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Obama takes the election. Yay for single mothers?

7 Nov

JudgyBitch is glad she isn’t eligible to vote in the US elections, because the whole thing is such a clusterfuck of ideological posturing, she wouldn’t know what to do.  Unlike many other developed nations, the United States is a deeply divided country, with a whole whack of people who will vote AGAINST their own economic interests for the sake of personal beliefs about abortion, gay marriage, birth control, etc. none of which really matter when compared to oh, a 16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT.


On the one hand, NOT having a national health care program is INSANE.  On the other hand, NOT having a robust military is also INSANE.  And the United States can’t afford BOTH.  They have to choose.  The US, like it or not, is the global police officer, and the rest of us live relatively secure lives because of that.  Take a country like Canada, the northern neighbour to the US.  Canada has national health care, year long paid maternity leaves, generous unemployment and retirement benefits, an enviable public school system, affordable universities and colleges and a super smug attitude about how superior they are to the United States of America.



What Canada does NOT have is a military capable of defending their country.  Oh, sure, they have a small force that can be deployed for PEACEKEEPING (cue smug smiles all around), and they own a FEW jets and tanks and some really old submarines, but only a tiny fraction of their income goes to military spending.  Why is that?  Because they live under the shield of the American military.  If any country seriously threatened Canada, the US would respond with shock and awe force, since the two countries have such deeply aligned interests.

This frees up a whole lot of money for lovely social programs, which is nice, isn’t it?  It’s like living in a fenced in community that the guy in the biggest house paid for.  All the security, none of the costs.  It’s not really any different in Europe.  Small militaries are maintained, but there is no country in Europe that could defend itself completely without the help of the US.  We all live behind the fence that Americans pay for.

Vote for Obama and vote for increased social spending, reduced military spending, higher taxes, civil rights for all (yes, gay marriage should be legal! Don’t be an asshole.), free birth control (do we need more poor black people?) and guaranteed access to abortion (see http://judgybitch.com/2012/10/19/yes-abortion-is-killing-a-baby-do-you-really-want-to-hand-a-psycho-bitch-a-baby/for my feelings on that!).  Some good, some bad.

Vote for Romney and vote for reduced social spending, increased military spending, lower taxes, legal prejudice against gay people, limited access to birth control and severely restricted access to abortion.  Great.

Obama wants to spend even MORE government money on poor people and single mothers, and he is willing to raise taxes to pay for those programs.  Okay.  Romney wants to spend MORE money the US doesn’t have on the military all the while putting in place programs that will see an explosion of unwanted babies born to the poor (the rich can always get birth control and abortion), and he doesn’t want to raise taxes to pay for that.  Apparently, the Money Fairy will be paying for food stamps for all the poor babies.  Unless he plans on letting them starve?  In which case, why not kill them before they are born?

What a fucking mess.  Why doesn’t the US have any sane candidates to choose from?

At the end of the day, the election comes down to rich people versus poor people, single mothers versus married wives, people who work to pay for their own lives and people who want the government to pay for their basic necessities, which is just a way of taking money away from the rich and giving it to the poor.  The reality is that poor people aren’t going anywhere, and yes, we have an obligation to take care of them, and especially to take care of their children (children don’t get to pick their parents).


A sane candidate would support robust social programs for the CHILDREN of the poor.  Hot meals, warm clothing and a solid education, all delivered directly to the child through the school system. Their parents can go fuck themselves.  You’re a grown-up, figure it out.  You made choices, now live with them.  And when the children of the poor get to be 18 and the government cash stops rolling in, they have a choice, too.  They can go to college, have all their food and health care needs taken care of and have it all paid for, too.  It’s called the military.


The best social program in the world.  And the one that keeps the rest of us safe and sound in a world that seems mad sometimes. On election day, let’s have a cheer for the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave.  Try to imagine the world without them.  It would probably look something like this:


And that’s a world we don’t want to contemplate.

Lots of love,


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