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Vaccinating babies? Nope.

5 Feb

[Updated to add: 97 papers citing correlations between autism and vaccines, which should prompt further investigation using unvaccinated children as a control group]

We did not vaccinate our children as infants.


My husband and I (who both have advanced college degrees) made the decision together, influenced by epidemiological studies showing correlations (not causation, just troubling correlations) between increasing infant vaccinations and autism. I am perfectly aware that the epidemiology studies that track the introduction of new vaccines and soaring rates of autism and other neurological conditions are purely descriptive – they are noting a correlation and that is all. That notation is intended to be subject to critical thinking and further investigation. It’s merely a canary.


A 2010 paper continues to confirm a correlation, and nothing more. Is this worth looking into? That is the only question being posited.


The fact that autism is listed as a potential side effect on package inserts is a little troubling, the establishment of the Vaccine Injury Court, the potential for death from vaccines and the curious reluctance of the CDC or any national health organization to investigate the relationship between vaccines and autism using completely unvaccinated children as a control group all led to us deciding we would not begin childhood immunizations until the children were at a body weight and level of development to handle the doses. We further skewed the schedule to spread it out over 12 years (from 6 -18) to minimize potential side-effects, that have neither been confirmed nor denied.


I find it amusing that critics are quick to point out that parents who choose to forgo or delay vaccinations tend to be white, college- educated, well-off married couples equally divided between political spectrums, but who are simultaneously uneducated, stupid, conspiracy-prone, religious fanatics incapable of critical thought.

Or perhaps precisely the sort of people who might read medical package inserts, peruse epidemiology studies and note that if the control group is not unvaccinated your results are limited at best?

The California-Oregon survey was particularly alarming. Jenny McCarthy has now attached herself to Generation Rescue (who commissioned, but did not carry out the survey) but she was not even on the radar when our first child was born. In a survey of over 10K households including 17K+ children (that’s a damn good sample size) with just under 1K unvaccinated children, vaccinated boys had a 155% greater chance of being diagnosed with a neurological disorder than unvaccinated boys. When it comes to ADHD, vaccinated boys from ages 11-17 had a 317% greater chance of being diagnosed than unvaccinated boys.


Telephone surveys are frequently used by the CDC as a preliminary investigation, with startling results generally followed up with more rigorous investigation. To date, the CDC has shown zero interest in investigating differences in neurological (or any other) disorders in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, despite the existence of a large cohort of unvaccinated children to examine and outbreaks of communicable diseases that might possibly be prevented with mandatory vaccinations, provided the results from the unvaccinated cohorts were not statistically  significant. The standard “ethical considerations” claptrap appears to be nothing more than an avoidance technique. Yes, double blind studies are the gold standard for medical research, but we were curiously able to establish a link between smoking and lung cancer without randomly assigning people to smoke or not and then watch who died. Recall the vigorous protests from tobacco backed “scientists” that there was no link between smoking and lung cancer

Let’s not be naïve. There is a lot of money at stake with routine vaccinations. To think that has no influence on vaccine “science” is dangerously ludicrous.

My children did not begin routine childhood vaccinations until 6 years of age and will not complete all vaccinations until they are 18 (Hep B – something you get from hookers, shooting heroin and filthy tattoo parlors. That vaccine is currently administered within the first few days of life because we all know newborns have a penchant for hookers, heroin and tattoos, amirite?). I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am a delayed vaxxer. My husband and I went and got our titres and necessary boosters and allowed our children to develop their immune systems for a few years before introducing serious pathogens.

Our three children have no allergies of any kind, no congenital illnesses, no neurological disorders, no learning disabilities or other sensory processing disorders. They are rarely ill with common cold viruses or sore throats or coughs or any of the normal childhood illnesses. They have never had any of the vaccine preventable communicable diseases and likely never will, because they are in fact, now vaccinated against most (as noted, the Hep B will not be administered until they are 18). This is likely a function of the fact that they are affluent, well-fed, not subjected to any particular stresses in terms of family or social relationships, but not necessarily. There is a small chance it’s because we didn’t poison them with neurotoxins throughout their infancy.

Now, for those people who are going to begin dropping links into the comments proving that there is no causal link between autism and vaccines, look first at the control group. Normally, with these studies, you will see something like this:

Hypothesis: Mercury containing MMR vaccines cause autism

 The study will then proceed to round up several hundred children, half of whom had MMR shots containing mercury plus all their other vaccines and a second cohort that had MMR vaccines without mercury plus all their other vaccines and both groups have equally appalling rates of autism and therefore vaccines don’t cause autism.

Those studies will get a big lol from me. All they prove is that the mercury content of a single vaccine does not significantly affect what are undeniably appalling rates of autism.

If you can find a study, other than the California-Oregon phone survey that uses completely unvaccinated children as a control group, I’m interested in seeing it.

Let’s be clear: I am not asserting a causal relationship between autism and routine infant vaccinations. I am asserting that there is a worthwhile question to be explored. If there is no relationship between vaccines and autism, then let us prove that conclusively by taking advantage of the existence of a huge cohort of unvaccinated children and compare them, rigorously, to their vaccinated counterparts.


There is, after all, a strong correlation between autism and organic food sales, too. Pretty sure that one is a coincidence. There are many, many, many parents, like myself and my husband, who are not so sure the correlation between vaccines and autism is mere happenstance. We want proof.

And that proof is reasonably easy to determine given that the control group has self-selected.

So let the CDC get busy and begin. Is there some legitimate reason they might not want to?

Lots of love,


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