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I am now officially sick of rape culture bullshit

30 Apr



Belle Knox, Duke Porn Star, sex-positive feminist and activist for sex workers has some thoughts on rape culture.  They’re stupid.  Big surprise.


I was at a friend’s house when the topic of college rape arose. I mentioned that I knew of someone who had been accused and prosecuted for sexual assault. My friend was quick to jump in and say, “Oh, I’m sure he didn’t rape anyone. The girl probably was drunk and regretted it in the morning. It happens all the time.”


How about instead of parroting the usual ideological bullshit which has been so thoroughly debunked that even RAINN is distancing itself from the words “rape culture”, how about instead of doing that, you actually listen to these women, who are supposedly your friends, and find out how they know this information?  Why don’t you begin with the assumption that these young women are not in fact emotionally immature simpletons incapable of a single original thought or observation of their own?


Try respecting women, especially the ones you call friends.


“Yeah!” my other friend chimed in, “That happens a lot. Like girls dressing all slutty then getting drunk at frat parties…”


Again, how do they know this?  Have they been to a lot of frat parties?  Are they familiar with how women act?  Do they have first hand experience observing this exact phenomenon play out? Have they had the experience themselves?


How is it that rape culture zealots can, on one hand, insist that any woman who reports a sexual assault must be believed with no questions asked, but women who appear to have some knowledge of false accusations of rape are to be shouted down and not believed for one second?  Do you trust young women to give honest accounts of their own experiences, or do you not?  Or is the case that you only choose to believe what matches your pre-conceived ideas?


Did I mention that both of my friends are 19-year-old women?

So adults then.  Glad we can agree on that.


In a few sentences, my friends had epitomized slut and victim shaming. In that moment, I felt enraged that my female friends had perpetuated rape culture.


Or, you know, they critiqued it in a way not consistent with your particular ideological stance, which is apparently forbidden? Refusing to toe the party line makes them stupid and incapable of understanding?

I also felt sad. Sad for every victim who has been or ever will be doubted because of the mainstream ideas surrounding sexual assault. When we allow ideas like this to be accepted, we only isolate the true victims and discourage them from reporting.

Look carefully there.  You have two victims: those who are doubted and the true victims.  You yourself appear not quite able to accept the mass cognitive dissonance that comes with accepting all claims of rape at face value and refusing all observations that suggest for a lot of cases there is some grounds for doubt. Even when those observations come from other members of your cohort.  Even when those observations come from your friends.


It makes me sad to know that if I were to ever become a victim of sexual assault, I likely would not be believed. And for the record: statistical studies indicate false reports make up two percent or less of the reported cases of sexual assault. (Roger Williams University, 2012)

Well, I suppose that depends, doesn’t it?  Are you a true victim or not?  The occurrence of false allegations is by no means as cut and dried as you would like it to be, which you already know. But you know, even if it were as low as you suggest, that would not matter.  The point is that false allegations of rape are not handled in a way that suggests the gravity of that accusation.  They are simply laughed away.


Our culture of victim shaming is present in subtle ways. During O-Week, I was constantly reminded to watch my drink and only walk in groups. Don’t get me wrong; these are practical tips. But essentially, they tell women that they can behave in a certain way to avoid being victimized.

Every adult person can behave in certain ways to avoid being victimized.  Why is rape such a special crime?  There are things every adult can do to avoid being mugged, which we heartily encourage, and no one for one second thinks we are victim-blaming.

Rape is a terrible crime.  But it’s not special. Sorry snowflake.

But, why don’t we tell men similar things? Why aren’t there anti-rape campaigns targeting women? Why don’t we focus on telling men not to rape, instead of telling women how to not get raped?

Because generally speaking, men don’t rape.  Rapists rape.  New information suggests there are a who lot of lady rapists out there too, but we don’t for a moment believe we need to teach all women not to rape.  Or murder their infants.  Or any other heinous crime committed by a small percentage of a large population.


I propose that we educate men about what constitutes rape. In North Carolina, having sex with someone who is legally drunk is considered rape.


Which means that if you have sex with a drunk man, you just raped him.  Perhaps you need to start your campaign teaching women that equality under the law means the laws apply to both men and snowflakes.


This is a stupid law, by the way.  Why in the hell do you want the justice system in your bedroom deciding whether you’ve had too many Cosmopolitans to have sex with your boyfriend?


Perhaps we should make it a focus during O Week [editor’s note: orientation week] to educate our students about the laws of consent, so that no one may ever revert to Robin Thicke’s mantra of “Blurred Lines.”


How about we teach young women the same thing? That hot guy who previously did not give you a second glance?  The one with beer goggles who now can’t quite make out that you are not his type?  Yeah, that one?  He won’t rape you no matter how much he has to drink.  There is no relationship between sexual aggression and alcohol intake. 


beer goggles


But you sure as hell can rape him.  Take advantage of beer goggles and you are committing rape.  You are a rapist.


How about we teach young men that when a woman says stop, they stop? Or that if a woman (or man) is drunk or unconscious, they should help them, instead of taking advantage of them?

How about we teach young women the same damn thing? An erection is not a sign of consent. A drunk guy is off limits. I’m not sure if you’re just grammatically confused, but your “they” refers to young men exclusively.  Why aren’t women under any obligation to help drunk men and women?


Our society needs a paradigm shift as it relates to our sexual assault prevention efforts. How about we stop teaching women how to not be a victim and instead attack the culture that creates the perpetrators instead?

How about we go even further:  teach everyone not to be a victim, acknowledge that there are likely just as many female perps as male and if we can all stop for ten seconds and act like responsible goddamn adults, none of this is an issue.


I dream of a day when my daughter can walk down the street without the fear of being assaulted.

Hyperbolic bullshit.  Try and at least be consistent.  Most “rapes” are committed by individuals known to the victim and do not occur while walking down the street. This is simple fear-mongering.  Better send your daughter out with a survival kit, too in case an errant tornado touches down.  It can happen!


And yes, I think that I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want without being labeled as a slut.

Oh, no doubt you do.  And I ‘m sure you would not be at all offended by a man walking down the street in yoga pants so tight you can get an accurate sperm count from half a block away.


This idea that men cannot control their impulses is archaic and offensive.

And here is where the real heart of the story lies. Go back and reconsider what your friends told you:  it is not men at all who have troubling controlling their impulses.


Alcohol + lowered inhibitions + slutty clothes + social events = women having sex they regret

It is not men getting trashed and having sex and waking up the next day looking around for someone to blame, despite the fact that lots and lots of men have sex under conditions that absolutely constitute rape.


You toss out Blurred Lines, but appear not to have actually listened to the song.  It’s the girl who is sexually aggressive.  Do you realize that?   She grabs him.  He takes that as indication of desire.  Then he lets her decide what to do next.  He makes his willingness clear, and hates that hers is not, but does nothing more than issue an invitation for her to “get at me”.

I hate these blurred lines

I know you want it

I know you want it

I know you want it

But you’re a good girl

The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty

Go ahead, get at me

And that right there is the problem.  Survey men about their sexual pasts and you will find ample evidence that rape occurs with as much frequency as female reported rape.  Here’s a particularly charming story about a female rapist, in which she appears to have zero awareness that she actually committed was probably a fairly traumatic rape:


Mary, 26, who makes the walk about every two weeks, describes her first experience as the epitome of post-hookup embarrassment. “It was New Year’s Eve,” she says, “and ignoring the fact that I was on the heaviest day of my period and had hairy legs, I basically forced myself on a guy I hated because he was the only single male at the party.” She woke up disoriented, wearing a g-string/tampon string combination.


period sex


Eww. I wonder how the guy feels about that one? My guess would be he has taken a stern vow not to let himself be talked into a situation like that ever again.

And while there are likely some men who are deeply affected by those kinds of experiences, most seem to understand the role they played in their own victimization and they get over it and move the fuck on.

Because that’s what accountability means.  That is what agency means.  That is what being an adult means.



So Belle, do us all a favor and stop peddling this ridiculous story that women are not to be trusted or believed when they report observations that don’t match up with your ideological axe.  Stop reciting this insane litany about only men being rapists and how women are never responsible for their own safety and well-being.  Quit with this “women are basically children and men should be punished for women’s bad behavior” paternalism. We’re all sick of it.


Rape culture will end when women do one thing:


Grow up.


You seem to be enjoying your fame and notoriety, Belle.  Why don’t you do some good for a change and be the first one to try?


Come on snowflake.


You can do it.


Grow the fuck up.


Lots of love,








Food = Love. Careful now. That’s a trap set by the patriarchy to encourage meaningful relationships, and we can’t have that!

26 Sep




Captain Capitalism has a theory that people whose political inclinations tend to lean left are less physically attractive than those who lean more to the right. According to the Captain, looking physically attractive takes work and effort and leftists have a strong tendency to look for someone else to blame for their problems, including having a huge ass and a muffin top that makes the People of Walmart look positively lithe.


I do NOT believe liberals and leftists are born uglier than their average conservative counterpart. It’s not like they’re genetically inferior or anything. What I am talking about is that they put A LOT LESS EFFORT into their physical appearance. Ergo, this is not a criticism of their basic, physical beauty, let alone their genetics, but it IS a criticism of their psychology. You could take that Prius-driving, 45 year old, gray haired, super skinny yoga woman who never wore make-up, never did her hair up, give her a make over and she’d come out looking just fine. Just as you could take the cowering, tubby orbiting beta with the Seth Rogen beard, through him in the gym for 3 months and have him come out looking just fine.


But that’s the not the point.


The point is to your average leftists such working out and maintenance requires effort. That AND the added risk they may still “fail” in attracting a mate. It is their pure hatred and fear of effort and competition that not only drives their political and economic ideologies, but also drives their “romantic” or “mating” ideology.


I don’t want to discuss Cappy’s theory per se, other than to point out he cites some research that suggests he may be on to something, and that more feminine looking women tend to be Republicans. It’s colloquially known as the “Michele Bachmann” effect.




What I want to discuss is how an entire worldview can play out in various aspects of one’s personal life without necessarily any awareness on the part of the actor. Liberals may not realize that in blaming the “Man” for why they have a shitty job, they are also providing the justification for not hitting the gym, but the relationship exists nonetheless.




And I want to discuss that in the context of the woman who made 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend after she made him a sandwich and he told her she was on her way to earning an engagement ring, because to him, the act of making a sandwich was an act of love. And why else do you get engaged if not for love?


To him, sandwiches are like kisses or hugs. Or sex. “Sandwiches are love,” he says. “Especially when you make them. You can’t get a sandwich with love from the deli.”


It’s actually pretty funny to see the feminist ladies at Slate’s Double XX blog and Jezebel try to understand how a woman, ANY woman, could possibly want to indicate her love for a man, and make that the basis of a potential marriage.


Who does that? Who shows a MAN they are loved and then thinks love is something that can sustain a marriage?


Amanda Hess is particularly hilarious trying to parse out the relationship between love and actions that demonstrate love.


How do we make sense of love in the time of “I’m 124 Sandwiches Away From an Engagement Ring”? The traditional romantic structures that previously organized our physical and emotional connections to other people are crumbling fast. Nobody buys one another root beer floats anymore. Everybody’s touching everybody else before they marry anyone. There are no boyfriends here. In the face of all this romantic disruption, some lovers are frantically constructing new frameworks—diamond-fishing sandwich blogs, for example—in a desperate attempt to reduce our strange and wonderful human experiences into another rote mechanical exercise. Stop. Love each other. Eat sandwiches. Don’t trade either of them for anything.


Don’t trade either of them for anything.


How can she not see that sandwiches and love are ONE AND THE SAME THING? Love is not just something you say. It’s something you do. Every day. For the rest of your life. For someone else. If you’re a heterosexual woman, that someone else is going to be a man.




And there’s the problem.


It doesn’t have to be a sandwich. It can be anything. Pizza. Cookies. Bread. A different handmade pasta every day for 300 days. Those things take skill, though. The beauty of a sandwich is that anyone can make one, regardless of their familiarity with the kitchen and the tools therein.


What it takes is a particular mindset. Your whole worldview needs to change to do something like make 300 sandwiches. You have to put the other person first, and take time out of your day, every day, to make a special effort to please another person. You think about their comfort and feelings and well-being and you put those things ahead of your own, not forever, not always, not in every single situation you will ever confront in your life together, BUT FOR THE TIME IT TAKES TO MAKE A SANDWICH.




What is that? Maybe 15 minutes? 15 minutes of your day, every day, is dedicated to the care of the person (man) you love.


And that’s just too much to trade, is it?


How sad. It’s not hard to imagine Amanda’s response, is it?


Well, what does he do for ME fifteen minutes a day? Get out the spreadsheets and start tabulating. 15 seconds to open the door for me. 45 seconds to go to the bedroom and fetch my purse because I have my boots on already and I forgot. 3 minutes to select an excellent Shiraz for our evening meal (South Africa! Try South Africa!). 8 minutes to run a hot bath and fill it with vanilla scented bubbles.


Keep careful tabs, and if he doesn’t hit the 15 minute absolute perfect trade-off mark, then fuck him and his sandwich. Chuck it in the trash. We’re after perfect equality, right? And the best way to achieve that is to be a temporal bean-counting bitch.




Yeah, okay. Good luck with that.


Jezebel wonders just how piss-poor a sandwich can be offered. If you’re gonna make someone a sandwich that he interprets as a gesture of love, then you want to put the LEAST amount of effort into that as possible, right? And maybe even try to trade off for blow-jobs instead?


Even though we now know, collectively as a Lady Monolith, how to please men, collectively as a Man Monolith, a few loose ends were left untied in Smith’s piece. Namely: how complicated a sandwich are we talking here? Would Eric still light up Stephanie’s ring finger if she just half assed the last 124 sandwiches by making him a pile of peanut butter on folded bread monstrosities? What is the minimum number of ingredients required for Eric to count it as 1/300th an engagement ring? Are there any substitutions for sandwichmaking? What’s the sandwich-to-blowjob conversion rate (my boss suggested that 1 BJ is worth 2 4-or-more-ingredient sandwiches; I’m inclined to agree)?




Where on earth does the stereotype of feminists as sulky, sour, bitter, loveless bitches come from? It’s such a mystery. There is just so much love and affection in that quote, isn’t there?


Let’s look at some of the comments. They’re so cute!



Deli sandwiches don’t have love?

Why the fuck would I want love in my sandwich? That just takes up room that could be used for sliced jalapeños and bacon. Yesterday 12:46pm


Straight up denial. Food is not love.





Exactly. I am a great cook, and my husband loves my cooking. He has never, ever, once made me feel bad for not cooking. There is a difference.

This guy is an ass, and he can certainly kiss mine. Yesterday 1:02pm


Point right over the head. He never made her feel bad. On the contrary. He told her that the love she put into making to sandwiches was NOT going unnoticed, and that he was prepared to love her forever.




This morning I made a piping hot cup of disappointment for my husband. Rich black disappointment, tinged with regret and a sense of impending loss, served piping hot with two sugars and some cream. Yesterday 12:47pm


This is funny in the way that watching socially impaired people try to interact is funny. You feel awful at the same time. Schadenfreude. That’s what the word really means. You laugh at someone’s misfortune, but at the same time you feel absolutely terrible for them. The second part has to be there in order for the word schadenfreude to be the correct choice. Laughing at someone’s misfortune is just sadism.


Trust me. My father speaks German as a first language and it always drives him nuts when people confuse sadism with schadenfreude.


This comment made me laugh, but at the same time, holy fuck, what a bitch! I feel sorry for her and her husband.


One commenter acknowledges that buddy in question is no slouch in the kitchen, but it has no effect on the Jezzie ladies.


young man cooking food in the kitchen

see you in rach-hell

I guess I’m the only person who has read her blog and realizes that their relationship seems fine, he cooks an equal amount for the both of them, and it’s not really as serious crazy-woman-desperate-to-get-married-to-a-misogynist as this article makes it sound.

Some might say the idea is sexist. “A woman in the kitchen—how Stepford Wife of you!” a friend argued. I say come over for dinner, and watch E whip up roasted duck breast with a balsamic and currant sauce with a roasted parsnip puree and shaved pickled beets in no time, and you’ll see who spends more time in the kitchen.

Some say I’m just desperate to get engaged. Hardly. I don’t have to be. E didn’t say “cook me 300 sandwiches or I’m leaving you!” He gave me a challenge—a dare, to some degree—and the type-A, Tracy Flick side of me can’t stand being challenged. I will prove to him and the rest of the world I can make the 300 sandwiches.


Seems hyperbolic to me. Yesterday 1:22pm


Nope. That kind of reasonableness won’t play here.


InterrobangUsee you in rach-hell391L

Her premise is revolting. That her husband cooks changes nothing about the fact that her blog is about making enough sandwiches to “earn” an engagement ring.


Or, you know, maybe that demonstrating the willingness to care and make an effort to provide for the other person is mutual? Seems like Stephanie has the better deal here, with Eric pureeing parsnips to go with roast duck.


Seriously, these women just can’t STAND the idea that any woman would demonstrate love by providing food for a MAN even though he obviously takes the time to provide food for her.


That is what brings me back to Captain Capitalism’s theory. Women who embrace feminism don’t seem to be able to perceive that they are encouraged to blame men for all their problems and actively hate men, and simply REFUSE to make a fucking sandwich because severe cognitive dissonance kicks in and it is impossible to reconcile all the contradictions of feminism as a philosophy.


“We don’t hate men” claim the feminists.


But make them a sandwich? Oh hell no. That will be interpreted as love and we love men so we can’t do anything that shows we love men.




Remember my advice on how to pick a wife? I mentioned providing food as being a critical condition, and I am now inclined to believe it may be the ONLY flag you need to look for.


Food = love.


A woman who doesn’t provide food for you doesn’t love you. She doesn’t have to be Julia Child. Anyone can make a sandwich. Anyone can order pizza. Anyone can fry bacon.


“Make me a sandwich?”


It really means “do you love me”?


I’d listen to the answer very carefully. A woman who refuses is likely very much a feminist, even if she won’t use the word to describe herself.


And that’s not a woman you want.


Lots of love,







People need to stop being dicks on the subway by taking up way too much space. Oh wait. No, just men need to stop doing that. More equality!

16 Sep

I’m a bit cranky today, owing to the fact that I am suffering from a wicked head cold thanks to the filthy, germ-ridden little creatures who live here with me.  Kindergarten plague. Ugh.  Even so, this tumblr has pissed me off royally.  It’s called Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train.

bag guy

Having spent a good deal of time on public transportation in Shanghai, Melbourne, Manchester, Toronto, Athens and Seattle, I know a bit about how to travel with a few manners.  I also know how to travel with a modicum of sense when it comes to protecting personal belongings.  And when I looked at these pictures, for the most part, I saw people taking reasonable precautions not to get their bags stolen, and not to trip people moving past them.


Almost all the men taking up too much space have large bags or backpacks between their feet, meaning that A) they aren’t taking up the seat next to them, and B) they can smush the bags against the lower portion of the seat so that people walking by don’t get tangled up in the straps.

bags 3

Why is this even an issue?  Well, duh, it’s because people men who sit with their legs apart and bags between them are trying to send a message to fellow travellers that they have really big dicks and that the entire world needs to stop spinning on its axis and accommodate said ginormous dicks.

fuck you week

Maybe these fucking idiots think we women are impressed when they act like their penis is so fucking big that they can’t even try to make room for you next to them on the bench. Because if there’s one thing we ladies like, it’s a monster dick the size of yule log (Happy Holidays!) and a man who won’t offer us a seat because it makes him slightly uncomfortable.

Anyway, these dudes aren’t going anywhere. They’ve been around forever (your pilgrim dick is not that big) and they’ll stay around forever (your cyborg dick doubles as a gun), so all we — women, children, the vast majority of men who understand the basic concepts of space and sitting down — can do is quietly rage and occasionally work up the courage to ask you to move your fucking legs. But that doesn’t mean we’re not glaring at you with the power of a thousand fuck yous when we see you treat the service that we all pay the equal amount to use like it’s your own fucking castle. Trust us, the major dick here is not in your pants — it’s you. You’re the fucking dick, so close your legs or go fuck yourself.

That little screed was part of the delightful Fuck You Week at Jezebel, and demonstrates the usual level of vitriol, bitterness, stupidity and hate we have come to expect from the ladies at good ole Jez.

Because you KNOW it’s only ever men who sit with their legs apart on the tube, right?


And women never, ever keep their bags between their feet.


And they certainly never collapse over into someone else’s seat.

Fat woman in subway, Fat Frau in U-Bahn, Grosse femme dans le métro, Tlustá ¸ena v metru

Nor do they ever take up an inordinate amount of space giving each other pedicures on the fucking train.

women 7

They never fall alseep with their legs splayed.


And they never, ever sport asses so huge they have little choice but to take up two seats.

bus 3

They don’t take up the seat next to them with their bags.

bus 2

Women never carry giant bags you just know are gonna end up shoved in someone’s crotch.


They don’t spread out their legs at the bus stop, cramming Doritos (or whatever healthy snack that is) into their fat maws while airing out the lady cave for passerbys.  Nope.  That neeeeeeeever happens.


This kind of idiocy and first world problem bullshit makes me so angry because it seems deliberately designed to encourage women to get on trains or other forms of public transportation, ignore all the women doing the EXACT SAME FUCKING THINGS, and just spend the journey “leaning in” to perfect their hatred of men.

It irritates me because there is no reason for it. Everyone can be as asshole on the train or bus, and sometimes the things that we consider “asshole” behaviour actually have a pretty good reason behind them.  One of my pet peeves is parents with monster strollers on public transportation.  Or anywhere for that matter.  Strollers are not required.  The number of times I took a stroller on public transportation and forced other people to trip and squish themselves against an ugly, wheeled monstrosity:  ZERO!

Hello, baby sling.

baby sling

Strollers are not required equipment, and taking them on public transportation makes most of the stroller brigade assholes.

Now, having said that, I travelled with Pixie on public transportation with 5 year old LittleBear in one of those gigantic jogging strollers that everyone had to contort themselves to get around.  LittleBear has had his abdominal muscles cut through 63 TIMES, and he isn’t very good at standing up on the subway, so fuck all the haters – he was in a super comfy stroller that maximized his comfort and forced everyone else into some momentary discomfort.


So sad, too bad.  LittleBear had a good reason to be in stroller.  Most kids have no reason.  Their parents are just dicks.

It happens.  People are assholes.  They act as though the whole damn world belongs to them, and everyone else should just put up and shut up.  What this tumblr blog is claiming is that MEN, and ONLY MEN are assholes on public transportation, and that really, really annoys me.

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m in a really foul mood today owing to the fact that I despise being colonized by the snot virus, but it seems to me that the level of hate has been ratcheted up a notch lately.  Hannah Roisin, in a recent Slate column, proclaimed that the patriarchy is dead, and that it serves little purpose for women to continue to blame their problems on a nebulous at best entity that hasn’t been in evidence in North America for at least the last 70 years.

Marble Gravestone

Critics responded by creating a list of 39 things the “patriarchy” is responsible for, including vajazzling, juice cleanses, cardio pole-dancing, peak fertility and the fact that women can’t seem to nail down those pesky Nobel Prizes in any meaningful category.

Yeah, peak fertility is totally the fault of patriarchy.  And so are cupcake shaped vibrators.  Totally rapey patriarchy.


Really? That’s your fucking argument?  You’re oppressed by vibrators shaped like cupcakes?

Meanwhile, in the real news, boys continue to slide behind girls in academic achievements, which has profound consequences for our whole society and economy because boys are the ones who grow up to actually MAKE SHIT THAT WE USE.   You know, when they’re not cooling off their gonads on the train.

The achievement gap has life and death consequences for working class men, and men of color, in particular.

“Nearly half of young men of color age 15 to 24 who graduate from high school will end up unemployed, incarcerated or dead.”

Nearly half!   We are throwing away nearly half of our young men of color and the shape of your vibrator is the key issue feminists want addressed?

fuck off

It’s not like the problem is even difficult to remedy.  Bring back vocational and technical training at the high school level – areas of education traditionally dominated by boys, who have this weird little quirk that makes them want to DO USEFUL SHIT.

shop class

The American system for preparing young people to lead productive and prosperous lives as adults is clearly badly broken.

Failure to aggressively overcome this challenge will surely erode the fabric of our society. The American Dream rests on the promise of economic opportunity, with a middle class lifestyle for those willing to work for it. Yet for the millions of young Americans entering adulthood lacking access to marketable skills, the American Dream may be just an illusion, unlikely ever to come within their grasp. If we fail to better prepare current and future teens and young adults, their frustration over scarce and inferior opportunities is likely to grow, along with economic inequality. The quality of their lives will be lower, the costs that they impose on society will be higher, and many of their potential contributions to society will go unrealized. This is a troubling prospect for any society and almost certainly a recipe for national decline.

For all the impressive gains women have made in education and labor force participation, they are incapable of preventing national decline, and indeed, may even be hastening it.

Girls don’t typically grow up to do useful shit that we NEED as an economy and society to survive.  Boys are the ones who grow into the men who do the hard, dirty, difficult, challenging work of creating our machines and keeping them running.  Work that typically doesn’t take place in an air-conditioned office, and tends to be hell on manicures.


The skilled trades sector is in precipitous decline, with few workers in the pipeline to replace the aging workforce.

The majority of those workers are men, and no doubt, will continue to be men, who express more interest in the skilled trades than women.

employment sector

We’re throwing away half of our young men of color, denying all young men the opportunity to learn the skills they need to contribute to society in the way they WANT TO which happens to coincide with the way we NEED them to, and the problem we’re gonna talk about is that they take up too much space on the trains?

trains high

The trains that men designed?

Most engineers are men.

That men built?

Most manufacturing, especially heavy manufacturing jobs are held by men.

That men drive?

Most train conductors are men. In fact, the 2010 census shows 0% of women working as locomotive engineers, which means there are a few, but not enough to reach 1% of the total workforce.

That men maintain?


Another 0% of women work as railroad brake, signal, and switch operators, while a whopping 6% of conductors and yardmasters are women.

I have an idea.  How about until we have a rail line with trains that were designed by women, built by women, maintained by women, driven by women –  how about women shut the fuck up about how much space men take up on the train?

And try taking up a little less space yourself.

women 5

And perhaps, just perhaps, we should start talking about just who is going to continue to run our national transportation network when we throw all our public resources into educating more baristas of arts and ignore the boys who will grow up to design, build, operate and maintain our basic infrastructure?

The patriarchy may be dead, but the matriarchy certainly isn’t, and it looks poised to bring the whole world to a standstill.


Force boys into smaller and smaller spaces, and you destroy us all.

How very clever.

Lots of love,


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