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5 Ways Feminists Are Literally Like Nazis

14 Jan




So this post went up at Thought Catalog yesterday, and the most interesting thing about it is how Femitheist reacted on Twitter. Femitheist, if you recall, is the woman who wants to reduce the male population by 90%.


Charming woman.


She now claims that she was just trolling, lol – she didn’t really mean it. Is that true, or is she finding out just how little people appreciate psychopaths in their midst?




Either way, RadFems celebrated her video and ideas, and even if Femitheist really was trolling, her followers more certainly were not. Hence the comparison to Nazis.


1. Feminists have killed millions of people
Ha ha. Okay, not really, but there is this chick. She calls herself Femitheist.

She wants to reduce the male population by 90%, keeping a few prime specimens around for sperm farming. She claims to understand the precise mathematics required to maintain human genetic diversity, even after 90% of men have been …. eliminated. The elimination phase will presumably be slightly more environmentally friendly than dousing men with Zyklon B and burning the corpses, but who knows? It might have been crass, but gassing and burning did work for the Nazis.

Read the other four reasons feminists are literally like Nazis here. The comments section is a riot!



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