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What in the heck is going on with Twitter now?

30 Dec



Gateway Pundit has published my latest Twitter saga – yes, I am suspended once again, but this time for tweeting Jessica Valenti’s actual words back to herself.




Still Poe’s Law in effect. Her fans can’t believe she would say such nasty shit, and decided I must be lying! Who calls Christmas a “goddamn clusterfuck?”




Who indeed. How about bitter, shrewish, miserable, joy-sucking feminist of the year, Jessica Valenti?


gift bags


My harassers are openly bragging about taking advantage of Twitter’s harassment tools to silence me for the crime of quoting Jessica back to herself.




Not to worry, though. I’ll be back, as always. It just takes time. And as always, I will come back stronger and more powerful than ever. I went from a tweet reach of just over 25M to almost 50M in two weeks. Once I am back, I expect to hit 100M every week. The more they try to silence me, the stronger I become.


targeted abuse




My harassers are doing me a favor. Especially the chubby one, David Futrelle. I knew he would fall for my ruse. Yes, I quoted Jessica knowing his idiot followers would think I had faked the quotes.

Sometimes I feel guilty, honestly. It’s like picking on the disabled child. But then I remember we’re all grown-ups and being held accountable is part of the fun!


Having fun yet, Jessica?


I sure do hope so! The kitchen is about to get hot.


You’re welcome.


Lots of love,



I’m back on Twitter and I have a few thoughts about bullying

8 Dec




With no explanation of any kind, my Twitter account was restored and I now have about 15K followers. I suspect that Twitter investigated after I achieved the remarkable feat of getting suspended WHILE I was suspended!


How could I be tweeting abuse if I was suspended? Gee, was I being false flagged and harassed?


I wrote about some other people who have been suspended and censored for the crime of discussing gender issues without engaging feminism, and you can read it at Thought Catalog.



It’s very difficult to silence one of the most well-known media commentators in Europe, but let’s keep in mind that feminists tried. If given enough power, they will silence all dissenters. That should give us pause for thought.


If you’re not on Twitter yet, you might enjoy the fun in my feed. I currently have someone claiming that any woman who has participated in a war was forced to do so by a man, apparently oblivious to just how insulting that is to women. Why would women not be fully vested humans with agency and a lust for power?




Why are feminists such misogynists?


A mystery.


Lots of love,



Keep an eye on Twitter. This isn’t over by a long shot

11 Nov




So Twitter is really going to town on the censorship front, even silencing journalists like Milo Yiannapoulos from Breitbart News for challenging feminist thought police on #GamerGate.


Smart, Twitter.


Watch this page for the new JudgyBitch Twitter handle.


I have a plan.




Lots of love,






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