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Hey married dudes! Want to have more sex? With your wife, I mean. STOP DOING HOUSEWORK!

31 Jan

File this one under “no shit Sherlock”, but it turns out that married couples who adhere to a gendered division of household labor have more sex than those who don’t.



Yep, it turns out that playing out traditional masculine and feminine roles has an impact on sexual desire, and therefore on sexual frequency. Guys who take out the garbage, mow the lawn, pay the bills and take care of the vehicles are getting laid 20 more times a year than the kitchen-bitches slaving over a hot stove.

kitchen bitch

And obviously, the inverse is true, too. Ladies who cook, vacuum, fold the laundry and make the kid’s dentist appointments are getting love 20 more times, too.


Why should this be? I have a theory: I think it has to do with respect. Feminism has spent a long time trying to convince both men and women that gender is socially constructed. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, necessarily. Stupid, but not bad. Where feminism went really wrong was to define femininity as POSITIVE, all the while ignoring the not so pleasant qualities associated with the feminine, while simultaneously defining masculinity as NEGATIVE, all the while ignoring the wonderful things about masculinity.


Feminism is straight up a theory of female supremacy.

Ladies rock! Men suck!


Of course by ladies, we mean white ladies, so don’t get excited, all you ladies of color. You are here to do all the shit-work the white ladies don’t want to do anymore. So get your mops and get at it.


Once you accept the premise that the feminine is a priori superior to the masculine, the plan of attack becomes quite obvious: men must become feminine or be forever defined as inferior and unworthy. It’s a tongue in cheek aphorism that feminists hate men, but of course, that’s not true. They love men. As long as men act like women.


Of course, Jezebel responded to the research, conducted at the University of Washington using a sample size of 4500 (that’s a good sample) with reason and rationality. They took a careful look at the data and then tried to come up with some hypothesis that might explain why couples following traditional gender roles might have increased sexual desire for one another.


Yeah, right. Nope. What they did was mock and ridicule the data, and then set up some kind of bullshit sexytime dollars, which is pretty rich, considering the data indicates that SEX is exactly what they won’t be getting. Well, not as often as the couples in the study who rejected the idea that women’s work is man’s work and the two are interchangeable.


Look at how they titled the piece: Cleanliness is next to manliness, which chores will get a man laid?

There you have feminism in a nutshell. Sex is something WOMEN give to MEN as a reward for doing whatever SHE defines as necessary.

Good dog!


Sex as an act of bonding, an expression of the deepest love and care, a mutually satisfying and pleasurable experience does not even occur to these women. Nope. Sex is a tool, a weapon, something you can use to coerce men into doing whatever shit these women want.

And oh my! We have a word for coerced sex. We do! I know it! It’s on the tip of my tongue. Give me a second…

Oh yeah!


Now isn’t that fascinating? A long time ago, a gorgeous, svelte, luscious lady, the pure embodiment of femininity, said that “all heterosexual sex is rape”.


By which she means MEN are raping WOMEN.

Here’s a new one for you: all sex with a feminist is rape. Women raping men.

Dudes, if you are getting laid tonight in exchange for cooking dinner or sweeping the floor or folding the laundry, AND YOU WOULD NOT OTHERWISE HAVE DONE THOSE THINGS, you are getting raped. Hey, lots of men love to cook, and good for them. The best cooks in the world are men # sorryfeminists.


But when you have been ordered into the kitchen by a sulky bitch who figures “it’s your turn and if you don’t do it, I won’t have sex with you”, then you sir, are being coerced, and that is rape. Down with rape culture!


No, I won’t cook dinner

No, I won’t vacuum

No, I won’t pick up all those fucking Barbie shoes

No, I won’t fluff the throw cushions

No, no, no!

Give the rape a pass, dudes. Traditional gendered division of labor is how you put more sex into your relationship. Sex based on love and affection and respect and admiration and desire.

Take a page from Marilyn’s book:


Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.

Marilyn Monroe

Me, too!

Lots of love,


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