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Your hate mail sucks

7 Apr

I wonder what judgy bitch [JudgyBitch – all one word with capitals, please] will do when her husbands [I just have one husband – incorrect use of the plural] leaves her and she become [becomes – incorrect verb tense] a single mother. Might have to drop the judgy and just refer to herself as Bitch [inconsistent use of capitalization] . Ugly on the inside and out. Karmas a ass kicker [Karma’s – Contractions require an apostrophe.  Also “an asskicker”. Incorrect use of determiner]. Yours [Your’s – should be possessive – edited to add that yours never has an apostrophe even when indicating a possessive so I was wrong- oops!will be coming soon. Ugly Bitch. Go make some sandwiches and quit writing your blog is a disgraceful [Oh dear.  Where to start? Missing punctuation. Is a disgraceful? A disgraceful what? Incorrect use of determiner again] . Your [You’re. Contraction.]  a [an – incorrect use of determiner] enemy to woman [women – incorrect use of singular] . Shame on you.


Hahahahahahahaa!  Thanks for stopping by.




Oh, and fuck off.


Lots of love,



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