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Male booksellers unite in a call to end the sexist objectification of men’s bodies on the covers of romance novels. Enough with this six-pack shit!

28 May

In the wake of radical feminist groups in the UK calling for an end to sexist, objectifying “lad mags”, radical masculinist groups have united calling for an end to sexist, objectifying “romance novels”.

cover 1

The Lose the Lady Porn campaign by UK Masculinism and Object is calling on high-street retailers to immediately withdraw romance novels and magazines featuring pornographic front covers from their stores. Each one of these stores is a workplace. Displaying these publications in workplaces, and/or requiring staff to handle them in the course of their jobs, may amount to sex discrimination and sexual harassment contrary to the Equality Act 2010. Similarly, exposing customers to these publications in the process of displaying them is capable of giving rise to breaches of the Equality Act.


High-street retailers are exposing staff and, in some cases, customers to publications whose handling and display may breach equality legislation. Displaying romance novels and pornographic magazines (under the guise of “fitness”) in “mainstream” shops results in the involuntary exposure of staff and, in some cases, customers to pornographic images.

cover 5

Every mainstream retailer which stocks romance novels is vulnerable to legal action by staff and, where those publications are visibly on display, by customers. There are, in particular, examples of staff successfully suing employers in respect of exposure to pornographic material at work. Such exposure is actionable where it violates the dignity of individual employees or customers, or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them. We therefore call on such retailers to urgently heed the call to Lose the Ladies Porn.


UK Masculinism director Kurt Banyard said so-called ladies porn fuelled sexist attitudes and behaviour by portraying men as “sex objects”.

cover 3

He told the BBC the images caused “real harm”.

“They promote sexist attitudes and behaviours – attitudes which underpin a view of men as mere utilities that can be used and discarded by women at will,” he said.

cover 7

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said: “Major retailers understand their responsibilities to staff and customers.

“BRC members don’t sell anything it isn’t legal to sell and they have long followed joint industry guidelines, as well as taking their own independent voluntary action, to make sure that front covers which may concern some people are displayed discreetly.

cover 4

“Our members regard their stores as family-friendly environments which is why conversations with staff and customers about what they believe is appropriate will continue.”


Here at JudgyBitch, we applaud Mr. Banyard and all his followers for their well-guided and well-intentioned demands to censor the lustful, degrading and dehumanizing impulses of female sexuality, and while we understand that women will always hunger for a tall, handsome, partially clad man sporting impressive abdominal muscles, we agree with Masculinism that these images should remain part of women’s interior monologues and the general public should not be forced to look at men’s bodies in a way they may find uncomfortable and disturbing.

Especially all you fat little fuckers.


It’s not fair you chubby little fucks should have to confront images of what real, desirable men look like.  There is no excuse for popping off to the local newsagent to pick up a jumbo bag of Cheetos and two litres of cola and then have to look at the image of a man who clearly eats nothing but egg white and spinach omelets.

cover 2

And what is up with all these “celebrity” magazines with scantily clad men on the covers?


“Fashion” magazines with topless men?  Bullshit.


“Fitness” my ass.  These magazines are nothing more than an excuse to slobber over men’s firm bodies, and quite frankly, it’s disgusting.


Women’s sexual impulses and their demand for men who adhere to a rigid standard of beauty that celebrates strength and power is undermining our entire society by creating a hostile environment for fat, slovenly men who can barely drag themselves off to the chip shop for that final 4000 calorie snack they need to meet the demands of their pointless desk jobs.

Well, except for all those men who don’t have pointless desk jobs.

work crew

At the end of the day, romance novels paint a very damaging portrait of men as heroic, stoic and ridiculously fucking hot, and women’s absurd sense of entitlement to male sexuality must be censored and stamped out, for the benefit of us all.

cover 8

Only when we are all completely neutered and divorced from our most basic pleasures, particularly those pleasures which are visual, will be have a society in which all individuals are considered equal.

Equally boring, uninspiring, dreary, tedious and insipid.  So yay for UK Masculinism!

End visual pleasures!  Crush sexuality!  Destroy beauty!  Kill all of it!

Just remember lads, this can’t be a one-sided battle.  If you want images of hot men gone, you’ll have to give up images of hot women, too.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  You don’t want to come across as a pack of raging hypocrites, now do you?

Good.  I knew you cared about equality.  Fair is fair.


And all is fair in love and war.

Lots of love,


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