5 reasons every woman should marry and 1 reason she might not

8 Apr

Women should marry

So many women showed up at the why men shouldn’t marry article to claim men are paranoid and they should just trust women and hope for the best, so I decided to flip the genders just to demonstrate how crazy the current laws are, and just how much they favor women.

A funny thing about the “wage gap” is that it’s very strong evidence for female privilege. In emerging economies like India orChina (40% of engineers in China are women), when a woman from the peasant class has a shot at university, she does not waste it studying dance or pottery painting or Women’s Studies. She grabs a STEM degree, because it assures her a labor market position that will allow her to rescue her entire family from dire poverty. Women in the first world don’t have to worry about that and are free to earn degrees in thinking, talking, reading, feeling and taking care of little kids because they always have an option.

They can exploit a man through his wallet…

This should go over well.


5 reasons no man should marry and 1 reason he might

7 Apr


As I mentioned yesterday, here is the new Thought Catalog piece I wrote.

Being legally married is like having a loaded gun in my hand. I can choose not to pull the trigger, but ultimately his life is in my hands, and that is unfair. No one should have the right to destroy another person, but legal marriage gives women exactly that power. 70% of young men in the US are unmarried, and for the 30% who went ahead and put a ring on it? Good luck. Here are 5 reasons no man should consider getting married, and one reason he might.

The comments should be interesting.

Buzzfeed’s balls are firmly in feminism’s purse

6 Apr buzz

Buzzfeed Community is a place where anyone can post anything they like. Community posts are buried so deep in the site’s architecture that it’s basically impossible to find them unless you have the specific link. I put up two articles over there in Community and passed out the links, so the posts got viewed quite a lot. The general idea behind the site is that posts that generate a lot of buzz get shifted (at the discretion of editors) to the feed, and can subsequently end up mainpaged, hence the name Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed automatically generated emails to me when my first post was viewed one thousand times, and then again when it was viewed ten thousand times, earning me some “rewards”.



When the second post went up, the emails stopped and I have heard not a peep from Buzzfeed since then. I can see from my own blog that the links have been viewed over 1K times from my site alone, but it seems like the powers that be at Buzz don’t wike me.


Janet is scary! New ideas are frightening! They don’t want to know how many people share my thoughts. La la la I can’t hear you….

Oh  well. I kind of knew that would happen, but it’s somewhat amusing to see it confirmed. I must be the only community user with thousands upon thousands of views that the editors are just ignoring. Likely someone is super pissed that even within the Buzzfeed community, the response to both articles has been positive.


I was testing whether or not Buzzfeed has a business model, or if the editors are motivated purely by ideology. Buzzfeed needs to figure out which side of history it wants to be on, and whether thinking critically about gender issues will deliver them eyeballs for advertisers.

Or they can prepare to die.

I’m waiting for my new piece to go up at Thought Catalog, where editors aren’t terrified of new ideas and are willing, able and ready to engage with reality and not just ideology. I’ll post a link when it’s up.  In the meantime, enjoy this video of a woman beating the crap out of her boyfriend for texting another girl, and watch what happens when he fights back.

Patriarchy: delivering male privilege one psycho bitch at a time.

Lots of love,


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