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I went to college and there aren’t enough men! Wah! I stayed home and there are too many men! Wah! Jesus, bitches, could you pick one?

17 Jan


So, the always lovely, always articulate Amanda Marcotte has a new post up at Slate’s XX blog about how much it sucks to live in a town with men.

Amanda 5


Apparently, there is an oil patch in North Dakota (who knew?!) and since working in an oil patch is scrubby, dirty, physically demanding work, there are a whole bunch of men about!  Interesting that Amanda doesn’t touch that little nugget, isn’t it?  Let’s see, shitty, dirty, strenuous , back-breaking labor – of course men are doing it!  For six figure incomes.

oil patch 7

Nope, Amanda just lets that slide.  What she wants to talk about is NOT the fact that the world’s most difficult, demanding work is done by men, but rather the fact that these men SUCK.  They move to small towns, where the work happens to be, in small Northern States (with “conservative” cultures) and suddenly whammo, blammo!  They’re ENTITLED to treat women as garbage.  And by garbage she means “notice” and “try to talk to”, which, as we all know, is what no woman wants ever. Especially not Amanda. (Hey, maybe she’s a lesbian?  I don’t know.  In which case, of course she doesn’t want men to talk to her and oops, my bad.  I really have no idea, though.)

amanda 1

[Men sucking is] a result of the heavily transitory population that comes with oil fields and the highly conservative culture of rural North Dakota, where men feel entitled to treat women like garbage in a way they don’t feel—or can’t express, at least—in places where “feminism” is actually thought to be a good thing.

Why, you fuckers!

oil patch 1

If the abundance of (crappy) men in small towns comes as a surprise to women dwelling in cities or on college campuses, well, that’s because you ladies have the RIGHT SORT of men, there’s just not enough of them.


And the sisterhood of sluttiness means that the RIGHT SORT of men don’t have to settle down with any one woman when all the vaginas are theirs for the taking!


Oh my.  Well this is a right mess, isn’t it?  Go to the cities, and there are not enough men.  Stick to the countryside, and all the men suck.  What is a lady to do?

Amanda 3

Amanda’s article is a perfect example of HYPERGAMY, (colloquially referred to as “marrying up”) – the act or practice of seeking a spouse of higher looks, socioeconomic, caste or status than oneself.


oil patch 6

These oil patch lads, well, they have money, and the work keeps them in fairly good physical shape, but they just don’t have the STATUS a proper feminist wants. Most of them probably haven’t even BEEN to college. Sure, they know to weld and fit a rigging and understand how couplings work, but I’ll bet they have never even heard of Monique Wittig and they have no idea how completely irrelevant they are!


What these men are is, well, MEN.  These do not look like the sort of essay-writing, feminist-leaning, soft-bodied boys you find on college campuses.  They do not appear to be the sort of men willing to put up with a lot of shit.  You spend a day on an oil rig, and I highly doubt you have plans to come home and negotiate who will be microwaving Lean Cuisine for dinner.  Men who do men’s work (and oil rig workers ARE men) expect to be treated like men, and to act like men, and that right there is what gets Amanda all in a tizzy.

Amanda 6

There is one group of women who really, really love oil patch workers:  prostitutes.  Now there is a group of women who understand what men want and they are willing to provide it.  For cash.  And good for them.


Amanda doesn’t like competing on those terms. And she doesn’t want other women competing on those terms, either.

Amanda 4

Hmm.  I wonder why?  If men can simply buy sex, then women who are interested in something more will have to offer something more!


Ladies, don’t let Amanda scare you!  Methinks the lady has a bad case of “I WISH men would hit on me”. There is nothing wrong with small towns, nothing wrong with men who work dirty jobs (for lots of money!), and the idea that men who live in small towns feel entitled to treat women like garbage is just straight up slander.

Here’s my advice:  leave Amanda to her cat.  They look happy together.

Amanda 2

If you have something more to offer men than just your pussy and a bucket of sneering contempt, load up your car and head for North Dakota.  And forget about wearing white for a while.  Crude oil is hell to get out.


Lots of love,


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