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Cooking for single guys on a budget

19 Jan



Yeah, sure, single ladies on a budget can use this book too, but much in the spirit of Thug Kitchen, I am helping a friend collect recipes aimed at single men specifically, on a budget.


Here is the basic premise of the book: simple recipes, simple ingredients, no special tools.  Picture a guy who has been on his feet all day, coming home to a small apartment, wanting dinner. He doesn’t have a ton of money to spend, he’s tired and he just wants something fast, cheap and ideally, healthy.


Readers, any suggestions for me? I’ve submitted hummus, which is incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing! A can of chick peas, some garlic and lemon juice. Mush it up with a fork. Eat with pitas or just eat out of the bowl.


Cheap, fast, delicious, nutritious.


There are tons of great resources out there when it comes to cooking on a budget and cooking for one, but there is nothing better than the voice of experience saying “this recipe really is the bomb” – what is your favorite cheap, fast meal that you think most guys would like?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


Lots of love,





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