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Two trailer park boys go round the outside, round the outside…

19 Mar

What do you think of this?


Two cheerleaders in the Bensonville “rape” case were found guilty and will now face imprisonment and a lifetime membership on the Registered List of Sex Offenders. That is a tragedy for the girls, for justice and for the victims of actual rape.  As we go through this case, ask yourself who benefits from this verdict, and why.


Most of the facts in this case seem relatively incontrovertible:  a young man, 125 lbs soaking wet, who was not part of the regular social group, went to a cheerleader’s party, in a town mad for cheering as a sport, got trashed out of his mind, voluntarily accompanied two of the most popular cheerleaders to another party, passed out and then got treated like a joke of a man-whore.

passed out


In a moment of mind-numbing stupidity, the girls opted to film their “assault” on the boy, which involved pulling down his pants and masturbating him to erection while he was passed out.  Rather than leave him in a ditch somewhere, they dragged him around to different locations, none of which had any adult supervision.

What the fuck, Bensonville?  Where are all the goddamn grown-ups?

The law in Nevada states that ANY non-consensual sexual contact, however slight, constitutes rape.  Let’s start there.  Comparing a stupid, drunk, pom-pom chasing boy-slut who got handled while passed out to an actual rape victim is completely and utterly absurd.

This is rape:


So is this:


And this:


Comparing those cases, or any of the other truly brutal rapes to what happened in Bensonville is comparing this:


To this


Anyone who stood around moaning that the slight fender bender they got into at the mall is comparable to a fiery, multiple car crash on the interstate would immediately be dismissed as the most self-absorbed narcissist lacking any kind of empathy or perspective.  We have a word to describe people like that:  we call them assholes.

Now, the boy in Bensonville takes full responsibility for his decision to follow copious amounts of vodka shooters with a whole lot of beer.  He’s not blaming anyone for “making him drink”.  Even so…. just because he was skirt-chasing while drunk doesn’t mean the skirts had the right to humiliate him by taking cock-shots, right?

The most telling thing about this whole case is that multiple people saw the wanna-be-cheer-pimp passed out and dragged about by a couple of bitchy cheerleaders, and make no mistake, those ladies behaved shamefully.  Part of having the adulation and admiration that comes along with being a small town cheerleader is not to abuse that power when the little wanna-bang-a-cheerleader lotharios come a-calling, and those girls failed.



That boy had no friends at the party, not one person had enough respect for him to step in, he was not part of the social tribe and there is no way in hell he did not know that.  He went to that party to nab himself a cheerleader, and lo and behold, the cheerleaders didn’t really like such an obvious grasp at their glory.

Find yourself another wagon to hitch to, little star.


The saddest thing is that the girls sobbingly admit that they ruined his life! They are accused of having “no moral code”!  Oh, and the boy had an impeccable one, did he?


Are you fucking kidding me? The girls are going to jail!  They will be registered sex offenders!  They are convicted criminals! One night of behaving like bitches will follow them the rest of their lives, and HIS LIFE IS RUINED?


His life is not ruined in the slightest.  LittlePimp is free to go about his life, getting as drunk as he likes, chasing after any gorgeous girl he likes, and securing criminal convictions against women who treat him like the skirt-chasing party boy that he is.


God help the cheerleaders at whatever college campus he ends up on, and no doubt LittlePimp will get back on his feet after suffering a little humiliation and continue on with his life because HE’S RUINED.

The young women in this case will never escape the disgustingly unfair consequences of a night of acting like stuck-up cunts, while the young man will carry on, and probably come to find the night the cheerleaders took pictures of his dick to be pretty hilarious, because that tends to be what guys do.  They get the fuck over this kind of shit, and understand they have some responsibility for what happens to them when they’re drunk.


You know what we need?  We need a Drunk Pimp Registry. If sex offenders are registered for the protection of all men, then why not register drunk pimps for the protection of all women?  It’s true that women could protect themselves by not acting like bitches, but combine small-town celebrity with lots of alcohol and no adult supervision, and you WILL get women acting like assholes and men acting like sluts.

When we only punish one side on that equation, we have a serious cultural problem. Women are held to account for their irresponsible decisions made while young and stupid and drunk, but men are not? Most crimes acknowledge explicitly that mitigating circumstances create different categories of crime with correspondingly progressive punishments.  Why is rape different?

The punishment these girls face, which will be in effect for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES is way out of proportion to the “crime”.  The definition of rape in Nevada is so broadly defined that the act of being a bitch is now as serious as the act of fucking a man forcibly and against his will. And if you don’t think there is a material difference between getting handled and getting fucked, you are probably a retard.

Getting drunk and chasing after cheerleaders demonstrates a level of stupidity and disrespect for the humanity of the women in question (who are valued only for their status and beauty), and that disrespect was returned.  But only the girls are held responsible for that.


I say bullshit.  No one got raped in Bensonville.  Someone got humiliated, and he participated willingly and readily in his own humiliation.  Turning stupid decisions made by high-school students into criminal acts with consequences that will follow only ONE party for their rest of their lives is deeply unfair, and when taking cock-shots of a lounge lizard at an alcohol fuelled party is put in the same category as violent sexual assault, the real victims are drowned in a chorus of pathetic mewlings of men who didn’t get to bag the star.

Who thinks that if the young man had woken up the next morning next to the cheerleader, her arms wrapped around him in a loving embrace, he would have considered a few dick shots the price he had to pay to land the big fish?


Bensonville:  sour fucking grapes.

sour grapes

Not just sour, bitter, too.  But only for the women.

How is that justice? Who is served when those girls are locked up?  Who is protected?  Who wins?  How ironic is it that the adults who were NOT present to lend some sanity to what their own children were up to are now fully involved to make certain only the girls are punished?

People make stupid decisions.  They act like idiots. They treat other people with a lack of respect.  They behave shamefully.  It happens. Holding girls, and only girls responsible, moves justice from being blind to being blatantly sexist. When justice can only see one sex as guilty, it’s time to put out her eyes again.


In what world do you think this would happen?  Show me the girls in jail for this kind of behavior.




Justice?  I don’t think so.  More like bullshit.

Lots of love,


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