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A word from PPP….& yes, I’m talking to you

26 Feb

Dear Gentle Readers,


As you may be aware, comments containing death threats do not make it thru
moderation. Nor do wishes for either JB or I to be gang raped. Most haters
for the sake of being a hater, also they goes to the trash.

Comments calling us idiots, if backed up by a somewhat intelligent or at
least legible argument will most of the time get thru, as it’s not called
the JB FANCLUB, it’s just comments, for now…

When hateful fundamentalist feminist or misandrist comment, and when it’s a
bunch of blah blah that we have all heard before, well, sometimes it makes it thru, but

most of the time it goes straight to the fucking trash.


Why? Because it’s our house and we are selective about who we let in.
No, we don’t make you register to have a say or even show your face.

I want to give a little heads up. As I will not tolerate any total woman
hating or misogyny
either. I understand that there is rage out there. I mean hey, this is
Just be warned. This is not a site about women bashing. So as much as we
love you,
watch your mouth, or you too will go to the trash…

all the best,

Princess Pixie Pointless.

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