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Sluts tend to be fat and ugly, so stick to the pretty girls, lads. Unless you want to get laid, that is.

9 Feb

Well, file this one under “No Shit Sherlock”, but in a study published in Biodemography and Social Biology, Elizabeth McClintock at Notre Dame has discovered that “very physically attractive women are more likely to form exclusive relationships than to form purely sexual relationships; they are also less likely to have sexual intercourse within the first week of meeting a partner.”

In addition, “for women, the number of sexual partners decreases with increasing physical attractiveness, whereas for men, the number of sexual partners increases with increasing physical attractiveness.”

And finally, “for women, the number of reported sexual partners is tied to weight: Thinner women report fewer partners. Thinness is a dimension of attractiveness for women, so is consistent with the finding that more attractive women report fewer sexual partners.”


Hmmm. Pretty, thin woman seem to have some upper hand in the dating market, and they use that to secure meaningful relationships that are based on something other than just sex. Why, it’s almost as if women value emotional and intellectual connections, and dislike the social pressure to have a huge number of sexual partners.

Gorgeous ladies, why aren’t more of you sluts?!? Don’t you know that being a slut is empowering and a sign of your personal liberation from an oppressive patriarchy that values you only in terms of your looks? You must fight this, oppression, ladies, and get out there and fuck a stable full of guys!


Because that will make you happy!

Except that it won’t.


Check out this article celebrating sluts in XOJane.


To me there’s nothing negative about being a slut. Sluts are FUN! Sluts do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they don’t regret anything. Sluts dive as voraciously into sex as they do their other many passions. Sluts like their own bodies, and other people’s too. Sluts are enthusiastic! Sluts will do a lot for a good story.

Sluts are confident and have great shoes. Sluts are pretty. Sluts find something to love about all different kinds of people. Sluts are brave. Sluts laugh a lot. Sluts challenge gender roles. Sluts are fearless. Sluts love adventure! Sluts will try new things without worrying about looking stupid. Sluts high-five after sex.

This is an article aimed at pre-teen girls! XOJane claims to be a magazine for 18-24 year olds (which is hardly any better), but the truth is that the website is a huge favorite amongst pre-teen and teenage girls and continues to be.



Why would a website try to dissuade an entire age group from visiting a site that caters directly to them? Why would an editor shun all teenagers after her co-worker had expressed that the site was geared towards those 18-49? (By the way, 18 is a still a teenager.) It does this for the same reason that liquor and tobacco companies claim to be targeting older age groups. Simply, the site posted irresponsible content for young women and instead of admitting that, they’ve decided to swear off teenagers for good. Oh, they’ll continue to write content that teenagers will find interesting, but it won’t be “for” teenagers.


Now add on a culture that tells young women it’s perfectly fine to be fat and slovenly and that men should “like them for who they are and not what they look like”, and there you have a recipe for perfect disaster.


Why do older women (and you can bet your ass that all the editors of these magazines are older women) try to convince younger women to be fat and slutty? What’s in it for them?

Could it be that fat sluts increase the value of the older women dramatically? Instead of having to compete with young, thin women who prefer relationships over hook-ups, older women can corner the dating market by making sure men have no options in the younger pool. And younger men go for it in droves, because hey, fat sluts!


Men who are interested in casual sex only have a lot of options out there, but men who want something more, some deeper, more connected relationship with a woman, the landscape looks at little different. Finding a woman he can love and respect and admire and cherish is a lot harder when the market is flooded with overweight, ballbusting tramps who have no idea how lonely and bitter they are going to feel when they end up in an apartment with a cat at age 40, with no hope of a husband or children or family.

cat lady

My advice for men who want more: start by looking for pretty, thin women. Those ladies know their own value, and in knowing their own, they understand yours. Attractive women are not attractive by accident. They understand and respect male desire, and that is the beginning of any meaningful relationship. Knowing that what men and women value is different, and understanding that different is not just better, it’s awesome.


Fat sluts? Give them a pass if you’re looking for more than a blowjob. And if sex is all you want, Christ -wear a condom! Those girls get around!

Lots of love,


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