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Women don’t build, invent or produce anything of real economic, social or political value BUT WE SHOVE HUMANS OUT OUR VAGINAS, and that is the most important contribution of all. So pay me, motherfuckers.

22 Oct

In How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran notes, with refreshing honesty, that women really have not created or invented very much throughout history.  Her theory is that we’ve been held down too long, and whew!  That is exhausting.  Nice try.

Here’s what we have created:  OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.  And for some reason, the effort it takes to create another human being and then do a decent job raising him or her to adulthood is not even considered work! We’re supposed to do that shit for free, and then accept the theory that WE DON’T CREATE ANYTHING.

What the everloving fuck is up with that shit?

This is the main reason I do not consider myself a feminist.  I am not joining any team that thinks my life’s work A) isn’t work and B) some sort of treason against all women. Hey, Simone de Beauvoir?  Fuck you with your “no woman should be authorized to stay home and raise children” bullshit.  Who the fuck are you, bitch?  Oh yeah, a childless spinster chasing a married man around the globe.  Thanks for your input, slag.


Princess Pointless has a very sick little munchkin and she left her job to care for him.  She regularly does 72 hours shifts at his bedside!  72 hours!  And guess what she gets paid to do that work?  ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!  Where is the sisterhood now?  Where are all the politically aware feminists in arms?  Where are the PAY ME MOTHERFUCKER protesters?  Where are the politicians and leaders and activists?

Feminism has thrown women like me and Princess Pointless under the bus and our children, too.  Worse, feminists throw their OWN children under the bus by choosing a career over family. And what do they spend that money on? Walk into any supermarket and look at the products.  Look at them carefully.  95% of the shit you can buy at any WalMart or Tesco is fucking rubbish aimed at assuaging the guilty consciences of women who get up every day and leave the baby at the day orphanage while they go off to their “job” which is incredibly unlikely to involve A) curing cancer, B) creating technologies that improve the world or C) anything useful at all.

Yeah my kid spends 60 hours a week in institutional care while I plan strategies for marketing nail polish!  Yay for me!  What a great contribution.

The truth is that women don’t give a fuck about other women.  There are no women rallying around me and the Princess.  It’s the men in our lives who care.  Who value us.  Who pay the bills.  Who love us for what we CREATE and PRODUCE and who are prepared to pay for that.

Feminist?  Not a fucking chance.  Not until I hear the voices of a million women screaming for our contributions to humanity to be acknowledged, respected, admired and PAID FOR!  And what are those contributions to humanity.  Oh nothing, except for HUMAN BEINGS.

Lots of Love


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