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Seven ways American women have made the government their husbands. Sucks when he takes time off, doesn’t it, ladies?

9 Oct

It really comes as no surprise that the moment the government went into shutdown, feminists starting moaning about how it was really all about meeeeeeeee … that big mean House thinks grown-ups should maybe be responsible for their own lives and that is just no fair.


It comes as even less of a surprise that our favorite little rationalist apologist Amanda Marcotte would step onto her soapbox to preach the injustice against women loud and clear. She’s not wrong: the government shutdown really does hit women harder than men.


Let’s take a look at why.

Number One: The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). Nice how only women are seen as deserving of special supplements, isn’t it? Guess all you Daddies can get your own fucking supper.

milk for children (1)

How many children depend on the government to provide basic nutrition for them?

More than half. 53%, to be exact.


Hmmm. Something curious about that statistic. Let me think…

Oh look. For women under thirty, 50% of children are born out of wedlock. The single mommy brigade.


Who wants to be bet the vast majority of babies who need Big Government to put food in their bellies are babies with no Daddy? Just that strong, independent, courageous single mother to count on. Who can’t even feed her own children. Yep – the very definition of reliable.

Number Two: Less college financial aid, and since more women go to college than men, that means more women are affected. And what will the terrible impact on our society be when all these women fail to graduate from college loaded down with debts they couldn’t reasonably afford in the first place?

Our engineering corps will collapse!

Atmospheric and climate scientists will disappear!

We’ll face a dramatic shortage of computer programmers and analysts!

Workers skilled in financial transactions and operations management will vanish!


Oh, oops. Nope. That won’t happen. Our supply of baristas and secretaries might dry up though. Whatever will we do?


Number Three: Head Start programs are not essential services, so out they go. And who uses Head Start? Low income families. What is the best predictor of whether your family be scraping along in poverty?


It’s the single mommies again!

Overall, only 7 percent of those living in households headed by a married individual were poor, whereas households with an unmarried head and children present — 83 percent of which were headed by women — had poverty rates of 40.3 percent.


So strong. So resilient. So dependent on Daddy Government to take care of them.

Number Four: Heat Assistance. See above. Who is most likely to be poor?

Poverty is a women’s issue; female-headed families are more likely to be poor.


No food, no one to look after the children, no money for heat. Yeah, single motherhood is such a sensible thing to do. Let’s celebrate all those wise women who need men like a fish needs a bicycle water.

single mother

Number Five: TANF – Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. And who are those needy families? The chorus is getting deafening here, isn’t it?

Single mothers bring children into this world that they cannot feed, cannot educate, cannot keep warm, cannot provide basic essentials for, and we are still acting like this is a perfectly normal and acceptable state of affairs.

50% of babies born to women without the slightest ability to care for them?


It’s ridiculous that we are permitting these women to condemn their own children to poverty and learned helplessness and blighted opportunities.

Amanda’s last two points are kind of stupid: restricted access to flu shots will affect women more because they tend to have less important (if any) work to do and are usually the ones to take the day off, and the Panda-cam will be down. Love of baby pandas is apparently a thing that women experience disproportionately, or it indicates just how vital women’s jobs are when they can while away hours watching cute little bears snuggle and tussle.


The solution is NOT to take money out of the hands of families who can and do care for their own children and redistribute it to the irresponsible. What incentive do they have to be more responsible? I personally think our entire welfare state needs to be overhauled to provide for children, and only children, who obviously did not personally select some unmarried idiot to be their caregiver.

Children should be fed, clothed and cared for at school, creating the double benefit of making sure that our social resources go to the children and providing an incentive for those children to get to school every day. Children deserve our unconditional compassion and support.

Adults? I don’t think so.

And obviously, I am not talking about genuinely disabled adults who CANNOT support themselves, whether that is a result of physical or mental handicaps. No one chooses to be schizophrenic or to come back from a war with life-altering PTSD or be born with cystic fibrosis.

But adults who just make a series of crappy fucking decisions and then expect to stick us with the costs of those choices? No way. Make better choices.

And who am I kidding? Adults who make a series of crappy choices? As Amanda quite rightly points out, it’s mostly WOMEN who make these shitty decisions that are costing the rest of us a small fortune. The very best way to encourage women to make better choices is to spell out the consequences very clearly.

Which is just what the government shut down is doing.

Don’t kid yourselves, single mothers. You are NOT surviving on your own grit and efforts. You may not have a man to count on in your house, but you have ALL men to count on in the form of your Big Daddy in the White House.

And if Big Daddy gets replaced, you are well and truly fucked.

That fish will need the bicycle after all.


And she can fucking buy it herself.

Lots of love,


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