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Young man glasses aspiring model in the face. British court system admires male violence, hates women and lets him walk scot free.

27 Dec


This is Lucie Slater and she really is quite gorgeous.  She was chasing down a career in the arts/entertainment industry and seemed to be having some success.  Unfortunately, her taste in men is atrocious.  She has been dating some thug DJ named William Aiken, which is sadly, not an unusual dating strategy for young attractive women.  Hey, let’s date assholes!  What can go wrong?  Tucker Max has made an entire career out of women’s love for dirtbag man (sorry, Tucker, you’re funny as hell, but you are a dirtbag).



So Lucie is dating a total thug and then she makes the terrible mistake of posting some stupid update on her Facebook page, and unless that update was “hey, guess what Will, I’m fucking your dad”, there was no way he was justified in even slapping her, never mind cutting her face with broken glass.  No, apparently the strong emotion that triggered such a violent protest was “dislike”.  William “disliked” her update.

So he hit her in the face with a bottle, severed an artery, left her with permanent nerve damage, and needless to say, destroyed any hope she had of a career based on her looks.


Obviously, police and courts were involved. William got kicked off his DJ gig, as most sane people know that hitting someone in the face with glass is undeniably a CRIMINAL and violent and reprehensible thing to do. Someone willing to slice open your arteries because they are incapable of handling the overwhelming emotion inspired by “dislike” is clearly not someone who should be walking about the streets freely.  Goodness, what if William hit the upper emotional register of “annoyed”?  What will the fallout be from that kind of sweeping passion?


The British Court system is evidently not populated by any sane people.  William was given a two year suspended sentence, and walked out of the court a free man.  Naturally, feminists were outraged.  What the hell?  A MAN glasses a WOMAN in the face causing permanent damage, and he walks away from that?  That kind of ruling is indicative of a deep problem, wherein male violence is normalized, and vicious and controlling behaviour is seen as natural, and thus not worthy of punishment.  I mean, hey it was just a little cut!  Get over it, little girl.

Here’s a picture of the damage:


That’s right.  It wasn’t Will who glassed Lucie, it was Lucie who glassed Will.  And it’s not feminists who were outraged at all, it was men in the MRM.


Feminists are too busy writing screechy rants reviling the men who demand justice for men like Will.


“Fuck you, MRAs for trying to make “misandry” happen”.   That’s what the lovely Kate Harding wrote in her piece for Jezebel.  Trying to make it happen, Kate?  Do you have eyes in your head, woman?  No one is trying to make anything happen.  When a woman destroys a man’s face and potentially, his entire career, and then walks away from that because she is a woman and – tee hee – it’s kind of funny when girls beat up boys anyway, isn’t it? – that’s not trying.  That IS misandry.  When it’s acceptable to physically injure a man and receive no punishment because you’re a pretty girl, that’s misandry.  When it’s considered unmanly to object to some nutbag chick slicing your face open over a fucking Facebook post, that’s misandry.

So fuck you, right back.

If a man did that to a woman, he would quite rightly be socially excoriated and have a long time to think over his actions in a jail cell.  Chris Brown gave Rhianna a fat lip and some bruises and he’s considered an animal, although that has a lot to do with him being black.  He faced consequences though.  He is still facing them.


Lucie faces none.

That’s why the MRM exists in the first place.  This blog was never really intended to be a voice in the MRM.  It was just a place for me to vent some of my stronger opinions and thoughts on the things I see going on around me.  It turns out, a lot of my thoughts and opinions align quite nicely with an important social movement, and I am happy to report that I have been nominated over at www.manboobz.com as FeMRA of the year.

Yeah, that was sarcasm.  Like I give a shit what Manboobz thinks.

I write about these issues because I have a son, and the thought of him growing up in a world where a woman can butcher his face with a bottle and face no repercussions makes me ill.  LittleDude will grow up knowing that smacking people is NEVER a good way to solve a problem, but it will sometimes be NECESSARY.  Mr. JB and I will make sure he is equipped with the skills to vigorously defend himself, and the same goes for our two girls.  Our children will know the meaning of the words “choke hold” , and understand where and when to use them.


And LittleDude, if a girl ever comes at you with a broken bottle, take the bitch down.  It doesn’t look like anyone else will.

Lots of love,


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