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Ladies, you can be hot this Halloween without dressing like a whore!

26 Oct

What is up with all the slutty Halloween costumes?  First of all, they are ugly. They are also unimaginative, lame and retarded.  Slutty cop?  Really?  That’s the best you got?  Slutty sluts everywhere.  It’s not just crass and stupid, it’s boring!

How about some inspiration for costumes that are totally hot, super badass and utterly sexy without being the slightest bit slutty.  Ready?  Okay.

Holy fucking Borg Queen!  This would probably be quite a bit of work, but smoking?  Oh yeah!

Oh hello Ripley!  Nice guns!

Sarah!  Have you met Ripley?  Let me introduce you.  I think you two will get along.

Come and join us, Lara Croft.  Fuck, you have big breasts!

Aww.  Who doesn’t like dressing like a Princess?

Hello Nurse!  Now this is how you do a nurse.  I like your Vulcan, too!

Who wants to kill a vampire?  Me, me!  I do!

Katniss Everdeen?  Yes please!

It’s G.I. Jane!  Don’t fuck with her!

And let’s not forget our favourite little badass, Lisbeth Salander.  So many variations to choose from.  All fabulous!

What do all these costumes have in common besides their utter and complete awesomeness?  They are all portraits of strong, sexy, kickass women and you seriously better have your shit together before you decide to chat up the chick wearing one of these outfits.  That’s the thing about dressing like a stupid, slutty whore.  YOU WILL GET TREATED LIKE A STUPID SLUTTY WHORE!  Oh I know.  You can blame men because they’re just sexist pigs.  Or you know, you could try NOT DRESSING LIKE A WHORE.

JudgyBitch will be wearing one of these costumes for Halloween.  And she will be spectacular!  There are options, ladies.  Pick one.  Please.

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