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Yes, Nurse Ratchet, men are stronger than women. Please get over that.

29 Jul




Those of you who are following me on Twitter will know that I had an accident with some hot wax about 40 hours ago and sustained some nasty second degree burns on my left hand.  I basically flayed one finger and have now decided Theon Greyjoy is not such a pansy after all.




The good news is that it doesn’t really hurt.  The bad news is that it doesn’t really hurt – that can’t be good.  I was in the ER today to have my wedding rings removed which is kind of sad, but rings do not a marriage make.  In order to remove rings the nursing staff uses some kind of tool to create a groove in the ring and then another tool to actually cut the ring.  I can’t be more specific because looking at my hand kind of makes me want to puke.




Let me preface this by saying that I have a great deal of respect for nurses in general.  I consider them rare women actually doing a vital job.  However, this clearly does not inoculate them from sexist bullshit.  Two lady nurses were attempting to remove my rings and were having a hard time with it and causing me a significant amount of pain.  One nurse gripped my burned and damaged finger and yanked on it while the other nurse desperately tried to cut through the ring.  I stopped them and asked if it was a matter of strength and both nurses assured me it had nothing to do with strength – it was just a matter of using the tools correctly.  After a few more excruciating rounds I looked at my hand to see one nurse attempting to apply pressure to what looked like a pair of wire snips.  Extremely pissed off at this point I insisted they call a male nurse.


African American Health Professional With Prescription Pills


Enter Justin.  He was a man of average build and height – not some huge, hulking beast of a man – and it took him approximately two seconds to cut through the rings.  Guess what?  He was stronger than the lady nurses!  The only reason I can think of that the two nurses would prefer to subject me to a bit of torture rather than grab the closest man who could do the job much more easily than they could is bullshit feminist ideologies about men and women being exactly equal in all ways.  Add a little professional resentment to the mix and you have a perfect storm of female nurses putting ideology ahead of their patients.  How lovely.


It normally takes around six weeks for a new layer of skin to grow during which time I’m going to find typing a bit of a challenge.  On the other hand, my recovery is going beautifully so hopefully I will be back at the keyboard much sooner than anticipated.


In the meantime I’ll be tweeting the shit out of the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag and it is only my genuine affection and appreciation for nurses that keeps me from starting a #womenagainstfeministnurses hashtag.


Lots of love,




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