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Lena Dunham might be having a shitty day

6 Nov



Here is a second piece I wrote about Lena Dunham, published at Thought Catalog


Dunham’s parents made certain she was exposed to images any reasonable person would consider pornographic from a very young age, and that exposure is consistent with the alleged abuse of her younger, more vulnerable sister.







Yes Lena Dunham is a Sex Predator via A Voice for Men

5 Nov

Here is the article I wrote about the Lena Dunham sex abuse scandal. I wrote it exclusively for A Voice for Men and will post an excerpt and the link.


lena tweet


Kids “playing doctor” is pretty normal stuff. I am completely outraged when children are charged with felony offenses or end up on sex offender registriesor in sexual harassment classes for stuff that is perfectly innocent and normal. And of course those children are almost always boys. Even in preschool, boys are viewed by predominantly female staff and administration as predators and girls as innocent victims. It’s misandry, pure and simple. Grown women hating men so much that they will vilify, attack, and sanction little boys while giving little girls passes for the same behavior. My tweet came out of a desire to protect children from vindictive women and a few misguided men who see kindergarten boys planting kisses on the cheeks of classmates as sex predators.




Hope you’ll head over and take a look.


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