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Bitter old feminist is bitter and old.

12 Mar


Janet Street Porter. Oh this woman is just delightful. Let’s take her apart, shall we?


When these brain-dead bimbos finally grow up, they’ll realise we need the F-word (that’s feminism) more than ever

(Janet is in italics)

Let’s talk about the F-word. Many young women today regard feminism as a dirty word, a cause they say has no relevance to their own lives.

To my generation, that’s a real cause for concern — whatever happened to the notion of sisterhood?

Which sisterhood would that be, Janet? The one that thinks calling OTHER WOMEN brain-dead bimbos is an expression of solidarity? Pass, thanks.


In a recession, women ought to be united, looking out for each other, being supportive — especially when huge numbers of us are being laid off, ordered to work fewer hours and having our benefits cut.

That would explain why the recession is called the mancession. Because most manufacturing and construction jobs, the hardest hit segments of the economy, were held by women, right? And the obvious solution to gender inequality is to band together on the basis of gender, even if you do think I’m a brain-dead bimbo. Riiiiiiight. Good plan.


Worse, a distressing number of modern girls think you get on in life by looking good, not because of what’s between your ears — celebrity culture promotes the notion that it’s perfectly acceptable to judge other females on first impressions.

Because bimbo is a term that suggests deeply nuanced thought?

The world of The Only Way Is Essex and the Kardashians, of fake tans, Rihanna, Tamara Ecclestone and Katie Price focuses to an unhealthy degree on the external packaging we should strive for in order to attract the opposite sex and be successful at work.

These brain-dead creeps tottering around in crippling shoes and body-con frocks, with frozen faces, a mane of hair extensions, false nails and thick eyelashes should be thanking my generation for what we achieved, not treating us as embarrassing pariahs!

Awww. That’s so sweet, the way you support other women and don’t judge them by their appearances. What’s the matter, bitch? Jealous?

Back in the Sixties, we campaigned for equal pay, better childcare and our rightful place in the boardrooms of Britain. With the long-awaited Labour victory in 1997, more women than ever took their places in the Commons — and posed for that (fateful, as it turned out) Blair’s Babes picture with Tony, who looked like the cat who got the cream.

Well, sweetie, if you managed to do equal work, you might have a shot at equal pay. And how nice that you decided a child’s mother isn’t the best person to care for that child. No one has a “right” to a position in a boardroom. You have to earn that, doll.


Since that day, when we thought we stood at the beginning of a new era (ha ha), feminism has gradually waned in popularity, along with the number of women in power.

Gosh, with women like you representing the movement, I can’t figure out why that might be?

Which is why I want to send out this message to young women — feminism is nothing to be ashamed of. We still have so much to fight for.

We? Oh, are you talking to me? So sorry. I was busy being a brain dead creepy bimbo. It takes up so much of time, you see.

Don’t expect politicians to be supportive — they’ve turned out to be our worst enemies.

In spite of David Cameron’s pleas that he ‘understands’ women, an increasing number of female voters are unimpressed — they’ve seen his government cut legal aid and child benefit.

Goddammit, David! Don’t you understand that we are OWED child benefits and legal aid? Do you seriously expect me to use my own money to pursue my false rape charge?

old bailey

Where’s free childcare? Why isn’t there a quota to get women fairly represented in the boardrooms of the top UK companies — bizarre when we wield the most purchasing power?

Yeah, seriously. Why should I have to care for my own children? That’s stupid. And why should I have to EARN a position at the boardroom table. That kind of bullshit is for MEN. I want a fucking quota for women! Right now!

Cameron has admitted his wife Sam is unhappy with his failure to promote women (fewer of us than ever in the Cabinet), but he needs to keep his fellow MPs happy, and rank-and-file Tories are not exactly female-friendly.

As for the Lib Dems, embarrassing revelations about Lord Rennard and alleged sexual harassment of young female party workers reinforce the message that Westminster is a boys’ club.

Is Sam equally unhappy at the fact that very few women have any interest in political leadership, and even fewer are in any way qualified to lead?

Politics, in spite of Blair’s Babes, remains a macho environment — and a recent report entitled Sex And Power 2013: Who Runs Britain? reckons the UK has fallen 37 places internationally since 2001 to joint 60th in the world when it comes to women at the top in public life — the law, the city, the civil service, parliament and education.

You do know that being macho is not the same thing as being a man, right? No more so than being a woman makes you feminine. You can go look in a mirror if that comes as a surprise to you.


Only one in five MPs is female.

And in every race, there was a female candidate, right? No? Well then, how is it you expect women to be elected when they DON’T RUN? Perhaps you need to review how elections actually work.

That’s why feminism is still relevant today — we haven’t even won round one of the battle for true equality.

Except the one about being allowed to kill any man’s baby should said baby be inconvenient. Except the one about being able to force a man to pay for a child he does not want and did not intend. Except the one about being the presumed custodial parent in divorce proceedings. Except the one where the entire education system is skewed to reflect women’s natural skills and interests.

Oh wait. That isn’t equality either, is it? Well, okay. I’ll give you that. You haven’t won any rounds in the battle for equality. Supremacy? Yes. Equality? No.


New research indicates that today’s young women think of themselves as ‘empowered individuals’, who claim they rarely encounter discrimination at work and are comfortable in their relationships with the opposite sex.

How dare they?!?! Comfortable with men? The slags! They don’t experience discrimination? Those stupid whores. Empowered my ass. Empowered means every bad feeling you have must be blamed on men and if you aren’t running smack into the patriarchy every day, you are just doing it wrong.


Many say feminist is a term that applies to lesbians and women who hate men.

Hmmm. Now why would that be?

I want to weep — are these women living in dreamland, brainwashed into thinking all’s right in the world, when the reality is so different?

You know that philosophical conundrum where you can’t tell if you’re dreaming you’re awake? Yeah, maybe Janet, it is YOU who is living in a dreamland and the brain dead bimbos are living in reality.

They are smug and self-satisfied, when they should be taking a long, hard look at the realities of life in modern Britain.

Fact: for older women, life has just got much tougher. Nearly 30,000 of us (three times the number of men) have to continue working in our 60s because of the rise in the pension age. Losing out on a pension we spent all their lives paying for, as well as paying tax on our wages. Talk about a double negative!

Call the waaaaahmbulance. Ladies have to work longer. No fair! Just because they live longer, on average, than men is no reason to ask them to work a bit longer. Life is too cruel. Oh, the injustice!

Fewer women than ever are married, and more are choosing not to have children. Those who do are increasingly starting a family later in life.

All of which indicates the growth of a ‘me first’ mentality, which may be admirable, as it means more independence, rewarding careers and sexual freedom, but I suspect many (younger) women forget that inevitably they will one day be old, needing care and support.

No, darling, I think it’s YOU who forgot that. When you older feminists chucked out your husbands and aborted your babies, you gave new meaning to the “me first” mentality. And now that you have no men to love and no children, you’re bitter and lonely. You made your bed, cupcake. Get ready to sleep in it.


They aren’t bothering to save for that grim day, and credit card bills have never been higher.

In business, many have decided that rather than try to struggle to the top of a male-dominated company, they will start their own businesses, where they set the rules — 90,000 did so in 2008.

Entrepreneurs who want flexible hours and more out of life than just the satisfaction of beating men, which is actually really hard to do. God they suck.

Good luck, but the route they have chosen is not only financially risky and demanding, but side-steps the big issue, the need to overhaul the UK’s male-dominated leadership culture.

Why is this a need, again? Men have created and built and invented and improved on every modern convenience and technology and tool we have at our disposal. Seems to me that male-dominated leadership is doing great!

Why are those in power so frightened of giving women (the majority of the population, at 51 per cent) an equal number of seats at the table?

Why do women think they should be GIVEN a seat at the table? You know how men get to the table? THEY EARN IT BY WORKING HARD. Want a seat? Get your ass in gear and earn it then.


Why should change be ‘gradual’? There are 30 million women in the UK, and yet two-thirds of all public appointments go to men.

How many of those 30 million women are qualified to do anything other than clean up after or care for other people? No one forces women to be secretaries and nurses and teachers. They CHOOSE those jobs. Housewives for other people.


And what kind of women do these men choose to work with? Researchers have found that bosses, faced with two equally qualified candidates, are more likely to choose the one they find attractive or even secretly fancy.

No!?! Shocked I tell you! The fact that men are valued for their height is immaterial, right? Because with a trip to the hair salon and some time at the gym, you can totally alter your height? I’d say the advantage here goes to women.


Look at the online abuse heaped on respected academic and broadcaster Mary Beard after she appeared on Question Time — it won’t all have come from men. This woman has the effrontery to have grey hair and characterful teeth — hardly a crime.

Nope. Not a crime at all. Of course, having nice teeth and pigmented hair isn’t a crime either, Janet.

I’m sure many young women secretly thought Mary should get her act together and smarten up — in their eyes, we should ‘make the most of ourselves’.

Oh hell, no. You’re so lovely just as you are. Why on earth should you change? You’re perfect!

Futurologist Ian Pearson wrote a recent essay for the International Longevity Centre claiming that in the past women united against men (ie back in the Sixties) — but these days women are divided into groups, each fighting for their own special interests. Pretty versus plain, young versus old. Skilled versus unskilled. Either way, older women are being ignored.

Well, except for the pretty, skilled old women. They seem to be doing just fine.


Social networking means younger women can easily network with others who share their interests and lifestyles — many have less sympathy for an older generation.

Gosh, why it’s almost like there’s some kind of ….. sisterhood! And all the old, bitter bitches who call women bimbos and brain dead and judge them by their appearances are being left out. It’s a mystery, folks! Like the origins of the universe. So difficult to cipher.


Young women have benefited at work and risen up to managerial roles and decent pay (even outstripping men in some professions in their late 20s and early 30s), whereas women in their 50s tend to work in lower grades, earning far less than men of the same age.

Well, maybe that’s because men in their 50s choose to acquire some actual skills, which combined with their experience, makes them very valuable. That’s children’s literature degree will only get so much mileage.

To many young women, the old are the enemy, or the problem they don’t want to think about.

Only when the old are bitter hags shrieking insults at them. They seriously have better things to do than listen to moany feminists call them bimbos.


Look at the outcry over the lack of older women on television — there’s hardly been a groundswell of support from any of the young females who dominate prime-time television.

Ah, so there you have it. Young women dominate. Those bitches. It’s fine to dominate MEN, but they shouldn’t be kicking the big girl’s butts.

Discrimination is something you only care about when it happens to you. By the time today’s young women reach later life, who will pay for their care (and the number of women in residential homes far outstrips men) and look after them?

The fact that you haven’t saved enough money to pay for your own care is not DISCRIMINATION, dearie. It’s stupid financial planning. Your future is YOUR responsibility.

When they discover their state pensions are pitiful, they have no savings and they can’t heat their homes or buy food, perhaps they might stop and consider how very different life might have been if the sisterhood had stuck together and fought for equal representation.

Ok, now I’m lost. The sisterhood was going after rich pensions, lots of cash, free heat and food – and that was to be paid for by whom, again? And are men getting these things, too?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

You know which ladies will have all those things? The ones who got married and stayed married. The ones who fell in love with a man, pledged their lives to him, had children, launched them the from nest and then grew old together. The ones who walked through life with a man at their side.

old couple


At the end of the day, your sisters don’t matter. Your husband does.

Oh snap!

Lots of love,


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