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The President compliments a pretty woman and all the ugly bitches scream!

6 Apr

Hey, did you hear the news?  The Attorney General out in California is brilliant, dedicated and tough.  Oh, she’s also really fucking hot.  Her name is Kamala Harris.


Barry and Kamala have been friends for quite some time, so when he threw out his “by far, the best looking attorney general” comment, it was in the context of that friendship, but even if it wasn’t, so what? What, exactly is the problem, in telling an attractive person they are attractive?

Well, if the President is telling Joe Biden he looks good in swimming trunks, we have no problem at all.



But compliment a woman?  Oh now we have a problem.  And by “we” I don’t mean “all of us”, because most of us are adults who understand that some people are better looking than others and that noticing such a thing does not automatically equal sexism.  No, by “we”, I mean “ugly bitches”.

And look who’s leading the pack?



The article is just one giant clusterfuck of stupidity with very little worth addressing.  Being complimented on your looks is “insidiously dangerous”?  You need a dictionary, bitch and a little perspective.


Getting shot by a drone is insidiously dangerous (shout out to John Brown @ humidpress on Twitter).

Child predators are insidiously dangerous.

Chromium 6 in the water supply is insidiously dangerous.

Yo, you look good today? 

Not so much. According to the research Amanda quotes, compliments on how you look can undermine a lady’s fragile sense of professionalism and make her question whether she is being taken seriously.


If a compliment about your looks makes you question your professionalism and seriousness, then you have neither.

I’ve already covered how ridiculous it is to present women as fragile little cupcakes who can’t handle comments about their hair while simultaneously demanding more responsibility and power.


What I want to talk about today is the hypocrisy of women USING beauty to their advantage, and then crying foul when they get called on it. Let’s take another look at Kamala.

kamala 2

You see those lips?  Think they’re that glossy naturally?  Think her eyebrows arc like that as a gift from the gods?  Think her hair looks like that when she rolls out of bed in the morning?  Are her lashes that long and lush?  Her cheeks that lovely shade of pink?


They’re not.  Kamala’s beauty is enhanced with the skillful application of cosmetics and powders and her hair is the result of some time-consuming and very expensive processing, even more so than most, because she is a black woman.

That’s a very interesting subject in and of itself, but I’ll let Melissa Harris-Perry speak to that.


The real question is WHY does Kamala put so much effort into her appearance?  Certainly, a very basic standard of grooming is required by her profession, but that applies to men as well.  Kamala is already a beautiful woman and she could get away with almost no styling at all and still look really good, so why does she take her natural beauty and heighten it even further?

Because there are some very real advantages to being beautiful.  Economists even have a name for it:  it’s called the beauty premium.  And it applies to both men and women.  The more attractive you are, the greater the advantage:  higher earnings, better jobs, more opportunities and you are assumed competent, regardless of what your occupation happens to be.


That’s a pretty sweet deal.  And one that smart women will obviously take full advantage of: even feminists!

Do you know who this is?


Gloria Steinem emerged as one of the leading voices of the early Second Wave feminists – people were willing to listen to her because she was beautiful.  And she used that to her full advantage, keeping her long hair flowing and wrapping her tight ass in tiny skirts with her lanky legs on full display.

gloria 2

You can bet your ass that Kamala knows she is beautiful and she knows how to use that beauty to her advantage. She’s the Attorney General! Comments about her looks have obviously not been detrimental to her success at work.


You see, the truth is that men react to beauty.  A beautiful face triggers a pleasure in men’s brains that is very similar to cocaine. Men are momentarily stunned by beauty and it makes them feel good.


How do women react to beautiful women?  Oh, not so well.  Look at this study from the University of Ottawa in Canada, recording women’s reactions to an attractive woman dressed to emphasize her beauty.

Results showed that almost all women were aggressive toward the attractive female whose only indiscretion was to dress in a sexually provocative manner. The women in this situation were more likely to roll their eyes at their peer, stare her up and down and show anger while she was in the room. When she left the room, many of them laughed at her, ridiculed her appearance, and/or suggested that she was sexually available. By contrast, when the same attractive peer was dressed conservatively, the group of women assigned to this second scenario barely noticed her, and none of them discussed her when she left the room.

Vaillancourt, T.& Sharma, A. (2011).  Intolerance of sexy peers: Intrasexual competition among women. Aggressive Behavior, 37, 569-577. doi: 10.1002/ab.20413


When Samantha Brick wrote about her experiences with other women, responding negatively to her beauty, she created a shitstorm, but not because she was pointing out that other women are petty, jealous bitches.

Nope.  Apparently she isn’t beautiful ENOUGH to claim that other women hate her.  If only she were prettier!  Then the bitch pack would descend and shred her.


I doubt very much that Kamala was the slightest bit offended by the President’s remark that she is “by far, the best looking Attorney General”.  She probably is.  And I doubt it occurred to any man, anywhere, that complimenting a beautiful women who very clearly WORKS at being beautiful could in any way be construed as an insult.

But you know who did get insulted?  Ugly bitches.  Because they can’t compete.  “Just leave it at brilliant, dedicated and tough”, says Amanda. I guess she imagines she has a shot competing on those terms.

Not fucking likely.

The best thing about unattractive feminists bringing out the claws, ready to take down another woman who is brilliant, dedicated, tough and GORGEOUS is that it shows exactly how much feminists hate other women.  Feminism isn’t about supporting women, it’s about trying to level the playing field so the ugly women can compete.

It will never work.

You know what will?  Weight Watchers, Bobbi Brown, a proper haircut and some time at the gym.  You’ll never change the rules of the game, Amanda.  If you want to play, then get in the game.  Comb your goddamn hair first, and put on some lipstick.


That’s how you win.

Lots of love,


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