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Too clever to have children? Oh thank god. Let’s take the selfish cunt DNA out of the gene pool once and for all!

22 Nov


A group of ladies is very busy applauding themselves this morning in the Daily Mail for being too clever to have children.  They’ve sunk all the energy and passion and intelligence they possess into building careers and have absolutely no time for motherhood, which apparently sucks anyways.  You would think they might have a little time to hit the gym, but no, that’s not a priority either, by the looks of it.

The article describes motherhood as boring, a slog, virtual house arrest, intellectually unstimulating and a life of being controlled by someone else.  Goodness!  Well, who would want that?  These ladies interpret their impressions of motherhood not as a character flaw in themselves (I have no maternal instinct- tee hee – says one woman gleefully) but a natural result of their impressive and astonishing intelligence.  They’ve been educated out of reproduction, because you know, only dumb twats who didn’t finish high school could possibly find motherhood fulfilling.

Unsurprisingly, few of these women are able to maintain relationships with adult partners, either.  What?! Men don’t find ball-crushing career ladies appealing?  Who knew?  Of course that’s not down to the ladies being self-absorbed materialists either.  Men are sexist!  Afraid of strong women (because no mother can be strong).  Men are icky and shoes are better!  Babies are even ickier and it is a well known that fact that a closet stuffed with designer clothes and an empty although very posh flat will bring oodles of happiness, particularly later in life.  When all the other 60 year old ladies are enjoying their grandchildren, these super smart women will be… well, who knows, but I’ll bet it will be so much fun!

Marisa Peer offers a bit of a caveat to these brainy go-getters.  “One of the hardest things I have to deal with is women in their 50s who regret not having a baby,’ she says. ‘One of my clients, who had a huge hedge-fund career in the City, woke up one day and realised she hadn’t got anyone to leave this to, that when she died she had no one and it was all a bit pointless.”

Reproduction is and ought to be a conscious choice for every man and woman in a modern society.  Choosing to have a baby is choosing to accept responsibility and obligations that extend far beyond what you personally want right now at this very moment.  Having and nurturing a child is an investment in the future, yours and your child’s.  A child teaches patience, tolerance, love, compassion and kindness.  Life with a child brings the untold wonders of seeing everything again with new eyes.  The world is no longer a place when you and you alone exist.  It is suddenly filled with millions of other people, and having a child will teach you that almost all of us want the same things:  food, warmth, security, safety and world where our children are recognized and valued for who they are and not how many shoes they can stuff in a closet.

For most people, having children is a way of continuing their own unique line of genetic material.  Your face, your quirks, your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents and your gifts will combine with your husband’s and together you will create a new person that contains the best of both of you. The ladies in the Daily Mail have no interest in contributing to the human gene pool, and I say THANK GOD!  We don’t need more selfish, stupid, superficial women.  We have plenty of those already.  Let their genes die out and let’s all have a round of applause for women who not only have a maternal instinct, but who are clever enough to pass it along to the next generation.

Ladies who are too clever for babies should not have any.  Such a shame their own mothers didn’t feel the same way, no?

Lots of  love,


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