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This is how you do social justice

13 Jan

One of the criticisms often lobbed at men’s rights activists is that we don’t actually do any advocacy work. Notwithstanding the fact that advocacy work takes a fuckton of money, that is simply not true. Carnell Smith, for example, won his own paternity fraud case in the Supreme Court and writes model law that has changed the legislation surrounding paternity fraud in ten states and counting. Smith has been featured as a guest expert on Dr Phil, Fox Business News, CBS Early Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN news and many other syndicated talk shows.



From suicide prevention to domestic violence counselling, intactivism to educational reform, MRAs around the world are gathering, agitating and building the war chest we will need to challenge sexist laws that discriminate against men. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a budget of $40 MILLION dollars, most of which is paid out in salaries and very little actual work is accomplished, so we have a ways to go before we can challenge the Supreme Court and pass an Equal Rights Amendment. The war chest at SPLC stands at $245 MILLION – we are up against some well funded competitors.


Social justice warriors are just as frequently accused of doing nothing more than pissing and moaning on social media about perceived oppression, and today I want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on a man who is not just talking about social justice, he’s doing it.




His name is Dr. Matt Woosley and he is an anesthesiologist. In 2012 he went to Haiti, intending to stay for one year and serve in Port-au-Prince, but once he got to Haiti, he saw a desperate need, decided to do something about it.


What the people in Port-au-Prince needed was work. Work that paid a living wage. Work that made it possible for them to eat, educate their children, create safe neighborhoods. Dr. Woosley came up with an idea: could the people in Port-au-Prince be trained to make industrial grade medical scrubs and compete for business on a global scale?


Using his own money, Dr. Woosley purchased industrial sewing machines and began training people in the neighborhood, and the Little Haitian Factory was born.


We pay our workers 5x the daily average. We share all of our profits directly with our employees. It is our intention for them to receive a living wage and escape poverty.

We are not a charity. We are financed from my personal savings.  Our success has depended solely on the quality of our products and our ability to empower customers to purchase. The better we do in selling our products, the more secure is the future of our factory.



The factory is up and running and now all Dr. Woosley needs is more customers. He has a GoFundMe campaign under way, requesting $50K to hire a professional sales team to begin marketing the factory’s products to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the US.


Dr. Woosley is a man making a difference in the world. I met him when he sent me an email totally unrelated to his factory, and I have encouraged him wholeheartedly to crowdfund to meet his needs. He had his trepidations, as being self-sufficient and a fully functioning for profit enterprise is incredibly important to him. Little Haitian Factory is not a charity. Dr. Woosley is not interested in peddling the “poor victims in Haiti” narrative.


He doesn’t want to give the people he watches over a fish. He wants to teach them how to fish. And he’s doing a fantastic job of it.


Please consider donating to the Little Haitian Factory at GoFundMe, and if that is not within your means to do, please share this as far and wide and as you can.


Let’s help Dr. Woosley change the world.


Lots of love,




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