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In praise of prostitution, or the difference between a hooker and a housewife.

3 Nov

A common trope in modern feminism is to compare women who are dependent on men for their financial security as “prostitutes”, as if that’s supposed to be some kind of insult.  First, ain’t it just peachy that the people shitting on women who happen to be prostitutes are actually OTHER women who claim to be pursuing a political agenda that benefits WOMEN specifically, and that’s what feminism IS: a political ideology designed to promote the interests of women at the expense of men, children and oh, other women.

Feminists:  We love women!  Except you whores!  And you housewives can go fuck yourselves too, because you’re just a different kind of WHORE!

All hail the sisterhood.  Yeah, thanks.  For nothing.

Guess what?  I am a housewife and in actual fact, I AM A WHORE!  I trade sex (and a whole bunch of other things) for my financial security, and damn it’s fun.  I love having sex every day.  Bring it on!  The difference between me and a hooker is the NUMBER OF CLIENTS!  I have one.

There is a huge disconnect in American culture (and a bit in European culture) about the level of control a woman should have over her own body.  Want to kill your baby in utero because, oh gosh, it’s just not the right time for you?  Hell yeah!  Your body, your choice.  Want to decide which penis goes into your body and what the price of that will be?  Oh, now, wait a second.  If the price is martinis and dinner and flowers and a cab ride, that’s okay.  You can trade your vagina for dinner.   But if you just want the $250 and skip the dinner, well HELL NO YOU WHORE!

Let’s think about this from the woman’s perspective for a second:  I need money, men like sex, I have a vagina, BINGO!  What’s the fucking problem?

And from the man’s perspective:  I like sex, there is no guarantee of sex with any given woman, I have money, can I buy a vagina?  What’s the fucking problem?

Prostitution is PROOF there is no such thing as rape culture.  Men prefer an honest transaction with a clear purpose over the murky waters of does she? doesn’t she?, for obvious reasons.  And why shouldn’t they have that right?  Why shouldn’t women have the absolute right to decide what the price of their own vagina is?  A pint of Guiness? Theatre tickets?  Nothing?  $100?  $1000?  A diamond solitaire?  Whose fucking business is it besides the two people involved anyways?

 Popular media likes to moan and weep over underage, drug addicted, helpless child victims of prostitution (read:  male sexual desire), but the problem there ISN’T prostitution.  A drug addicted, beaten, trafficked FLOWER PICKER is just as vulnerable and helpless as a prostitute, but ooh, flowers!  Buy me some!

Oh lord.  I just realized something:  feminism is rife with contradictions.  Oh wait.  Nope.  Saw that a MILLION miles away.

At the end of the day, a man who is completely and utterly satisfied sexually at home (hello wife!) has little need of prostitution.  Not every man is married, though, and not every married man is satisfied.  Prostitution serves a valuable public service in allowing women who need money and men who want sex to come together as grown ups and decide to address their mutual needs together.

Which is not to say prostitutes can’t enjoy their work.  Sure they can.  Check out http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com for more insight into what these ladies think and feel.

Here’s the thing:  making prostitution illegal is just a way of protecting women who feel they have the absolute right to control men’s sexuality.  If prostitution were perfectly legal and respectable (which it should be), then the implications of “not tonight honey, I have a headache” would be a little more sharp.  “Oh, really?  OK.  Back in an hour, darling”.

Legal brothels would cure more headaches than Tylenol ever has!

And why should legal brothels bother ME?  I’m already a prostitute.  I have one client.  He’s awesome.  I think I will go and fuck him now.  I need  some new boots.

Lots of love,


Disclaimer:  I really DO need new boots.  My old ones have holes in the soles and my feet are getting wet!  I hate cold feet.  L

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