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Sandra Bullock says “My mom raised me not to depend on a man for anything”. Oh really, Sandra? REALLY?!?!

13 Oct


I have a whole house full of dinner guests on for tonight, but when I saw this story at Jezebel today, I just had to comment.

In an interview with Express, Sandra Bullock comes across as a remarkably composed, totally kickass and inspiring woman (probably because that’s exactly what she is).

Discussing her swift divorce from former husband Jesse James, she said simply, “My mother raised me not to depend on a man for anything. I may have taken that to extremes.”


Oh, you’ve taken that to extremes have you? Let’s just take a look at that claim, shall we?

On IMDB, I found that Sandra has 43 live action feature films to her credit. 5 of them were directed by women. FIVE! The other 38 were directed by men. Yah, she’s really taking that NOT DEPENDING ON A MAN FOR HER ENTIRE FUCKING CAREER THING TO EXTREMES, isn’t she?


Here’s the list, just so you can get a sense of how many MEN made Sandra what she is, professionally, today.

Hangman – J. Christian Ingvordsen

Six Million Dollar Man – Alan J. Levi

Starting From Scratch – Brian Cooke

Who Shot Patakango – Robert Brooks

Religion, Inc. – Daniel Adams

The Preppie Murder – John Herzeld

Love Potion #9 – Dale Launer

The Vanishing – George Sluizer

When The Party’s Over – Matthew Irmas

The Thing Called Love – Peter Bogdanovich

Fire on the Amazon – Luis Llosa

Demolition Man – Marco Brambilla

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway ­– Randa Haines

Speed – Jan de Bont

Who Do I Gotta Kill?- Frank Rainone

While You Were Sleeping – Jon Turtletaub

The Net – Irwin Winkler

Two If By Sea – Bill Bennett

A Time to Kill – Joel Schumacher

In Love and War – Richard Attenborough

Speed 2 – Jan de Bont

Hope Floats – Forest Whitaker

Practical Magic – Griffin Dunne

Forces of Nature­ Bronwen Hughes

Gun Shy – Eric Blakeney

28 DaysBetty Thomas

Famous – Griffin Dunne

Miss Congeniality – Donald Petrie

Murder By Numbers – Barbet Schroder (he’s a man)

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya SisterhoodCallie Khouri

Two Weeks Notice – Marc Lawrence

Crash – Paul Haggis

Loverboy – Kevin Bacon

Miss Congeniality 2 – John Pasquin

The Lake House – Alejandro Agresti

Infamous – Douglas McGrath

Premonition – Mennan Yapo

The Proposal Anne Fletcher

All About Steve – Phil Traill

The Blind Side – John Lee Hancock

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Stephen Daldry

The Heat – Paul Fieg

Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron

You hear that guys? Pay attention now, Christian, Alan, Brian, Robert, Daniel, John, Dale, George, Matthew, Peter, Luis, Marco, Jan, Frank, Jon, Bill, Joel, Richard, Forest, Griffin, Eric, Donald, Barbet, Marc, Paul, Kevin, John, Alejandro, Douglas, Mennan, Phil, John, Stephen, Paul and Alfonso.


Oh, wait. It gets better. Sandra has some producing credits, too. Of eight films that she produced, she hired a woman to direct exactly ONE of them. All the others were men, but she never depended on them to do a fantastic job and earn her a shit ton of money, right? Sandra’s income, career, fame and general ability to take care of herself HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEN OR THE WORK THAT MEN DO.

Fuck off.

You’re used to reciting lines off a script, right Sandra?

Here’s what you say next time someone asks you about your ex-husband:

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

Yeah, it looks like I ended up married to a dirt-bag, but I refuse to be one of those women who uses the behaviour of one man to paint all men as unworthy, undependable scumbags. I mean really, I picked him! It says a lot more about my own judgement than it does about men, doesn’t it?. My entire career, I have been able to depend on men – without Jan de Bont and Speed, I probably wouldn’t have a career. I’m grateful to all the men who have trusted me and hired me and depended on me to give them the performance they wanted, and in return, I depend on them. Because the truth is, all most of us want is the best, from ourselves and for one another.

If Sandra really, truly, took her refusal to depend on men to an extreme, I would think she was an idiot, but I wouldn’t begrudge her the right to limit her life in such a fashion.

Whatever. Do whatever the fuck you like.

But when her words are SO BLATANTLY CONTRADICTED BY REALITY, I have to say something.

Why, Sandy? Why would you say that? Do you not see that without men you would be slinging lattes in some coffee shop like all the other wannabe actresses unqualified to do anything other than play dress-up for a living?

It’s such bullshit. Call your husband an asshole. Go ahead. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Maybe you’re not quite the innocent little flower you pretend to be – you are an actress after all. But that doesn’t make you stupid. Or blind.

Unless willfully so.

So smarten up! Open your eyes!

speed 2

And have some gratitude for all the men who cast you in their films and gave you the life you have.

It’s the least you can do.

Lots of love,


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