inductive reasoning is reasoning by analogy. Analogic reasoning is absolutely fundamental to philosophical (metaphor), scientific (models and hypotheses) and legal (precedents) reasoning and has been since antiquity.


Let’s keep this in mind as we carry on.


So I reported that my car had been stolen and was dismissed out of hand by law enforcement officers when I could provide no evidence that the car even existed, let alone that the car was mine and had been stolen. This is apparently standard police procedure. When a crime is reported, the first thing the officers must do is confirm that a crime actually occurred.


When I was unable to provide evidence that the car existed, my complaint was filed in the circular bin. Indeed, I was even cautioned by the police that the fact I had no evidence of ownership and registration and that I don’t even have a driver’s license were the only things protecting me from an accusation of attempted insurance fraud.


Well, I never.


Obviously I am making this up. I don’t drive, don’t have a car, sure as hell do not have $50K to throw away on a BMW and wouldn’t do so even if I had the money. The point of course is to use the analogy to talk about rape, and the utter nonsense that is #ListenAndBelieve.


Cue the social justice warriors and feminists shrieking “women are not cars and you are sick evil scum to even compare them blah blah blah outrage outrage outrage….”


This kind of “counter-argument”, and I use the term loosely because it barely meets the standard of what constitutes a legitimate argument, is a form of red herring called a “banal objection”.  Also called “trivial objections”, the purpose is to divert the conversation away from the topic at hand, which is: should claims that a crime has been committed be taken at face value?


Let’s talk for a moment about incentives. The incentives to lie about stolen property, to commit arson, to commit any kind of fraud are obvious. If a person can simply claim that valuable property has been stolen, and is under no imperative to provide evidence for that, all the insurance companies in the world would immediately be shuttered. The incentives to commit fraud would make insurance unviable, and since insurance plays a vital role in the economy, we do not permit fraudulent claims and investigate reports of stolen property thoroughly.


Is rape a form of fraud?




I think any sane person can see that rape easily fits the definition of fraud and reasoning by analogy is a perfectly legitimate course of action. Reasoning by analogy, if property fraud requires evidence that the property existed, it belonged to you, it was unlawfully accessed and a crime investigation will only commence once that evidence has been supplied, why should rape accusations be any different?


Keep in mind we are not talking about the presumption of innocence here. The accused has not even entered the discussion. We are simply attempting to verify that a crime occurred, just as we would for any other fraud accusation.


Proof that property existed – if a person is reporting their own rape, this standard is met easily. If a person is reporting another person’s rape, the police need to confirm that person exists, and agrees that they were raped.


Proof that the property belonged to you – no brainer, since we all agree heartily that one’s body belongs to oneself


Proof that the property was unlawfully accessed –  now we are into the tricky territory. Unlawful access in the case of rape means unwanted, coerced or forced sex. The first thing the police need to do is establish that a sexual relationship existed. This is not accusing the victim of lying, it is simply establishing that the opportunity for unlawful access occurred. You need to be able to prove sex happened before the investigation can even move forward. This is where incentives come in and the police are perfectly correct in examining what the motives for the claim might be. Still not victim-blaming. If you are going through a divorce, engaging in infidelity, just failed your exams, any number of reasons, the police have an obligation and a duty to investigate ulterior motives before dragging a potentially innocent person through the mud.


Failing to meet these three standards is a good indication that no investigation is warranted, and may even lead to a caution against malicious filing of reports, just as falsely reporting a vehicle stolen for the purposes of insurance fraud can lead to a caution.


We have made it far too easy for women to cry rape in our culture, particularly on college campuses. The most recent information from the Department of Justice demonstrates that college women are the least likely to be raped, and the 1 in 5 oft cited number is nowhere near correct. 20% turns out to 6.1% – a far cry from the supposed “rape epidemic” gripping the nation’s campuses.


This whole idea that we should #ListenAndBelieve, quite frankly, is nothing more than a huge fraud perpetuated by feminists on the rest of us. It behooves us to resist this kind of misandric, cult of victimhood nonsense and demand that rape accusations be investigated the same way all claims of fraud are investigated: impartially, objectively, and in need of supporting evidence.


fraud 2


Lots of love,




*Now don’t get nit-picky with me. It might have been an elaborate hoax whereby the man committed suicide by stabbing himself in the back so his family could collect life insurance but one way or another, a crime was committed. Fraud instead of murder.






Let’s talk about Bill Cosby

21 Nov





Let me just state right up front that I am not claiming innocence for Bill Cosby. Did he drug and rape a bunch of women? I don’t know and neither does anybody else except for Bill himself. What I want to do today is talk about a few facts that should give everybody pause when it comes to judging him.


According to Bill Cosby is worth $400 million, and yes it’s pertinent. That’s four hundred million incentives, right there.


Women who claim they were raped by Cosby also openly admit they were whoring for fame, trying to ride the man’s coattails into a star-studded future. Does that give Cosby the right to rape them? Of course not, but it sure as hell casts a suspicious light on the innocent maiden’s motives to make their claims. Women who failed to hitch their little wagons to Cosby’s star have been trying to nail him with rape charges for a long time. Nothing has stuck. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but for as long as Bill has been rich and famous, women have been trying to take him down with rape accusations and not a single one has irrefutable evidence, so either Bill is really, really good at the rape game, or it never happened.


Both are possible.


The current witchhunt in the media is a stark reminder that no matter how rich, how powerful, how well connected, how critically acclaimed a man might be, even an accusation of rape can tear his life apart and destroy him. Proof? What proof? The word of a woman can destroy a man’s life with no evidence of any kind required. Rape shield laws should apply to the accused, not the accuser. The accuser will go on to garner sympathy, appropriate pharmaceuticals and a speaking engagement where she can discuss her terrible trauma and the accused will be left with a shattered life even if all the allegations are proven to be outright lies.


brian banks


And this is doubly true when the man accused is also guilty of the crime of being black. Nothing packs quite the hysteria inducing punch of a black man raping white ladies. There was a time when the lynchings were real. Now we just lynch in the media and feminists bloggers gloat over their power to shame a man who has not been found guilty of a single charge. Powerful white ladies in the media attempting to lynch a black man on the word of other white ladies? Gee, that’s just so shocking.


Raven Symone and Whoopi Goldberg have a little more skepticism, and I will agree with Whoopi that “until you know it’s true, it’s an allegation”.


What the Bill Cosby allegations teach us is that “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” is a pipedream for men accused of rape. The media tries and condemns the accused without a shred of evidence to back up the charges. The word of a woman is enough to destroy a man’s career, reputation, an entire lifetime of achievements. Hey patriarchy, are you sure you thought this one through?


Here is what needs to change: since allegations of sexual assault and rape carry such devastating penalties for the men accused of those crimes, it should be a crime to name a man period. Victims should file criminal charges and the accused should be granted anonymity until convicted.  We need court ordered and enforced anonymity for men accused of rape. For women accused of rape, too. Without a conviction, without evidence, without proof, no one gets to call anyone else a rapist.


The feminist media has made it absolutely clear they will override any considerations of due process or justice when it comes to slandering and libelling men accused of rape. They will abuse the power they have and that is unacceptable. If these individuals refuse to show restraint and chose their words carefully?


I say gag the bitches.



They’ve lynched enough men in this country. Enough is enough.


Lots of love,









I am now officially sick of rape culture bullshit

30 Apr



Belle Knox, Duke Porn Star, sex-positive feminist and activist for sex workers has some thoughts on rape culture.  They’re stupid.  Big surprise.


I was at a friend’s house when the topic of college rape arose. I mentioned that I knew of someone who had been accused and prosecuted for sexual assault. My friend was quick to jump in and say, “Oh, I’m sure he didn’t rape anyone. The girl probably was drunk and regretted it in the morning. It happens all the time.”


How about instead of parroting the usual ideological bullshit which has been so thoroughly debunked that even RAINN is distancing itself from the words “rape culture”, how about instead of doing that, you actually listen to these women, who are supposedly your friends, and find out how they know this information?  Why don’t you begin with the assumption that these young women are not in fact emotionally immature simpletons incapable of a single original thought or observation of their own?


Try respecting women, especially the ones you call friends.


“Yeah!” my other friend chimed in, “That happens a lot. Like girls dressing all slutty then getting drunk at frat parties…”


Again, how do they know this?  Have they been to a lot of frat parties?  Are they familiar with how women act?  Do they have first hand experience observing this exact phenomenon play out? Have they had the experience themselves?


How is it that rape culture zealots can, on one hand, insist that any woman who reports a sexual assault must be believed with no questions asked, but women who appear to have some knowledge of false accusations of rape are to be shouted down and not believed for one second?  Do you trust young women to give honest accounts of their own experiences, or do you not?  Or is the case that you only choose to believe what matches your pre-conceived ideas?


Did I mention that both of my friends are 19-year-old women?

So adults then.  Glad we can agree on that.


In a few sentences, my friends had epitomized slut and victim shaming. In that moment, I felt enraged that my female friends had perpetuated rape culture.


Or, you know, they critiqued it in a way not consistent with your particular ideological stance, which is apparently forbidden? Refusing to toe the party line makes them stupid and incapable of understanding?

I also felt sad. Sad for every victim who has been or ever will be doubted because of the mainstream ideas surrounding sexual assault. When we allow ideas like this to be accepted, we only isolate the true victims and discourage them from reporting.

Look carefully there.  You have two victims: those who are doubted and the true victims.  You yourself appear not quite able to accept the mass cognitive dissonance that comes with accepting all claims of rape at face value and refusing all observations that suggest for a lot of cases there is some grounds for doubt. Even when those observations come from other members of your cohort.  Even when those observations come from your friends.


It makes me sad to know that if I were to ever become a victim of sexual assault, I likely would not be believed. And for the record: statistical studies indicate false reports make up two percent or less of the reported cases of sexual assault. (Roger Williams University, 2012)

Well, I suppose that depends, doesn’t it?  Are you a true victim or not?  The occurrence of false allegations is by no means as cut and dried as you would like it to be, which you already know. But you know, even if it were as low as you suggest, that would not matter.  The point is that false allegations of rape are not handled in a way that suggests the gravity of that accusation.  They are simply laughed away.


Our culture of victim shaming is present in subtle ways. During O-Week, I was constantly reminded to watch my drink and only walk in groups. Don’t get me wrong; these are practical tips. But essentially, they tell women that they can behave in a certain way to avoid being victimized.

Every adult person can behave in certain ways to avoid being victimized.  Why is rape such a special crime?  There are things every adult can do to avoid being mugged, which we heartily encourage, and no one for one second thinks we are victim-blaming.

Rape is a terrible crime.  But it’s not special. Sorry snowflake.

But, why don’t we tell men similar things? Why aren’t there anti-rape campaigns targeting women? Why don’t we focus on telling men not to rape, instead of telling women how to not get raped?

Because generally speaking, men don’t rape.  Rapists rape.  New information suggests there are a who lot of lady rapists out there too, but we don’t for a moment believe we need to teach all women not to rape.  Or murder their infants.  Or any other heinous crime committed by a small percentage of a large population.


I propose that we educate men about what constitutes rape. In North Carolina, having sex with someone who is legally drunk is considered rape.


Which means that if you have sex with a drunk man, you just raped him.  Perhaps you need to start your campaign teaching women that equality under the law means the laws apply to both men and snowflakes.


This is a stupid law, by the way.  Why in the hell do you want the justice system in your bedroom deciding whether you’ve had too many Cosmopolitans to have sex with your boyfriend?


Perhaps we should make it a focus during O Week [editor’s note: orientation week] to educate our students about the laws of consent, so that no one may ever revert to Robin Thicke’s mantra of “Blurred Lines.”


How about we teach young women the same thing? That hot guy who previously did not give you a second glance?  The one with beer goggles who now can’t quite make out that you are not his type?  Yeah, that one?  He won’t rape you no matter how much he has to drink.  There is no relationship between sexual aggression and alcohol intake. 


beer goggles


But you sure as hell can rape him.  Take advantage of beer goggles and you are committing rape.  You are a rapist.


How about we teach young men that when a woman says stop, they stop? Or that if a woman (or man) is drunk or unconscious, they should help them, instead of taking advantage of them?

How about we teach young women the same damn thing? An erection is not a sign of consent. A drunk guy is off limits. I’m not sure if you’re just grammatically confused, but your “they” refers to young men exclusively.  Why aren’t women under any obligation to help drunk men and women?


Our society needs a paradigm shift as it relates to our sexual assault prevention efforts. How about we stop teaching women how to not be a victim and instead attack the culture that creates the perpetrators instead?

How about we go even further:  teach everyone not to be a victim, acknowledge that there are likely just as many female perps as male and if we can all stop for ten seconds and act like responsible goddamn adults, none of this is an issue.


I dream of a day when my daughter can walk down the street without the fear of being assaulted.

Hyperbolic bullshit.  Try and at least be consistent.  Most “rapes” are committed by individuals known to the victim and do not occur while walking down the street. This is simple fear-mongering.  Better send your daughter out with a survival kit, too in case an errant tornado touches down.  It can happen!


And yes, I think that I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want without being labeled as a slut.

Oh, no doubt you do.  And I ‘m sure you would not be at all offended by a man walking down the street in yoga pants so tight you can get an accurate sperm count from half a block away.


This idea that men cannot control their impulses is archaic and offensive.

And here is where the real heart of the story lies. Go back and reconsider what your friends told you:  it is not men at all who have troubling controlling their impulses.


Alcohol + lowered inhibitions + slutty clothes + social events = women having sex they regret

It is not men getting trashed and having sex and waking up the next day looking around for someone to blame, despite the fact that lots and lots of men have sex under conditions that absolutely constitute rape.


You toss out Blurred Lines, but appear not to have actually listened to the song.  It’s the girl who is sexually aggressive.  Do you realize that?   She grabs him.  He takes that as indication of desire.  Then he lets her decide what to do next.  He makes his willingness clear, and hates that hers is not, but does nothing more than issue an invitation for her to “get at me”.

I hate these blurred lines

I know you want it

I know you want it

I know you want it

But you’re a good girl

The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty

Go ahead, get at me

And that right there is the problem.  Survey men about their sexual pasts and you will find ample evidence that rape occurs with as much frequency as female reported rape.  Here’s a particularly charming story about a female rapist, in which she appears to have zero awareness that she actually committed was probably a fairly traumatic rape:


Mary, 26, who makes the walk about every two weeks, describes her first experience as the epitome of post-hookup embarrassment. “It was New Year’s Eve,” she says, “and ignoring the fact that I was on the heaviest day of my period and had hairy legs, I basically forced myself on a guy I hated because he was the only single male at the party.” She woke up disoriented, wearing a g-string/tampon string combination.


period sex


Eww. I wonder how the guy feels about that one? My guess would be he has taken a stern vow not to let himself be talked into a situation like that ever again.

And while there are likely some men who are deeply affected by those kinds of experiences, most seem to understand the role they played in their own victimization and they get over it and move the fuck on.

Because that’s what accountability means.  That is what agency means.  That is what being an adult means.



So Belle, do us all a favor and stop peddling this ridiculous story that women are not to be trusted or believed when they report observations that don’t match up with your ideological axe.  Stop reciting this insane litany about only men being rapists and how women are never responsible for their own safety and well-being.  Quit with this “women are basically children and men should be punished for women’s bad behavior” paternalism. We’re all sick of it.


Rape culture will end when women do one thing:


Grow up.


You seem to be enjoying your fame and notoriety, Belle.  Why don’t you do some good for a change and be the first one to try?


Come on snowflake.


You can do it.


Grow the fuck up.


Lots of love,








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