The Fitness Test – Chapter 28 is live

11 Apr

Fitness Test

[Edited to add: 29 is now live, too. I will have a to take a short break to study guerrilla war tactics before I can continue. It shouldn’t take too long.]

In the home stretch, and I’ve floundered a lot with this one, but think I’m back on track now. My primary concern is not to write one of those stupid “black character redeems evil white person” caricatures. I want Copernicus to be as strong and defiant as Lowin, but I also don’t want to make him responsible for her being a total twat.

5 reasons every woman should marry and 1 reason she might not

8 Apr

Women should marry

So many women showed up at the why men shouldn’t marry article to claim men are paranoid and they should just trust women and hope for the best, so I decided to flip the genders just to demonstrate how crazy the current laws are, and just how much they favor women.

A funny thing about the “wage gap” is that it’s very strong evidence for female privilege. In emerging economies like India orChina (40% of engineers in China are women), when a woman from the peasant class has a shot at university, she does not waste it studying dance or pottery painting or Women’s Studies. She grabs a STEM degree, because it assures her a labor market position that will allow her to rescue her entire family from dire poverty. Women in the first world don’t have to worry about that and are free to earn degrees in thinking, talking, reading, feeling and taking care of little kids because they always have an option.

They can exploit a man through his wallet…

This should go over well.

5 reasons no man should marry and 1 reason he might

7 Apr


As I mentioned yesterday, here is the new Thought Catalog piece I wrote.

Being legally married is like having a loaded gun in my hand. I can choose not to pull the trigger, but ultimately his life is in my hands, and that is unfair. No one should have the right to destroy another person, but legal marriage gives women exactly that power. 70% of young men in the US are unmarried, and for the 30% who went ahead and put a ring on it? Good luck. Here are 5 reasons no man should consider getting married, and one reason he might.

The comments should be interesting.

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