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6 Times Feminists Were Whiny Joyless Shrews in 2014

11 Jan




This was published on Thought Catalog a few days ago, but I am just getting around to linking it now. By no means an exhaustive list of all the whiny, bitchy pointless caterwauling feminists engaged in in 2014.


There’s also manspreading – men sitting comfortably on a train is just pure, outrageous misogyny. Women never take up too much space on trains. Look at the picture used to illustrate the original story: there is a woman sitting with her knees splayed apart right across from the manspreading offender – and you’ll note the seat next to him is empty! He isn’t bothering anybody! The reality that pretty much everyone sits comfortably on trains is right in front of their eyes and they still can’t see it.


leg spreading


And now we have manslamming – this refers to women who refuse to get out of men’s way on the sidewalk, deliberately run into them, and then blame the men.


Seriously, seriously stupid. Grown women need to be taught the etiquette of using sidewalks? The person moving the slowest moves over. Is it really that hard? It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. If you want people to move out of your way, grab some sensible shoes and pick up the pace, bitch.


And who can forget the woman-hating reality of women choosing to use bathrooms to socialize, fix their hair and makeup and adjust complicated clothing – this is also men’s fault. It’s pure unadulterated misogyny that men use bathrooms to pee and get the hell out. How dare they wear clothing that is quick and easy to function in, when it comes to tending the call of nature?


Here are six more ways feminists were whiny, joyless shrews in 2014. The comments are hilarious – feminist haters are pissed at being mocked, but it’s not like they made it difficult or anything.


2015 is sure to bring even more pissing, moaning and whining from the feminist brigade, but it will also bring a whole lot of push back.


Are you sick of these whiny bitches?  Me too.


Let’s show feminists the door in 2015. Bye bye now.


Don’t let the bathroom door hit you in the ass on your way out.


Lots of love,



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