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No, women should NOT be in combat. Are you fucking kidding me?

28 Nov

So a couple of lady soldiers are suing the US Military because blah blah blah… combat soldiers.  I don’t really give a fuck what their argument is, the answer should be simple:


It’s not a matter of whether women CAN be soldiers.  Although on average, most of them can’t.  Women have screeched their sassy little lungs out for access to elite training and not a one of them can hack it.  Washed out.  LADY FAIL!  It’s the goddamn MARINES, ladies.  Of course you’re not gonna make it.  Most men can’t make it. What hope is there for women?


But even if they COULD, the answer should still be one great big resounding NO FUCKING WAY!


There is value in having cultural space that is just for men and ONLY men.  There is one huge cultural space reserved as the sole province of women and there is nothing nature or culture can do to change that:  the child bed.

Women, and only women, face down fear and pain and a test of the limits of their physical capacity and without medical interventions, a good many of them would face certain death. Bringing a baby into this world is something that MOST women will go through, and it is one of the most exhausting, agonizing and ultimately transcendent experiences any woman can have.  And it is reserved solely and specifically for women.


And don’t give me any shit about the pregnant “man”.


Thomas Beattie is NOT A MAN.  He is a woman who took artificial hormones to mimic external male characteristics, and in order to use the uterus and ovaries he was born with, he had to STOP TAKING THOSE HORMONES, in effect becoming 100% woman again.

Combat is the male version of childbirth.  Men are either drafted or freely choose to face down fear, pain, a test of their physical limits and a very real possibility of death.  Unpleasant, agonizing, torturous death. The battlefield is a sacred space that belongs to men, and women have no business being there at all.  Women should be in the military in support capacities, certainly.  Nurses, supply clerks, truck drivers, mechanics, communications specialists, anything and everything EXCEPT COMBAT.

It doesn’t matter if women can be effective soldiers and killers.  Duh.  Of course they can.  They prefer to kill children, but whatevs.  This isn’t about women.  It’s about men and whether we are going to reserve one cultural space for them exclusively. One place where men and only men are permitted to rule. Where they risk their lives, and often lose them.  And in turn, we mourn their loss and celebrate their life and give thanks for their sacrifice.


There are a number of de facto spaces that are NOT reserved solely for men, but seem to be populated by them anyways:  on all the dirty, dangerous, isolated and physically demanding jobsites around the world.

Coal mines

Oil rigs

Tar pits

Power lines

Long distance trucks

Iron and steel works

Lumber mills


Fishing trawlers

Men do these jobs.  Why?  Because they’re hard, that’s why!  If women are so determined to get in a dick measuring contest with the toughest of men, let them strap on a safety line and haul their asses up the nearest high voltage transmission tower or out onto an oil rig in the middle of the North Atlantic.  There are plenty of places on this planet that are dark and dirty and isolated, where the work will be brutal and physically demanding and test every ounce of strength you have.  Wanna go head to head with the boys?  Fine.  Get thee to an ice trawler.

But stay the fuck out of combat.  You are not wanted.  This is not your voyage.

Lots of love,


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